Tuesday, November 1

A life worth living


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If you want a life worth living;
you need to make the right decisions.

Philosophy gives us the framework to do that.


How we read each other's minds


Rebecca Saxe

The Korean War

25 June 1950, the North Korean army invaded South Korea.
I asked and was accepted to get an education in Military Science.

The Winter was cold 28 degrees Celsius below Zero.
In my Car 2014.




Our Time in Hell

On 25 June 1950, the North Korean army invaded South Korea, violating a truce struck at the end of World War II, and starting a conflict that would bring the U.S., China, and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war. By August 1950, the North Koreans had pushed the ill-prepared American and United Nations forces into a small area around the port city of Pusan. Facing strong opposition from President Truman and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Douglas MacArthur launched a massive invasion of the port of Inchon and went on to recapture Seoul, turning the tide of the war. When the North Koreans retreated to their homeland, MacArthur followed them, assuring a skeptical Truman that the Chinese would not enter the war. Little did he know that Chairman Mao was sending a quarter-million troops into North Korea to repel the Americans and take the whole peninsula. Our Time in Hell tells the story of the Korean War with newsreels, old footage and extensive interviews with American soldiers. Produced by Great Divide Pictures for Discovery Channel.

The Fatal Attraction of Adolph Hitler

The Year  ~ 1941


Donald J. Trump, had childhood conduct abnormalities and even more Serious, Sociopathic Symptoms

These symptoms tell us He is abnormal ~ Sociopath

I posted the following comment on FaceBook :    4:12 AM 2016-11-01

Donald J. Trump, had childhood conduct abnormalities: He demeans people who don't like Him and even more abnormal;
He spreads untruths far too often.

We both have Scottish genes. If he was still living in Scotland, they would have spanked him once; and he would be telling the Truth now
These 3 symptoms tell us He is abnormal, pathologically.

God, please Bless Hillary and Bill.

Donald John Wesley. (1933)

Beware, World

I, like most all dyslexics, see patterns in the world.

Dyslexics, see patterns and are prepared to wait for the Details of the parts



donwesley1933@ live.com

Where, we find something that we can’t understand, we take things apart to see how they work.
We are very careful to reassemble what we have taken apart.

Destructive exploration is extremely wasteful.

All children who pop out of water (like a fish) ~ don’t destroy their mothers.

Where do kids come from, is the normal question kids ask.

Now, I seem to see all the abnormal (lack of good patterns) things in life.

It has taken me, almost 5 Generations of examining abnormalities to realize why wise women, like me. I'll be 84 in a few months.

A few wise men, also like me.

I’m also inclined to think, that Christ also, was  dyslexic.

Poor Conduct Abnormalities in Kids: ?
Become Clever Criminal Abnormalities when they become Adults.

Maybe this is the problem in the Election:
November 8, 2016 ?

God, please Bless America once again.
Don Wesley.

Akiane and the good Patterns she liked.