Monday, July 6

When I met my wife to be, I noticed the cuts and the burns on her hands, and wondered a lot.

January 2, 2014.

She was 21 and I was 28. Denise and Me.
This was new to me. But I loved her. She was smart, but different and creative in certain ways. I just accepted her every being.

I'm 80+ now and I miss her and love her even more.  She gave me two boys.
I have watched the following quiet and yet oh-so loud and powerful video and I love this unknown young lady. Her Name is Cassie... |
I'm not with you two girls; so I send my
un-relenting Love, just after Christmas time,
Don Wesley 1933.

She, the beautiful young woman above, says
"If You Really Knew Me!"  

She, my lover, became Mrs. Denise Claire Wesley in the Year of 1964; in the month of April; on the 11th day.  It ended.... according the laws of relationships June 9, 2013. A so-called "Divorce." We were married under the Laws of God; and in accord with Our-Marriage-Contract; these two contracts have not been "Dissolved. "
January 3, 2014.

Denise, [God loves her] still suffers the injuries she endured as a child. She still injures herself now, thinking she is not good enough now.
Denise, my love, "You are an Angel!"

I also know you are a narcissist; you will throw me away when you find a more interesting toy, or boy.
But I'm an Angel too and you can never be better than me. The lesson to be learned, is that in the Eyes of God, we are Equal. Please stop throwing me away and dragging me back in. We are hurting our Family and that is not fair; it is Cruel!
Don't be shy, many women miss-treat their husbands in this manner of behaving. Please don't de-mean him while he is gone.
You Promised to Love me and obey me. Did you not?

Oh yes, I also know you were smart enough to survive as a child. You used different personalities in different situations. I want everyone to know you are The Angel, I said you were, from the beginning. Only children from an angel like you was good enough for me. I'm selfish; it is the choice I made to have you.

My Car knows where it is. It wasn't at the accident the OPP said it was?

I write for Gods records and work hard, to only include the truth: I fear the place called Hell.
When I see cars too close behind me; since the little accident, I fear all foolish drivers behind me. I may sound crazy, but please wait till you have such an accident on a highway you trust...  near you.  It takes a while to accept the foolish too fast drivers [who get distracted while driving]
Then they leave the scene of the accident with no police available until several hours. The temperature was 23 degrees below zero.
[] At the court on March 31, 2015 a very kind paramedic, helped to me get into his ambulance to take me to the local hospital. He said you will only get a ticket. I told him, my insurance will likely go up by $150 per month. That made a big difference he replied.
I wouldn't generally complain about an error a Police Officer would make. However in addition to the new cost of insurance: the going into a Court with Lawyers also gives me PTSD flash-backs.
They say, "old soldiers never die but just fade away"   I fear fading away, because I know the Hell I live in with PTSD. These injuries are caused by something outside of me. It takes someone to injure me. []
The month I'm referring to is February, in the year of  2015. 
Who tells the truth ?  The GPS video does.
The OPP said that My car and Me were in a Collision in the late evening of the 15th. Me and my car left Home at 45 minutes past midnight on the 16th.

So Mr. Constable you do the proving, and find that you are wrong. Please eliminate all other causes of the accident before blaming me.
Please have a polite conversation and stop just asking questions. I love you, when you get things right.
It is the lies used to Brain-wash me: that trigger the brain injuring behaviour that really frightens me; too many in power positions, like cops and lawyers use these cruel types of behaver
I start to believe that my Chicken sandwich is Cheese. I won't let it happen to me again!
One nasty divorce stole all my belongings;and lawyers and cops were involved !


It seems to me that the Constable who by deceit (etc.) has committed Fraud - Section 380, of the Criminal Code of Canada. (Falsehood)

Maybe he just made a Mistake ?

The Collision that occurred on the 16th has never been reported by him.

I will return to the Police Station in Winchester, Ontario and report the accident personally.
I did report it over the phone, to Sargent Sylvain Laducer.
Badge 9122 at 1:00 AM on the 16th.