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The Narcissist goes to Hell and not Paradise

The Narcissist goes to Hell and not Paradise ?

My Lyme Story & Why it Matters - Lyme Disease - Chronic Illness

Published on Oct 8, 2014
For the first time ever I'm sharing my story about Lyme disease in video format with raw footage of what life was like for me for many years.

**0-14 minutes is where I describe the symptoms. 14 minutes and on is video clips of Lyme at its worst and where I share my message about how my story relates to being prepared.**
Whether in current times or for situations of crisis' to come - I feel so grateful to have learned about remedies and tools are most helpful and most effective for hard-to-treat illnesses such as Lyme disease so that I can do all that I can to share those valuable "treasures" with others.

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“The Varieties of Religious Experience.” Christianity is a way of living and NOT a Religion.

Erhard Oct 2014

Don 2007

Hi to all who care to watch this story happening now, my name is Don.
What follows is a kind discussion.

Erhard, my ancient friend [creaking and groaning] It is the way I see you and love you.
You have that inner-glow I talk about.
You say there is something better to get in the future. Our youngsters have seen this talk that says" we will get what you are suggesting in a thousand years: maybe." 

I say get the comfort promised now, today, by seeing the world with the One Eye we are born with. Look for God and find him there.
He is the source of endless love energy. It comes in photons, delivered by a train of atoms.

See - Hi and welcome to best science lesson that should lead you to seeing God


You refer to Christians as if we were one.
William James, an early psychologist from Harvard, developed and delivered to Oxford theology students,
a study, in human nature titled “The Varieties of Religious Experience.” I read and studied every page of his written lectures.
It covered all the psychological types of Christians.

And you, think “Cayce” did the same; this is the lie you are spreading.

Mary Baker Eddy, was one to listen to, and they did. Her amazing Church is alive and well.
Cayce and Eddy were sharing the same audience at the same time. Eddy was a teacher and Cayce rather like a fool. All that he talked about was readable in text books. He was the local tea-cup reader of those days. He was an injured child, who needed help.
Take responsibility for what you are saying now; instead of blaming your ancestors and spreading lies. Do we have ancestors; of course; however it is we now, who are responsible for crappy condition of the world.
See what the New Testament recorded about Christ.
For me, writing to you now in the present is very worthwhile and honest history to use in my story. People will not just read, but jump in and live in my story. Stories do this to readers.
Who wants to read what Cayce said and never wrote.
I sit and write now, with love in my heart for you Erhard and our mutual friends. I write what I feel.
I feel good to be able to tell that you lie and refuse to acknowledge that you fail to “get” the knowledge we need and “give” it to others. It is the breath of life we need to get; in and out.
What people need to “get” is to see what only, the 1 Eye or 3rd Eye can see.
The one eye on the USA currency. The same one eye, the masonic lodges keep referring to. They accept all who believe in God, not only Christians. Find God in your Soul and begin to learn what you need to “get” and “give”.

Denise at 22 and me at 29, knew we were soul-mates We felt it.
Those years  before I met her; I wondered what my soul-mate would be like.
Only the 3rd Eye can see this.
Most of my heavy studies of Souls was done in 2008, when she left me.
She started to see too much of the world with two eyes only.
We need to see the world like Akiane sees – 1 eye and alone when others are not around.
Akiane - Breath of Love -  

If I can get one individual to see, using one eye, I may open the gate into heaven that exists here on Earth. The Devil, we clearly see in the One Eye, is real.
Do those who see with their One Eye always know they do?
No many don’t; but we can see they do. Denise was such a person.
God delivers to me, the love I need to give you. It not romantic or sexual. It is the breath of life, to know that I care about you and see all of you.  When your soul, can’t be seen, is when loneliness begins 

Just getting more perfect by the day, is soul work and it grows.... Joy.
If you see God in your 3rd Eye.
We don’t need "Happy-Hours" or "Birthdays" or "Enjoy-your-meal" reminders.
P.S. What we see with our two eyes, can be seen in our glass mirrors.
What can be seen in us, needs a mentor to tells He see God's love in us.
We see our Soul when using the 3rd One Eye. It doesn't matter what we put on, that glow of a good person. It is the light that is given directly and it is free energy. Why can a homeless man glow by being thankful to anyone who gives a buck or two for a coffee. He has been ground down to where he can see God, and lives in his soul with him. This is a personal one to one relationship which is real. We don't need to be handsome; just be filled with Love and seriousness and telling truth about how life really is. I've been there for almost five years now.
Where does a Cayce man fit in?
He Assumes I've only looked at One in 81 years
From: Erhard Schmits
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 12:10 AM
To: Don Wesley ; Denis
Subject: Re: Extremely interesting findings and like card tricks

Don, you are hopeless. They must have fitted you with cast iron visors and the result with you is having permanent tunnel vision. Whatever does not fit into your concepts does not exist. This is especially so when "I" point out things and info to you. Why don't you bring this up with your mentor Dennis and see what he has to say about this and the many other things I have presented to you. I know he has far more credibility with you than I do. After all, I am sure, he went to high school and beyond. Believe I am not trying to lure you away from Christ. I believe in Him too. But be aware that even He points out or hints at things which todays Christians do not understand or outright reject.
When I say that these findings support the Cayce phenomena, I revere Cayce reading in which he says that the earth was visited by ETs. It seems to me you did not read the David Willcock book I lent you. Had you don so you would most likely give more credence  to Edgar Cayce's work.
In the meantime enjoy and laugh about the elongated skulls. Below are a few links you may want to look up about the skulls.
On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Don Wesley <donwesley1933@live.com> wrote:



A friend in California made a few in these in his Garage two years ago.
He thought he could make a few bucks, riding the waves of the Edgar Cayce phenomena.
He used the new printing machines.
I prefer to say.... This is extremely funny.


From: Erhard Schmits
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2014 9:59 PM
To: Anita Salem ;
Antvording@aol.com ; beerfox@gmx.de ; Bernard Fox ; Daniele ; Denis ; Dieter Wolfgramm ; Don Wesley ; Eric Salem ; karen dowker ; Peter Erdmann ; Raymond Jordain ; Trevor Jones ; Udo Paulig
Subject: Extremely interesting findings
Sorry everybody, I forgot to insert the link in my earlier note. This is extremely interesting stuff. It even supports .



Love someone more than Yourself

 In this short animation film, a magnificent bird performs for the Emperor inside a glittering palace. Its plumage is a blaze of colour. A blackbird, watching enviously, strives to acquire what he so desperately covets, only to discover that a golden cage can’t compete with the open skies.
Ishu Patel,
,  (15 min 20's)


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