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He is the Gift – Christmas Video – ShareTheGift

Hi and welcome. My name is Don and I just one of God's inner sub-servants.
I needed to bring this published video to you and for us all.

Love from a 81 year old grand dad.

He is the Gift – Christmas Video – Share The Gift
Published on Nov 25, 2014
The first gift of Christmas was a simple gift given by a father to all his children, to us. He gave us His son, the Christ. He is the gift. This Christmas season, how will you share the gift?



A short Talk About Ignorance. It is found everywhere in the world.

Hi and welcome to my home; in this Blog I rent, from Google. My name is Don. I was thinking about Ignorance just seconds after midnight.
I was asked to leave the fast food eatery, because they closed their doors to the inside at midnight. A policy made by some wise 1 mind. They are about to become the worlds 3rd largest quick food outlet. I  could eat in my auto, at the drive-in section of the eatery.

I left most of my large Coffee unfinished. I was tempted, when she said she didn't go into subjects like wisdom, which ignore company rules.
So, when we are tempted to call someone foolish or stupid; something inside us says "Don't use words like those."

We have at least 35 inner specialized servants to help us when sudden new situations arise.

God's spirit uses them actively and powerfully to accomplish his purposes-in-you and through you to impact the whole world.  Offer those needy people, the servants you have, to take those needy people to where they need to go, to overcome their Ignorance. If they refuse to go, just close the conversation. Let no one, not even the Devil, guide you. God bless those who some psychoanalyst says she is Borderline Disordered.

These multiple servants we have in our minds, are not pathological, if they come from God. From the evil-devil they become Multiple Personality Disorders. These souls who are infected by the devils pathogens, do cause destruction and premature death in the whole world.
We have an epidemic of such injured souls at the moment. It is not a past Crisis; so can do something about it.

Those infected look like this, if you use the proper scope.
Do you see my family in there?

God bless all with his love

Tim Hortons in Winchester, Ontario, Canada.

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