Wednesday, February 24

For my Son Steven from Dad

The Boy Who Should Have Lived
To: My Diary
Subject: My Son Doctor Steven John Wesley  ~ As Teenager he was obsessive-compulsive [His Teacher said] The psychiatrist said "He needs that to really succeed"
Date: February 24, 2016.

So he became a Psychiatrist.

Our smiles are identical !

Steven 10 months old


Biophysicist discovers new life after death

Lessons from a hospice nurse

The Master Value

The Master Value defined....

The Masters Love

Steven Truscott - His Word Against History - the fifth estate

This is one story [only] revealing how Bully Officials are cruel. It takes too many years to reveal their stupidity.
See how they came close to killing Steven Truscott.

It has been six years for me at 82 and I'm still waiting for corrections.

Steven Truscott's $6.5 Million Award for Wrongful Conviction....