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Rediscovering God (Rupert Sheldrake)


Re-visited July 14, 2015 

Me and my Dad when I was 2,
Continuing my understanding of God which started at 3 years of age.

I have spent more time with God
than the time I spent studying Math and Science.

Published on Aug 25, 2014
Many people used to think that belief in God would disappear with the advance of science and reason. But that hasn't happened, and some prominent atheists are now trying to reinvent religion.
What is going on? Is the universe ultimately conscious or unconscious? And if consciousness pervades all nature, how does it work?
Maverick biologist Rupert Sheldrake sheds light on this topic and teaches Science and Spiritual Practice at Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre, Cortes Island, BC, Canada.


9 -11 Finding the Truth - Dr - Judy Wood Presents....

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We don't find the truth in a court of law! 

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Published on Oct 22, 2014
Secret Knowledge: Dr. Judy Wood makes her presentation based on her book "9/11 Finding the Truth"; Judy Wood presents scientific irrefutable and incredible facts/evidence regarding the horribly tragic collapses of the World Trade Centers. Most of which was made secret and never revealed to the public. The public was fed something completely different. -Please watch with a purely open mind and you will see the truth.

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