Friday, December 27

BBC News - The Queen's Christmas Broadcast 2013

December 27, 2013. 5:00 AM

This Message from The Queen of Our Commonwealth,

Is a Precious Lesson, needed most especially Now - Christmas 2013.

It is Short and Powerful and Demands Our Close Attention.


[An aside] On the First Day of October in the Year of 1953, by Her Command I was appointed to be an Officer in Our Canadian Army - The Royal Canadian Signals Corps.


“I Learned and Loved this Lesson as a Child. I Confess Now, that I have failed to Pass-Along this Lesson to My Family. I Agreed to be a Defender of Our Faith in God.”  - Donald John Wesley.


Queen Elizabeth II: A Fascinating Life

Sunday, December 22

Why do you fear a test?

What do your fear doing wrong ?
Why do you fear a test?
or seeing your old ex husband.

Isn't this fearing foolish? or even stupid?


Monday, December 16

My retirement home. Sank... like the Titanic?. - A story of Romantic Love and Crime.

December 18, 2013

My retirement home. Sank...  like the Titanic ...

So this blog story, is Story of Love and not simply about an un-conscionable judgement from the Family Court System, or as I called it in 2010 a story about an injustice.
And I'm not against women whatsoever; just horrified by intelligent women who submit to the Prince of Darkness at times. I'm no longer bitter.
'They're hiding evidence,' I say as a survivor!

You can see both my PT Cruiser and my Buick Century in the driveway
I received a veiled death threat and "Nicky" was poisoned a few days later.
They destroyed and took what was left over and sold it.
Michael was in a rush to get back to Ontario.

"It wasn't their home to take and sell"

Today, I'm going on into 81.
Not in Florida for the winter,

but here where the weather last  night
was 39 degrees below freezing.
The auto wouldn't run because gas line water vapor turned into ice.


Don - contented - 2008 - In his Retirement Home Studio.
I bought the home in 1969, knowing I had found the new perfect community that would meet all needs, when we retired.

I had earned enough income to do this easily. This in itself was extraordinary at my age. I didn't inherit my wealth, I had earned it.

My wife brought herself into the marriage and nothing more, but knew that in the future she would inherit her parents modest wealth. She did in 2008. Her stay was free. Our personal joint plan was to combine all wealth and live together until death did us part. Somewhere she changed her mind I didn't tell me. I did act, before marriage to prevent this miss-fortune from happening.
I still Love this woman and have romantic feeling for her.  

This was breaking our dreams she said, at the time she left.
In her Dear Don Letter.
A few months later she was reading a book titled -
"Dreams never Expire"

Denise was really depressed at this time.
Should she or not leave the Marriage?
This wasn't a relationship and there is a
Marriage Contract, which predetermined how it could end.
She was impulsive and just left on Xmas Eve 2008.
She had this planned but didn't tell Don.
She planned a trip to Paris.

Everything I did after 1969, was to keep us in this state of contentment.
Just imagine "a state of contentment" when I was 36 and she was 29.

She had all she needed; for our children to be schooled properly and great friends surrounding us. The community was young and very wealthy.

I also bought her a new car every three years.

The home was big enough, to include a little motel for weekend family visitors. Her family visited regularly. I was given the gift of having my Son Stevens' children stay with us at times when they came to visit Montreal.

See here - Zayne and my dog Nicky.
Denise had her dog Nelly.

"I have deep cuts, where you cut yourselves out of me  - Don"


I even organized to buy another near-by small home for my mother and her sister to stay-in until they passed-on. I was given the money to do this for them. That plan was stalled by my wife's actions.

The property was perfectly located for family living; and I added to it's improvement on a daily basis, from 1969 until July 2009 - 40 years.
Most of those years were filled with happiness, including beautiful funerals for our parents.
When I say it was perfect for a retiring couple, I mean it was more than perfect; it was a little paradise. Even home care if we needed it.

In 2008, I was in the process of sorting out my personal items which I used to write and produce intellectual property, and to inventory the surplus hardware. The memories and new ideas flooded my mind and together with the new technology of digital photography and computing and the internet, life was a joy and not a moment was boring. I gave Denise all she needed to keep up with me.

I knew where we would die and where we would be buried. Our community was the ultimate on the Island of Montreal.

In the fall of 2008, I organized to sell off what I didn't need. Call it getting rid of the clutter.

Unknown to me at the time, was that another plan had been completed by my wife, and my three sons, and it was in operation. The intent, was morally evil and the logic was filled with errors.
She saw the same beautiful future ahead and put it out of her mind.

1% of the population has this very serious problem - two personalities, one doesn't know the other one. It is an identity disorder of the mind. It most often occurs when as child, they experience horrible abuse. Had I known this fact, my plans would have included a proper solution.

My wife claimed she inherited the home!
I'm not certain who this personality was.
One certainly creates situations which are not true.

At her mother's funeral, her nephew Sylvain told me this old family secret; it was the very last time I saw him. His picture in on my cover page on Facebook, along with two of my sons, Steven and Michael. They are part of the crime story.

Wow, this eviction, was an abusive shock to me. They succeeded using perjury to have me evicted. This story of eviction is well covered in this blog.
It happened in the morning of July 31, 2009.
In the early afternoon I saw Michael from Ontario with his Ontario licensed truck. I spoke to him and took his picture. Their coordinated timing was done over the telephone. I have the telephone bills.
I was also a young military officer in the signal corps. The maximum power is what I used; better than money or a police gun and it takes patience to collect; its called objective evidence and I have it.

Not allowing me to tell the Crime Story would be the ultimate abuse they can injure me with.

My wife had an "old friend employer" who was the know-how expert. The plan was to label me as an old man, who was mentally and physically feeble and deliver me into another old age retirement home. She knew the lawyer who is the expert. This plan is a conspiracy. Two of my most active sons, who assisted live in Ontario.

I escaped to Ontario, in 2009, to avoid the possibility of a false arrest. I slept in my automobile during the winter of 2009-10.

I didn't know this plan that had been discussed for years. Had I known, the theft of all my belongings could have been avoided. So the theft is fraudulent.

And given that there is a Marriage Contract signed by both of us before, she became Mrs. Denise Wesley, there is been a breach of Trust.

These crimes... that had to be committed to succeed, have been done. My old friend and lawyer, Clive Allen, predicted this could happen; he wrote the marriage contract, with the intention of preventing such immoral behavior, which was well known at the time. Unfortunately he was retired when I most needed him.

I now live in a 100 square foot room [rented] alone, with nothing but a few clothes, in a community that has nothing for the elderly. This room is a bit bigger than a prison-cell and is temporary, meaning I'll have to move again, too soon.
It is a very old small town in Ontario, with a huge Nestle Plant that was closed years ago.

This story is just beginning to be told now and remember this is now a Crime Story, I'm writing.
The court case is over. The Canada-Service-Department is investigating the identity problem involving my wife.

As an ending and a new beginning, here is my present statement...
"I'm not mentally feeble and I'm physically well and going on into 81 in April.
Next year would been our 50th anniversary
The abuse I've absorbed is another story."  

Don Wesley

Sunday, December 15

Harm by others - Damaging Stress - Enough to kill.

11:29 AM 12/15/13
Sharing a short bit of research.
Harm by others - Damaging Stress - Enough to kill.

"I thank God for my belief thinking, that stress is good for us to survive. It makes us tougher and wiser."  Don Wesley.

Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend
11:45 AM 12/15/13
Nobody Is Using Facebook's Life Events
11:46 AM 12/15/13
About 2,030,000,000 results (0.22 seconds)
Google   "Life Events facebook"
12:24 PM 12/15/13

"OVER 300 POINTS: This score indicates a major Life crisis and is a highly predictive (80%) of serious physical illness within the next 2 year’s. "

(This happens to be my score this morning)

Friday, December 13

How Denise Wesley and Don both learned to survive, as children.

"How Denise Wesley and Don both learned to survive, as children. "

This page will help me explain, why I'm alive, at 80.
I learned as a child to be fearless.
We need powerful very short stories that teach;
if we are to survive the Intellect
that is used to destroy, steal
and Kill.
If this story doesn't fly, I'll write another one.

 Deadly Women- Intellect Used For Evil. Kim Snibson, used her intellect in order to brutally murder her neighbours.
This is about how we, as a children, adapt to avoid being hurt at 3,4,5 ... years of age and even more,
A)  Loosing parents and being adopted is one example of feeling abandoned. (Don)
B)  Another example is sexual abuse - violent.
C)  Some other  abuse is so violent, we imagine it never happened. (Denise)
This causes serious mental disorders in adulthood
D)  In a good family environment the child grows up and fits into the village-society more normally.
Every hurt-child grows up with a 'shield' to protect them. The shield makes the child very different in the village-society and they fit-in very abnormally.  

My wife Denise and I, were both hurt as children.

We first met as adults and were attracted to each other.
We are both more sensitive than normal people. You could say were abnormal children and even more abnormal adults.
Were a married couple known to get almost anything done.
Just ask and Denise ran to help you.

I will even go further and say we were a precious, loving, caring and giving couple, and seen as standing at a higher spiritual level.
Denise was framed as a Eucharist minister in the catholic church.

However, Denise left our marriage after 45 years together, as if, it never existed.
This is also known an Identity disorder with other disorders mixed in.

For Don her soul-mate, what was left over is torture, and no castle to live.

Denise is very intelligent and was quick to learn, from her Mother; that to live and survive in a farming-region, with cold winter months, one needed to collect money in the summer.
There many ways of doing this, we all know.

I Don, had to learn quickly to survive by the hour, without his loving parents, sometimes alone for hours and sometimes left on someone's doorsteps for a meal.
For a child, this is a very frightening situation.
His parents God Bless them, had to work every day.   The depression years in a big City.They taught Don to pray to God, and to ask God to protect him.
So Don, at the very end of each prayer would say ..

"God, now I going to sleep, please protect my soul, and if I should die before I'm awake, please take my soul to heaven."

My parents had nothing more they could give me.
They were not intending to be cruel nor did they abuse me; they did love me.
The situation abused me; especially while still in a crib.
This explains why my head is flat at the back. It also explains why the English were called square heads. I remember falling and hitting my head and Denise laughing, because she felt my head was rather flat at the back
Then while awake, I often was afraid of the dark and strange noises. While asleep I was in the hand's of God.
As I got older and out of the crib, I learned to become fearless all the time. I had pictures of me with my fist-up and threatening someone.
My Mother also learned as young girl to raise her fist-up to any man who got sexy.

Denise on the other hand, learned that collecting pennies in the summer was needed by the family to survive thru the winter.
In summer they moved out of the farm house to rent it for summer vacationers, for a few dollars. This was the rule of Mother.

Boys and their father worked in the farm fields.
Sometimes girls too.

So Don grew up and built a castle as his village home. He needed this structure for his family to stay in and survive winters etc., and keep his library, studio and sample storage.
He used his knowledge to sell Intellectual property, to make a living and support the castle.

He is also very loving and fearless, and gave his time to help the community. He was elected a Commissioner for the local school Council
And Denise saved pennies using her intellect and was like her mother, a fighter and fearless.

I believe Denise and Don, will soon be seen together again before their precious lives are taken from us. It wiser to Believe in wisdom, rather than nothing. Anything, it seems... works in a relationship, which easily dissolves.
This is not a fairy tale Story.
And even more true, if believing works compared to nothing else then,
not believing is abusive.
This mathematical logical thinking.
People do learn to fit-in normally, or adapt abnormally, with a shield or an act of some kind.
The indigenous Indian tribes it seems, had more need to kill to survive. And they needed their men more. So they used their women to fight.

Monday, December 9

To feel my happy family; I reach for the family picture. Denise Wesley and Don's family.

Christmas 2013.
Will become, another occasion
to repair old bitter thinking, and
begin to Justly
Love, each other as we are.

March 14, 2010

Most every one, in this very old picture,
had yet to have publically confessed their sins.
None have confessed recently it seems, cause if they had I would have heard from them.
I forgave them years ago.
Tristan did contact me; God Bless him.
Something quickly interfered.
I think Steven knows how to label so-called mental disorders, but not how to treat them. And he is a psychiatrist!  Psychopath is another label.
They need to confess their sins to Christ, and not a Buddhist Monk.

I just simply love them all.

Look at "Sam" the puppy I bought especially for Michael. He, most of all had the highest score for social intelligence. He has moral reasoning problems today.
Steven scores the highest on SAT testing.
His empathy and compassion are missing however.

Denise, my lover, had the most difficult job of all. Giving up her most important self, to be a perfect Mother and Wife for the next few years.

It is the most difficult role to play successfully, for all women.
Imagine giving up a life of an attractive sexy unmarried woman to be a perfect married one.
Each one of them here in this picture is a genius in their own special way.
You can't see me "Dad" I'm simply getting their attention for a moment and asking them to reveal their facial expressions and then press the flash button to capture these splendid family moments.

That flash moment reveals the particles only. The rest of their love is Dark Matter.

Married Men had best learn quickly what the magic of the Dark Matter of Love is.
That takes enormous self awareness and compassion for every single member of his family, including our loveable dogs. Loving dogs just give back what they get from the family members.

I am a tough old man; but I shed a bucket of tears on my way to help them when they are hurting. I'm  like a fearless fireman and get the job done and hold them tight with loving hands and eyes and soft words.
The ones most easily hurt, are those women who must return to their old selves when the children are gone.
Steven always got me to Taxi Him by saying "Dad I'm hurting, please come and get me." He lied a little.

I adored Denise, my sweetheart in both her roles
and still do in the new one she playing in now.
I know and believe she has given her very best.
Another identity within her, I really cannot trust.

I would much prefer to leave out my "rebukes" to my children and ignore the "identity disorder." To do so would keep them from getting into Heaven, it seems. I just can't do that. I will pay the price of suffering, and leave the "shame" where it belongs.

This is my Christmas message - I Love You and I Cry out for your moral help. I have nothing to deny or apologize for. I have heard no accusations at all. Francyne, said I was in denial ?!
If there are, bring them into the open for all to see.
I'll be 81, next April and I hope the 95 of Nelson Mandela and/or the 140 of Job is not foreseen for me.  

( Don - 2008 ) 

With Kathy and Jack.
Retired Farmers
Happy for the afternoon
Sad and alone in the evening

Friday, December 6

Why shouldn't we be surprised, when love fails to fly in family living.

The Dark Matter of Love Documentary

When I did meet the Saull Family; a family that my Dad came from, and I never knew existed, this presented some distress to the family of Denise and Don Wesley.
It would have enhanced both families and made them more loving.
My boys and my brother Vincent Saull's son refused to meet each other.
Denise, was very well accepted and admired. Vincent, loved Denise.
Vincent was a Professor, at McGill University; Geo-Physics, and new little more.
This became a bigger challenge for me to manage. It took more time and energy from me. Vincent, my new brother was in great need of me. He died two  years later.
Denise seemed to feel I was giving up my family to join the Saull family.
I feared the pull of the other family... but was determined never to give up the family I was father of; and certainly not Denise. Don Wesley December 6, 2013.

This drama, has filled in lessons for me, I hadn't completely learned.
I suppose the real knowledge to be learned here,
is "you don't pass until you get it; 100 percent right.
Far too many of us graduate with less and think we can succeed.
If we are to be professional students, then buckle up
and get down to serious learning
This particular video is about 'affection-interaction' among family members.
Particle Physics, talks about finding particles that are missing.
The missing mystery-particles are called Dark Matter.

At 80, I think a lot about love and its absence. Unknown!
We don't fly without becoming a licensed pilot.
Why shouldn't we be surprised,
when love fails to fly in family living.
I abandoned the psychology of Freud and focused on the Behavioural Sciences and God.

Tuesday, December 3

Telling the Christmas story through the eyes of Joseph, a father and carpenter.


Into The Wardrobe

From the imaginative works of C.S. Lewis

December 6 2013
The gathering House

Jesus, My Boy
Telling the Christmas story through the eyes of Joseph, a father and carpenter.
It's a very human portrait of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances,
which will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


Monday, December 2

Evidence of Innocence: The case of Michael Morton


After nearly 25 years in prison, Michael Morton was exonerated by a DNA test. Did a prosecutor hide evidence that could have proven Morton's innocence during his 1987 trial?
My lawyers misrepresented me in the Family Court System in Montreal. I have yet to to see Justice.
I was evicted from my own home in the summer of 2009.