Sunday, November 22

Don..and the Products He designed - Gifts from God.

Every skill I learned came from God !

Emergency Lighting Units -
Single units and very large ones

Don at a Prison inspecting....
the work he did to manufacture
prison cells - made in Montreal -
This prison was in Kentucky
I have many more to come.
Finding them on my computer is not fun.

I know they are there. I be back soon with my Prison cell Manufacturing Designs and even more. And a Drum manufacturing Plant - One drum every 5 seconds. 45 gallon Drum

My Machine Shop and my Studios.

Everything I was able to do... "God" my Father, found a way to show me how... or not to do it!

The Flexible Arm for Hospital Beds 

The parts for the TV arm

I propose to you....
That this way of thinking become a Geometry Axiom;
Let us call this axiom....“God”


Lighting [Architectural] Parts


Architectural Ceilings -
At a Tim Hortons in Montreal West Island

Don wasn't Lonely
at this time - the 50's and 60's

An Architectural lighted ceiling. - Toronto 1958.

Even more God gave Don to do.
That is the way God works !
Showing Good Managers
To even be better managers

Don married an Angel,
Denise a manager, who gave him 2 smart children;
Don, showed them everything that could be done,
if they followed Gods commandments.

Did they follow them. ?

Two little smart...  Devils - Not what Don expected

To see more of these "Thinking" Stories.. follow this link below.

Becoming 13 by Victoria King, National Film Board of Canada

Nonconformity as Mental Illness

A Conversation with Dr. Dan Edmunds


Nonconformity and Freethinking Now Considered Mental Illnesses

Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Dan Edmunds to discuss skepticism of the DSM-5, failure to conform with society as mental illness, the
damaging effects of pharmaceutical cocktails on children, autism spectrum disorders and much more.
Dan Edmunds, Ed.D., B.C.S.A., DAPA is an existential psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and is a leading expert in existential/relational
approaches to extreme states of mind and autism/developmental differences. He is the founder of the International Center for Humane
Psychiatry, an emancipatory movement for human rights in the mental health system.

Architects of the Mind

Architects of the Mind ~ A Blueprint for the Human Brain

Published on Jan 8, 2014
Is the human brain an elaborate organic computer? Since the time of the earliest electronic computers, some have imagined that with sufficiently robust memory, processing speed, and programming, a functioning human brain can be replicated in silicon. Others disagree, arguing that central to the workings of the brain are inherently non-computational processes. Do we differ from complex computer algorithms? Are there essential features of the physical make-up and workings of a brain that will prevent us from creating a machine that thinks? And if we should succeed in constructing a computer that claims to be sentient, how would we know if it really is?

The true story of Don Piper- 90 MIN ~IN HEAVEN

and or

The Science of the "Silent Generation" is the "lever" which moved us to where we are today.

This is the way I thought, back in 2010 December.
I was starting to climb up again!

The Science of the "Silent Generation" is the "lever" which moved us to where we are today. Their "character" was the force that worked the levers of Science.

The philosophy, their refusal to accept "unconscionable court" decisions, and their power of connection to God delivered us into the splendid world we see before us now, yet not unaware of the evil still existing among us today.
Their efforts around objects "electrical," gave us telephones, and transistors all the way up to the Internet, due to their splendid work. And TED reached the World in the 1980’s.
They came into South and North America from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, leaving their elders behind, but “thankful” to their parents for education they had equipped them with. Brave minds and hearts moved them to come to the Americas.
Their young children of ages, 18, returned to the East to liberate Europe from the Evil of Nazism. They died and were buried abroad in the Countries where they fought.
This all being said about the Silent Generation we still have Evil in the world today with all the entrails of Suffering.
And the “present generations” must recognize that, “The Silent Generation” did the work while they were silent. They talked to God and silently did what had to be done to get us where we are today. They led the battle for Good! They fought the evils of their times!
The Internet is a powerful “Tool” to communicate; will it be where we will find todays Leaders of Good and overcome the Evils of today! Will the Internet be all Talk and no force for action?

We need to find touch, and intimacy in our own small villages, otherwise we will become paralysed with Excruciating loneliness, in the inter-Internet-Cafe’s where we go for a talk and a ‘Fix.’
I cry out as a Piper “Overcome Evil.” Give the poor and suffering their daily bread and heal them!
Move into action, and fight the evils of our times!
From a Great Grand Parent from the Silent Generation,
My love to all of you,

The simple Christian life keeps in tune with the music our creator loves.

Until soon...

I love working at night; writing into my blog.
It is very silent and no one disturbs my peace.
It always seems Holy to me,
and I do pray to Him who,
 we can see with our third Eye.
I love Him and our Lord Jesus.
But on two winter nights;
 while I was driving;
 I was hit by drunken drivers,
 who injured me,
 both physically and morally.
Both happened on Highways;
One on the 5th day of January 1952,
 and the other on the 16th day February 2015.
One in Massachusetts and the second in Ontario.
Now I often see "flash backs."   


I found this in the wonderful past.

GUEST IN THE HOUSE (1944) - Full Movie


What neuropsychological conditions are telling us;
about the body's role in making us who we are