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PT CRUISER - My Home   .....  DATE 20-08-02

PT CRUISER - My Home   .....  DATE 20-08-02

Signs of Psychosis - Hallucinations, Delusions and Disorganized Speech

Information covering Don's 'Eviction and where he slept  2008 - 2010

Don's 'Eviction and where he slept 

Am here to sell the idea of homeless men?

Please go to the end to see the moral lesson ....

R published 2017-07-29

Homelessness applies to all living creatures of any age, size or biological classification. Even a fly needs the right home. Today I am their home; and too many are crowding in. I am training them and they learn very quickly.
How quickly will Humans learn?
I am weary just teaching us!
Please help me..... 
I started this blog to fight the lack of justice in the courts of law in Canada.


July 28, 2015 Ontario Canada.
I need my case adjourned, until late September; and I cannot afford a lawyer.

I am in dire need of place to live in presently. I have not bathed in three weeks.
I find myself being forced into a state of Homelessness... once more. Am here to sell the idea of homeless men?

I am schooled in physics and was a military officer at 19. I have no symptoms of dementia! and an  abnormal IQ; and 82 years old now.
I only have my own Soul to care for. But I also care for humanity.

Maybe they need to reveal how the very elderly are more capable the older they get: like Job the Bible man of 140, who argued with God.

A very kind friend, has let me sleep on his living room couch, the past 3 weeks and puts up with the abnormal fly smell.
[Locke Lane, in Williamsburg, Ontario, Canad]

I also have been told by my family Doctor, that the medical examinations he had done, reveals that I am very capable of driving. He has let the Ministry of Transportation know this.
My licence has been “extended.” The examinations included a CAT scan.

An investigator Officer called him and told the Doctor; that my licence should be revoked? My Doctor felt threatened by the Officers request; but he had no choice, but have me unnecessarily put through invasive examinations.
The officer also told my doctor that the Driver of the Vehicle that ran into my vehicle was drunk has charged accordingly.
 How could I be charged with causing the accident?
This [seemingly unnecessary] court involvement has brought back my abuse symptoms. This an injury I did not need: with PTS symptoms

I must also point out that the collision I was involved in; happened on February 16 and not February 15. According to my investigation, two accidents occurred in Chesterville that night within one hour. Something is wrong here? The 911 Operator told me this when I called right after the collision.
A man at the collusion, spoke to me; just a few seconds after his vehicle hit my rear bumper. He didn't seem drunk to me. Was he the driver? It was 21 below that Winter night. The parts I found that night were from a Chevrolet and not the reported Dodge.

Also, I must make it known, that I did yield in the proper way and not as assumed by the investigating Officers who never came to the accident when I called 911; none were available at 1:00 in the morning.  Therefore which kind of investigator wrote the report for the court.

I was sleep deprived when giving  a verbal account a few hours later. I have objective evidence that the investigator made a serious mistake; It seems to me.
Highway 43, [cutting through Chesterville] needs flashing lights, to make drivers on 43 to slow down from driving at speeds over 120 per hour; when the limit is 80. At intersections it should be less than 50.
Then they could use the existing passing lanes and avoid collisions.
No one can merge at a city intersection, where roads intersect.

Highway 31, has flashing lights in Williamsburg, and the speeds are carefully reduced; and the other intersection driver required to stop, has time to decide and cross. Why is the Highway 43 in the center of Chesterville different and causing fatal accidents? 

Donald John Wesley.

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The Limits of Understanding

Americans Love to Drive   ..... But  ,,,,

A note from Tristan to his Grandad Don Wesley

3:58 AM 3/09/12 - Tristan Wesley 3 hours ago.

Hey how are you doing Don? Its Tristan your grandson, I haven't talked to you since I was younger, I thought I would try and form somewhat
of a relationship with you since after all you are my grandfather. I would very much like to know about you more, and understand how you behave and think. Apparently you and I are not to different at all, I would like to think I am smart for my age, and unfortunately am the only one who Is capable of having somewhat of an intellectual conversation for my age I say this because I have heard you are
very intelligent in your thinking, my dad (Steve) is too, I find It interesting how I share a lot of my dads and your behaviours. I was told you invented a light filter for elevators or at least something to do
with light, and elevators, every time I'm in one I point up and say to whomever is accompanying me
" my grandfather invented that! "

Sincerely, Tristan