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The Extended Mind,Past,Present and Future

Published on Nov 4, 2014
The Leadership Energy Summit Asia 2014 - a conference with a difference...
Unlike the typical leadership seminars and conferences that sell competency based skills building and best practice formulas, this conference will focus exclusively on the personal sources of energy and staying power that leaders tap into at will. For the first time ever, leadership will be analysed and explored using a mix of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics,
Management Psychology and Spiritual Philosophy.
The Leadership Energy Summit Asia will take you on your journey to self empowerment and unique experiences.



After Death I Saw HEAVEN

Published on Mar 20, 2015
We never know what we truly believe until it’s a matter of life and death. Billy Graham, along with a firefighter and a young woman forced to face the reality of death, share the Gospel message, and what really happens when we die.



If I were the devil ~ Paul Harvey

 "If I were the devil" ~ A prophetic essay written
and recorded by radio

commentator Paul Harvey in 1965.

Psychopathy ....When The Mask Begins to Slip

Published on Apr 28, 2014
Sandra L. Brown, M.A., is the founder of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction & Public Pathology Education. She is a former psychotherapist, community educator on pathological love relationships, clinical lecturer and trainer, TV and radio guest, and an author. Her books include the highly popular How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved, the award winning Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists, as well as the clinically relevant Counseling Victims of Violence: A Handbook for Helping Professionals.
Sandra is recognized for her pioneering work in women's issues related to relational harm from dangerous and pathological partners. She specializes in the development of Pathological Love Relationship training for other professionals and the development of survivor-based support services. The Institute is the only formal Model-of-Care approach for survivors and offers the largest available array of products and services related to this population. Her books, CD's, DVD's, and other training materials have been used as curriculum in drug rehabs, women's organizations and shelters, women's jail and prison programs, school and college-based programs, inner city projects, psychology and sociology programs, and distributed in almost every country of the world. Her books have been translated into several languages.


Mysticism ~ Rupert Sheldrake & Matthew Fox


Romance - Kenny G

To the Heart:
You are someone I turn to
when my spirits need a lift,
You are someone I treasure
for your friendship is a gift
You are someone who fills my life
with beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the whole world i live in
a better and happier place...
On The Flower:
I always thought loving someone is the greatest feeling,
but I realized that loving a friend is even better
We lose people we love, but we never lose true friends.



Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy

 Uploaded on Nov 6, 2011  
Rev. Lux Newman recording.