Wednesday, January 15

"We have become a society that values process over people."

To those over 80. [and respectfully all younger]    
January 2014,  Day 16

"The digital technology you and I have seen grow in our lifetime, has been embedded into old organizations by the people within them and these old organizational paradigms are no longer value adding, but value destroying.

For me, from the viewpoint of a 'systems architect' our Court Justice System is not a value adding system. It destroys too much wealth. I don't believe that it can be changed from within itself. My experience from the 70's thru the 90's with large organizations revealed that only very highly talented (unique) individuals with many integrated degrees of academic knowledge can succeed in being the 'Change Master' equal to the task of moving from an 'intolerable national problem' to one of really adding value to our national Justice systems." Don Wesley 2010 - Copyright

"We have become a society that values process over people." Ayn Rand

This is a short story about military life not real. An ugly parody! & PTSD


An ugly parody!
Considering PTSD

When I was low, circa 2009,
this came to me.