Sunday, December 13

"Yes or No" ~ Do You see and feel the spiritual World; but not know where it is ?

Do You see and feel the spiritual World; but not know where it is ?

My Father in this world, we live in now, told me the truth and hugged me.

Just answer "Yes or No" to my question; and wait and see the comments from others.
Then we will get to see; Who God protects and gives his wonderful gifts to. 

I could never say "No I did not" as child of two. It made me angry to find anyone who did not see God and know he is the greatest provider of all.

My Dad, Zachary,
just before he left England
for Canada. (1917)
I was born on Easter Monday,
April 17, 1933.
The date Jesus was born:
 In 6 BC.

Akiane - Breath of Love - She knows God.

From the moment I saw Akiane; attachment took over me.
I keep coming back to see and hear her talk; again and more.
This 10 year old child, with centuries of wisdom already given to her!
If only more of us could be like her,

our world would use more of His light.
I don't feel alone while hearing from her!

Don Wesley, October 5, 2014.
(May 5, 2015)

Published on Jun 1, 2013 
Akiane Kramarik (born July 9,1994) Paints and writes poetry.
Her art is inspired by her visions of heaven and her personal connection with the Divine.
In this video of one hour there are many of her paintings to see, with her ??explanation added to them.
At the age of 5 1/2 her body literally dissolved into light, six hours she was away. She tells what she has experienced, and how her life, paintings and poetry are influenced by this experience.