Tuesday, April 29

Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

About Lissa Rankin, MD:
New age gurus suggest that we can heal ourselves by simply changing our minds, but is this concept grounded in cold, hard science? Lissa Rankin, MD explores the scientific literature, reviewing case studies of spontaneous remission, as well as placebo and nocebo effect data, to prove that our thoughts powerfully affect our physiology when we believe we can get well.



Animated: If God Came Back -

 Comedy -  [language offensive]

Monday, April 28

The Bible Society and Man


Published on Sep 13, 2013 
Like the sun, the inner Self is always shining, but because of negative clouds, we do not experience it. It is not necessary to program oneself with the truth; it is only necessary to remove that which is false. The removal of the clouds from the sky to illuminate the negative allows one to experience the energy fields of that which is positive. It is only the removal of the negative that is necessary—the willingness to let go of the habits of negative thinking. The removal of the obstacles to the experiencing of this will result in an increasing sense of aliveness and a joy of one's own existence. As this joy comes in, first subtly and then more and more strongly, there is a diminished awareness of even the presence of the body, of one's physicality. As one evolves into higher levels of happiness, there is joyfulness. The body is looked at as a source of pleasure and is held as a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. As we move towards the highest levels of consciousness, the experiencing of the body begins to diminish altogether. There is a pervasive experiencing of diffuse joy, along with an inner, progressive state of serenity, accompanied by a peaceful blissfulness. At this point, the experience of the body may disappear altogether into a kind of sublime state in which one is joyful aliveness. One becomes loving bliss, and the awareness of the body may be almost nonexistent. It is as though it is present in the room, but it is no more important than anything else in the room. There is the loss of identification with the body, and we watch it from that viewpoint as it happily goes about its business. We are no more concerned about it than we are about anything else in the room. It is a loss of identification with the separate, limited self and the limited physical. With this, the body is expressing the absolute truth, the infinite truth that one is included with the infinite Beingness of the universe. Therefore, there is the value of replacing the space that contained the negative thought which was canceled with the statement, "I am an infinite being and I am not subject to that." Because our essence is aligned with the Reality of Truth, we consequently have the power to negate falsity. We replace everything we cancel with the truth. In place of the negative thought, we put in something that is positive because we choose to love ourselves instead. We can say, "I cancel that; I no longer buy that; I'm not subject to that. Instead, I choose to love myself." We can see that lovingness is the great healer. We have within our capacity, within our power, all the abilities of self-healing. All we have to do is remove the obstacles.
Hawkins M.D. Ph.D., David

What happens after Death (Lecture)

 Alan Watts explores the idea of death.

Sunday, April 27

Borderline Personality Disorder and Impulse Control

"Many people struggling with BPD experience poor impulse control, a lack of control, or self-damaging behaviors. This is her story.
One of the criteria for BPD is experiencing two potentially self-damaging impulsive behaviors. These could include *BUT ARE NOT LIMITED To* alcohol and other drug abuse, compulsive spending, gambling, eating disorders, shoplifting, reckless driving, compulsive sexual behavior."


The Holy Spirit Is Your Best Friend

Published on Apr 27, 2014 
John Bevere is a world class teacher who walks in intimate friendship with the most misunderstood Person of the Trinity.
The Holy Spirit. John teaches and shares how to begin walking in the supernatural with The Spirit every day!


Revolution 2014 - WiTricity Wireless electricity It's here!


Is this wireless stuff
The Holy Spirit?
I believe it is.



Rupert Sheldrake - Let Science be free to explore the Soul and God.


3 Sickening Ways America is Criminalizing Being Poor

Published on Apr 25, 2014 
Abby Martin goes over a several instances of laws in dozens of American cities that criminalize homelessness, featuring an interview with author and civil rights activist Eugene Puryear, discussing when the 'War on Poverty' became a war against the poor.

Saturday, April 26

Heaven Is For Real - Official Trailer - In Theaters Easter 2014

 Heaven Is For Real - In Theaters Easter 2014

Film - What is Freemasonry -- 5 Min.


Film - What is Freemasonry  --  5 Min.  


It is not one religion.
It is little Lodges of men who help each other.
Small manageable Lodges who act very quickly.

You might not like their way, so go to another place, as "Feynman"  has said a few stories back in this blog. donwesley1933@live.com

An Interview... with two lovers .... How loved ones deal with Borderline Personality

Uploaded on Apr 4, 2011 
In this video I ask my best friend and my brother several important questions about what it's like for them to interact with my BPD behavior and symptoms (topics: tips for others, difficult situations, depression, self harm, separation anxiety, social anxiety and more..)
Yes, it's a long video, but I think what they say is really helpful for other people who are in the same situation. So show this video to everyone who needs to see it. Let's help each other out!
Stay strong everyone!
And take care of yourself ok.



Friday, April 25

My sister Eleanor Circa 1942.

Peace with God
Without Him is Hell.


(My sister Eleanor Circa 1942) 
Elly was 10 and I was 5 and we sang
in the Church  Choir together.



Alan Watts (1915-1973) who held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, is best known as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in particular, and Indian and Chinese philosophy in general. He authored more than 20 excellent books on the philosophy and psychology of religion, and lectured extensively, leaving behind a vast audio archive. With characteristic lucidity and humor Watts unravels the most obscure ontological and epistemological knots with the greatest of ease.


Thursday, April 24

Dr. Dan Siegel- On Generosity - The Secret to Happiness

 "Empathy and generosity are physically vital to achieving sound mental health and happiness.
Dr. Daniel Siegel explains how and why."

On How You Can Change Your Brain

"Focusing our attention can change the physical structure of our
brains. Dr. Daniel Siegel explains what is possible when we actively
seek to change our brains, thus improving our relationships and
stopping self-limiting patterns." 


You don't like it? Go somewhere else! by Richard Feynman.


Wednesday, April 23

People Who Have Seen Angels

I have been with people who are ready and eager to pass to another place.
It is an experience we cannot forget.

Don Wesley 1933.

Tuesday, April 22

Fr. Ray Kelly Singing Priest

 Father Ray Kelly took the mic at the wedding of Mary & John. But instead of closing the ceremony as planned, the priest unleashed a big surprise for the couple that's destined for the pantheon of wedding viral videos.

Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!

I seem to find happiness when I need it most !
It is children who make me the most happy !

Alan Watts: Suicide


 A reasoned argument


Sunday, April 20

Building Systems for a World in Chaos !

 The Weshire Management Team
[Don Wesley's Team]

I did this work and started this in 1969.

 The following short story was written by me
in 1985. It is part of my diary now.
Now I have 50 years of knowledge
seeing the World being destroyed.

  page 4 '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' page 1
page 2 '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' page 3



Saturday, April 19

New York City... years ago. East Side Eviction Properties

East Side Eviction Properties

New York City... years ago. 

One of the projects Don did work for.


One of the projects Don did work for.







Don and Riley 2010 - I needed him that month with him.

I was no longer sleeping in my car.
In the winter cold
the summer heat.
I had God and Riley for a while.
He Riley... was a friends dog.
All dogs seemed very friendly.

Victor A. Roth. ... I have an old friend who is my Golden friend.

Silver is great
and Gold somewhat better.

I have an old friend who is my Golden

Victor A. Roth.

Since I lost my Castle - Home
He has been with me every day.
He lives in California
And I live in Ontario Canada.

For You, Dear Father...


The complete set of words from the card above.
For You, Dear Father
On Your Birthday.
and gentleness combined
A smile that's warm...
a way that's kind
The dearest friend
that one could find...
That is a father.
The busy days
and weeks go by
And you seldom hear
That you are the kind of father
Who means more
from year to year !
But fathers always understand
So maybe you can guess
The love and real affection
This is coming to express.

Happy Birthday

P.S.  Steven sent this for me, years ago... and I found it a few days ago. 
To me it is a gift from God that I found it in 2014. Don Wesley 1933.
I was born on Easter Monday, April 17, 1933.
I married Stevens Mother April 11, 1964.


Thursday, April 17

This for my Son Michael.

He was very tired this night...
But he wanted a picture that would make him feel better.
Here is Michael as a child...
He learned Chess after I showed him the board.
He was great at whatever he did.
He was an old soul as a child.

I was grateful that God gave me such children.
I let them learn according to their own desires,
Just like I did.

Don's Birthday


The Card below was from Steven...  my Son.


The date was some time back...  when I was in my 60's

My Son Steven at the beginning of his Journey.

At Seventeen he was unstoppable


My great friend Erhard


Full of Kindness

"Mr. Helping Hand"

Wednesday, April 16

Forensic Psychology

Dr. Jeffery Kieliszewski from Human Resource Associates presents on his experience in the criminal justice system as a forensic Psychologist.   

Tuesday, April 15

Father Len Dubi - How Transcendental Meditation Enriches My

Father Dubi: For me Transcendental Meditation is a technique that I use to deepen my religious commitment. I meditate every morning before I celebrate mass. I feel much more clear, much more centered, much more silent interiorly. It is very practical in many ways that it gives accessibility by giving an instrument of how we can move to this deeper level. I think it enriches and enhances our understanding. Then that really empowers our prayer and we do make this conscious contact with this power that is greater than ourselves. For Christians, that's contacting the spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Becoming aware that that spirit is with us and in us. As St. Paul says We are in Christ. and thats what this means. And how do you get there How do you get there? You just cant be reciting words and words and words and words. But if you are centering and if you are calming yourself down and you are moving deeper and deeper and deeper. I love that, I say that often, lets get deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and you can see the people[laughter] getting deeper! And its so important that people have access where they can experience the contact. And I know that it is happening in me and I know that I am a different man--the same man but I am a better man. I'm a better Christian, a better priest because of this technique.

Category Education

Mechanics of Transcendental Meditation

 "How much scientific research has been done on the TM technique?
Over 600 research studies have been conducted at more than 200 universities and research centers (including Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford). These studies have been published in more than 100 journals"

Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie


 Published on Apr 14, 2014

Spirit Science began on this very monday morning exactly 3 years ago.... I can't think of a more perfect synchronicity :)
Sacred Geometry ~ The Geometry of Consciousness. Ever since I was struck with the realization that all things were connected, Sacred Geometry has been a gateway to a new awareness of the world in my life. The door to the 3rd eye, which only makes sense as the pineal gland is the lens for awareness of geometry and patterns in our physical bodies.

I've also seen a lot of people who have said they really get a lot out of the sacred geometry Spirit Science episodes... and so I thought we'd put together something special for you. A way for you to get the WHOLE download, all at once, without constantly having to flip between videos.
Sacred Geometry is the representation of the patterns that exist around and through all things. The repeating patterns life takes, the technological patterns we've made as well, patterns of the stars and celestial bodies. I suppose the question that we're truly asking here is - are the patterns
random, or is there a force that flows through them?
What is it that makes all of these different species across ALL life follow the exact same patterns, over and over? As you're about to see in this video, so far all of the signs point to consciousness. It is the building blocks by which reality is created, and its so much more than that.
Super Special Awesome thank you to Morgan Reistis for stepping up to the plate and working really hard on this movie. Without her, this wouldn't have been made. Thank you Morgan! As always, thank YOU for watching, and double thanks for sharing!!
With love,
Jordan Pearce   Category -  Education

Meditating keeps me in a state of kindness.


Meditating keeps me in a state of kindness.

 "I broke my mirror...
To hear my Soul talk to me. "


Monday, April 14

Science and Spiritual Practices - Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Published on Feb 6, 2014. 
In this lecture at Schumacher College, Rupert Sheldrake shows how the "scientific worldview" is moribund; the sciences are being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. But science itself is now transcending the materialist philosophy, and pointing toward a new sense of
a living world. The cosmos is no longer like a machine running down; it is more like a developing organism with an inherent memory, and so is our planet, Gaia. These new paradigm shifts in the sciences shed a new light on spiritual practices like pilgrimage, ritual, prayer and meditation.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and 10 books, including The Science Delusion. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, a Research Fellow of the Royal Society, Principal Plant Physiologist at ICRISAT (the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) in Hyderabad, India, and from 2005-2010 the Director of the Perrott-Warrick Project, funded from Trinity College, Cambridge.
While in India, he spent two years living in the ashram of Fr. Bede Griffiths, and has given workshops on science and spirituality with Matthew Fox and Brother David Steindl-Rast. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California, and a visiting professor at the Graduate Institute in Connecticut.
His web site is
www.sheldrake.org   Category Education

Sunday, April 13

"You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter."

Published on Apr 12, 2014 
Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Jeffrey Fannin where we will be exploring the world of Brain, Mind, and the Placebo Effect, through neuroscience and brain mapping. They will also discuss the work these two esteemed doctors have done together and the research that they have collaborated on at Dr. Joe Dispenza's conferences around the world will also be discussed. Dr. Dispenza also spoke about his book...
"You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter."


Saturday, April 12

Sand Animation


Emotional Manipulators

 I explain that Emotional Manipulators
or NPD's, BPD's, ASPD's and
Addicts have specific traits in common.

A note from a Victim of the Court System .
"This not a matter for the Courts. An Intra-Psychic conflict is not a conflict with the marriage partner. Intra-Psychic conflict is a personal disorder which needs the help of a psychiatric professional, in a family setting...  not in a court. ‘Intra-Psychic conflicts’ are very dangerous and can deliver vindictive behavior; enough to murder its intended victim, in this case me, the Father of the Family. This was predicted by our family Psychiatrist,
Dr. Fred Lundell a few years earlier.

In my intuited thinking, this process of Home to Homelessness is a clear result of the allowing my wife’s Court Motion to proceed in the Court System. This not the proper framing of the conflict!
The court accepted this motion knowing it would it create willful harm to both the parties."   (Don Wesley-1933.)

Dealing With A "Splitter" Personality

author Dr. Orloff discusses the section in her book about people
who are "splitters" and can turn others against each other, motivated by a fragile sense of self and unresolved anger.

I, Don Wesley,
present this short lecture
because it describes
my ex-wife, 
Denise Wesley.  (April 12, 2014.)


Thursday, April 10

Alan Watts: Love & Marriage


Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world (1970)

The very wise Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world at large, and does so back in 1970! His foreshadowing of the manipulation of the food supply through high yield crops is eery and so very true (i.e., Monsanto and their Ready Roundup crops).
He proposes a number of things we can do to change our attitudes towards life and the planet. I'm sorry to say he would be greatly disappointed if he were alive today, however we still have a chance to set things right and fulfill Watts' dream of unity, peace, and love.
Category   -   Education

Wednesday, April 9

The Road Less Travelled - Scott Peck (1 of 16)

Morgan Scott Peck (1936 -- 2005) was an American psychiatrist and best-selling author, his most notable works being 'The Road Less Traveled' and 'The People of the Lie'.
His wealth of experience as a psychotherapist led him to some most interesting theories on how to live a more fulfilling life. These included such areas as Psycho-Spiritual Growth, The Myth of Romantic Love, Evil and an understanding of the differences between 'Legitimate' and 'Illegitimate' Suffering in the face of life's problems.


Mad, bad or sad? The Psychology of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are a contentious issue in psychiatry. How many are there and how reliable is their diagnosis? Are we just medicalising bad behavior and social inadequacy.
How should medical and criminal justice sectors divide responsibility?

Gresham College has been giving free public lectures since 1597. This tradition continues today with all of our five or so public lectures a week being made available for free download from our website.

Psychology V - The Psychopath

Uploaded on May 7, 2011 
An explanation of the Psychopathic personality disorder
(a subset of Anti-Social Personality Disorder).


Tuesday, April 8

Alan Watts --- Z E N


Published on Jan 15, 2014 
From the lecture titled,
'Out of Your Mind: The Nature of Consciousness'.


Friday, April 4

Earth's Electric Environment

 Dr. Michael Clarage:  | EU2014
Published on Apr 2, 2014 
Dr. Michael Clarage shares new observations of some of the complexities of the Earth's electrical environment.
The Sun and Earth are connected in ways very similar to how man-made electrical equipment is connected.
These similarities are examined in light of the idea of the entire solar system

behaving as a vast electrical transforming apparatus.

Thursday, April 3

Les Miserables 1978 - A Movie About Faith and Living As a Christian

This movie epitomizes what is means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and is a great example for our society today.
Category - Education

Wednesday, April 2

Different Lives... Different Languages... with Carol Padden -- The Good

 Published on Apr 1, 2014   

Human languages have astonishing diversity.
Among the nearly 7000 that now exist, some use speech and others use no sounds at all, relying on hands and the body to communicate.
Professor of Language and Human Communication Carol Padden presents an overview of the social and cultural conditions in which humans spontaneously create sign languages, even when they have spoken languages, and what such languages teach us about human possibility and creativity.

A Message of Knowledge or Wisdom (Part 5)