Friday, April 10

"Police" are here to arrest or help you - If you didn't call them - Beware !

First date on this blog - 1/16/14.
Revisited on 4/10/15 by Don. ..
One or the other.
Help or arrest!


"It won't happen" He said with confidence - This is our problem was my reply - a wrong assumption

"It won't happen" He said...

I, mentioned that the World "overview" I saw last night on the internet revealed that we have a very fragile space-ship called  "Earth"
Here is what I watched and listened to and experienced an "awaking set of thoughts."
We need to see ourselves as one family; and do what is necessary to insure that
our space-ship-world and it's "Sun" survive for a few more centuries.

We may have only "one" creator and not an agency who supplies them. Make no assumptions in this area of thinking.

I also mentioned the "United Nations"; he didn't know what that is. Surprise!