Tuesday, February 3

Better to see God - Winchester, Ontario at the Anglican Church.

I love the Dark when we can see God;  and when we want to really get to know Him.

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I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate..

It is 28 below Zero.
But I feel His Comfort.
This is a new building... only one year old and all lit up.
And only a 20 minute drive from the
Mighty St. Lawrence River.
And less than 50 minutes to the Capital of Canada.
Maybe we should say Winchester is the Bible Town, with one only Tim Hortons.
Winchester seems to be loaded with sincere believers in God. It is where you find people in action and not drinking beer. Coffee is enough to get them up and going. You can see a Team of Excellent Coffee Movers at Tim Hortons using Arabian Coffee beans.

Who dares to say.... Gods life is not so very interesting to study?
Winchester is a small Ontario Town with Glowing believers and Coffee lovers at Tim Hortons who sip their Coffee with His Comfort at their table side-side.

All colours when seen together are.... Black - God can't be seen in Black.

All colours when seen together are.... Black.
God made and called His second son Lucifer.... meaning Light..
So we can see Lucifer, His only rascal Son .... who is here now.... tearing up what is good in life that God Himself created.

Even what we create that is good, Lucifer destroys; first he steals it. But God didn't give Lucifer the power to kill. God left those killing powers to us alone! Jesus His Number One Son was given the Cross as His Kind symbol. A symbol which cries out "Heal everyone" It is a Holy Symbol and Sanctified
Oh God... bring back the old chemical days
When we had Kodak 35 millimeter cameras,
With Black Bordered positives that we could project on any wall.

I am covered mostly in Brown; a gift from my Farmer Mentor; Peter.

God gave Himself a diabolical Son to deal with; so why wouldn't God, give me a diabolical wife to heal, using great caution and gloves to handle her?

All colours when seen together are.... Black
255- 255- 255.... and so on. God is in the colour pure Black.  255 in digital numbers; endlessly!
Lucifer is everything except Black. God contemplated and thought we must see his evil Son.

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I'm here... because I believe my soul-mate... God.
And I'm very happy with my young Mentor, Dennis... within the Black borders of a 35 millimeter film, developed in chemical solutions.
Today we only have digital pictures with the limits of color being established by those who make cameras other than our old #Kodaks,

The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Numbers - Fact versus Fiction

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I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate...

I used to drive to New City and back each weekend.  Sometimes I would miss an exit or entrance point; not forgetting it but... just having it of my mind. This happened only a few times over the year that I was a project manager for a world wide lighting manufacturer. This caused me to drive an extra 80 miles or more before getting to my destination; 6 hours instead of 5. This got me angry with my own stupidity; for a while. Then I chose to accept that God may have a special reason; this idea got me over the anger part. It was while on the New York Project that I met the IBM organization and learned some new mathematics. 

"I also learned about Fibonacci and the Golden Mean"

Published on Dec 11, 2012.
(October 8, 2012) Professor Keith Devlin dives into the topics of the golden ratio and fibonacci numbers.
Originally presented in the Stanford Continuing Studies Program.



Devil - How he loves us. So keep Him behind Us !

Satan and his organizations will use anything and everyone to keep us as a tourist or gambling addict. He will even act as God.

The picture of Me.... [the old man below] was taken when.... it was the best and most productive time in my life; Happy times. I did great things for many organizations and I felt like number 1. I was engaged by the organizations to improve everyone's life; all the stakeholders which included the clients.

I made good amounts of money. And I finished my work within a few months. I felt like a tourist while I was in these super-successful organizations! What I did not realize.... is that Satan owned all these organizations. Satan makes you happy while you are a Tourist.
When you become His permanent resident; he gives us the Un-happy times which is slavery for years and years.

One of these organizations was "Via Rail"
One other... was in the #Prison Construction Business.

This is How Satan might Look like!
Satan will use even baby Boys.

However, this baby boy....
is God and "one" of us.

My friends daughter, Suzzane Roth, [Brown]
Sent me this picture of Number One.


Then Satan charges more for His Toys and Coffee.
Don: I'm doing all I can to keep
Satan un-happily behind me.

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I'm here... because I believe this soul-mate...