Thursday, April 28

Fact or Fiction? "Jesus, History and the Easter Bunny"

Doctor Steven John Wesley - Psychiatrist
Son of Don Wesley 1933

"Fact or Fiction - Jesus, History, and the Easter Bunny"

Donald John Wesley - 1933 !

Dartmouth professor, Lindsay Whaley,
and UMass professor, Steven Goodwin,
discuss the historicity of the Christian faith at The Veritas Forum:

"Fact or Fiction - Jesus, History, and the Easter Bunny"

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Denise, Mother of Doctor Steven John Wesley

How Would Jesus Vote

How Would Jesus Vote ?

Don Wesley 1933

Date - 2016, April 28.

I chose the following from The YouTube Library, because I need to know more about how Young well educated Adults think when they have accepted Christ as a model.
(1 hour 15 minutes)

Published on Apr 27, 2016
Andra Gillespie and Lanhee Chen discuss the question...........

"How Would Jesus Vote?"

The Veritas Forum - 2015.

A Democrat and Republican