Tuesday, September 9

Your Heart... is not a spring wound clock. To keep ticking it needs energy from God alone.

From Don himself  -  September 9, 2014.
Re-vised  -  September 10, 2014.

This is a note to my house-owner, where I enjoy a small room, the size of half a prison cell.

This a lesson I learned during the past few hours, while my heart was receiving Gods loving awareness and great care. We can’t give to anyone, what we don’t create ourselves - like the energy, we do get from the God himself. He delivers it with the accurate beats per minute.
If he shuts it down, our heart stops ticking and we die. He wants us to give to each other.... what He gives to us. Turning away from Him, could turn him off. The latest scientific news I have is.... that his energy is called Love. Everything runs on it. So why do we buy it"    www.google.com/+donwesley

It is much better that we text each other. Texting leaves greater evidence.
You ask, “Which is it?”
Well,  since I talked about two different situations, there must be two different answers.
Here are seven for you to consider if you'd like to.

1) The situation the world is in right now, is very unfair, because too many think they  can get away with sin.
2) And My personal situation which is not sinful or hurting the world keeps me alive, because I believe in Christ.
2a)  Gods' love is unconditional and he promises to care for us
with his full awareness; dead or alive. Keeping us alive for ever is conditional. He alone controls our ticking heart.

3) The Cardinal was smart enough to avoid debating whether “religions create problems” which they do: and he made the Atheist look foolish thinking there is no creator.
4) The Cardinal made use of Metaphysical thinking, which goes far beyond normal Physics.
5) I also explained all this before.
6) Pride.. precedes the fall! Just when we think we know everything: evidence reveals we are wrong.
7) I may have a good day and more place for my clothing when you provide good furniture that works.
Until soon I hope