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Some in the courts are hurting people daily as the RCMP can see
It is a gigantic puzzle.

Yes the Montreal Family Court System
did screw your friend.
1. The courts are devastating Families daily as the RCMP can see.

2. And the court case is over because he can’t afford to go back.
3. And getting the RCMP to take a criminal action on one case is not going to occur; they said so on national TV last week.
4. And this is happening in Canada; we have Rights which are meaningless, without law enforcement.
5. And the meaning of "Wealth Loss" (because psychopaths are loose in our courts) doesn't get the news coverage.
6. And Families are fading away.
7. And Police forces are demoralized by what they see happening.
8. And the courts seem to be schizophrenic; blind to what is going on.
9. Nothing will happen until a TV Program like the Fifth Estate raises awareness.

10. And your friend in his 78th year is getting tired and his motivation is a heavy burden; even one tiny step at a time without ever being in site of the last step.
11. And your friend appeals for help to accomplish this mission.
12. And there is hypocrisy in this story, because the Governor General says we have a great legal system; but it has a moral aspect that needs comment as well.
13. It is all of the above and it needs your awareness and action.

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Change is happening quickly ?

I was perplexed by the Governal General's remarks.

I wrote in my blog on Monday, December 27, 2010 the following:

Today however the following article appeared, Wherein he comdenms the lawyers I am aiming at in my blog

Did the Governal General read my Blog? Every little bit moves us forward towards Justice.

"Canada’s lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens, says Gov. Gen. David Johnston.
In a rare, forceful speech at the opening of the Canadian Bar Association’s annual meeting in Halifax on Sunday, Johnston issued a stinging assessment of the legal profession and pleaded with it to change."
“We need a new model for professionalism in law,” he said. “To borrow a saying from a sister profession: physician, heal thyself.”

Go to for the full article:

Read more: http://www.canada.com/news/Governor+General+urges+lawyers+rebuild+public+trust/5254079/story.html#ixzz1VEx6lTjU

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