Friday, April 8

God lives in each of Us ~ The Devil is Hell who also lives In Us and he is ... Real

Heaven is Huge, with Billions of Mansions ~ God is Heaven
The Devil is Hell who also lives In Us

I'm not old "Job" from the Biblbical Days; I'm only 83 and I have found [scientifically] what the Newer Testament News was Talking about.

I heard the interpretation, during my night of meditation, from the right side of my Brain. The right Brain in all of Us is a Mansion God lives In.

The Devil ignores the 'Intuitive Right'
He lives in the Left-side of our Brain
During the next few measures of  Time, I believe I'll hear more News.
Stay near my Blog and I'll write what I hear.
Keep reading me every hour, to see what
brought me to this Level of Knowing...

Gods Righteous News is truth,
He has been sending
us since the beginning of Life.

Truth is Real!
It is found in the Darkness of Night

And Alive in Left Brain,

The Devil is Living.

History is being made Anew.

Until Soon
Don ~ 1933

Being in us, He can be like us.
See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Taste etc.

April 7, 2016

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