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How Canadians have been betrayed by Canada's morally corrupt family court... systems


"Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims to his fellow Canadians and to the rest of the world that Canada is a country that all Canadians are proud of. He claims that he has the "team" that is capable of protecting the income and opportunities of all Canadians.
This video starts with the testimony of a young mother who lost everything she ever worked for in Canada as a result of the family court system. . .
Before fleeing persecution in Canada, this mother wanted her testimony to be recorded to help in the struggle to end the injustices perpetrated against the Canadian people and to restore justice to the Canadian family court system.
This young woman's uncle was a judge in a Toronto court and she was raised in the belief that justice existed in the Canadian family court system. Her dreams of having justice in Canada have been shattered and her relationship with her child destroyed by a child protection system gone not only BAD but MAD! Other testimony from other Canadians is added to this video as part of an ongoing project to provide testimony from a cross section of Canadians. "

Love and fraudulent women's shelter community groups - Links

Love, Romantic Love and Deep Attachment
Helen Fisher tells us why we love + cheat


Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Walter Fox speaks before Police Services on the topic of how government funded women shelter advocates have effectively bypassed the democratic process using inquests to make their own hidden agenda the law .




Monday, August 22

Who is Herb Foxwell - I needed help to live through the night

I needed shelter from the freezing weather

and my car wasn't shelter.

He instructed Brar to find a nearby motel

and we all drove there.

Brar negotiated a price for a month and

Herb Foxwell paid the motel with his credit card.

Herb hadn’t known me for more than an hour, but he knew that

I would freeze to death in my car overnight.

He made it very clear this was a situation needing charity.

Herb Foxwell is an extraordinary Man.
Don Wesley



Now heal the poor Victims they cruelly destroyed!

News August 14, 2011
Our Governor General urged lawyers to rebuild public trust.
The forceful Governor General tells lawyers, ‘Heal thyself.’
In stinging rebuke, Johnston said it’s time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good.
“But if they don’t innovate, change will be forced upon them.”

Now this Blog, INNJUSTICE, declares "It is urgent that the Victims they cruelly injured, be healed and compensated."

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... A Tale of Two Homes - A Contrast between good and evil - unjust!

August 21, 2011

This is a True Story about Two Homes and their Destruction!

"The first Home" was destroyed
by fire,  and
"The second Home,"
by Injustice, delivered by
Our Family Court System.

The first Home and its attached buildings were replaced
by the Insurance Company and
The Owners are living there once again.

The second Home and its attached Studio and Office was confiscated
 by the Court,
 after evicting its owner. The owner had no debts and lived in the home
 since 1969 and raised a family of three boys,
together with partner..

It has been over three years and
The Owner remains in a state of  Homelessness.
The owner has recieved no explanation nor any compensation for the loss.
And we believe there is no insurance that covers this kind of loss!
Should All Owners in a similar situation sue the Government ?
Write me about your feeling at the following email address.

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Don Wesley - Partner - lost

Denise Prevost - Partner

Friday, August 19

We can control our civilization


“There is a crisis in the family.
It is time for men and women to take action.
We can control our civilization.”
I will continue "Our work in these matters."

The work of  INNJUSTICE, needs your moral support!


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Wednesday, August 17

Why the Justice System Isn't Working in Canada


Lawyer Douglas Christie discusses the responsibility lawyers have to ensure the justice system works, and why it currently is not working well in Canada
 Is Canada's legal system completely corrupt ?

Every aspect of how we experience life is through our court systems. To run a business it must be legal, just as it must be legal for you to be an employee. Anyone can take everything you own using our court systems yet it's completely corrupt. This system is designed to protect the guilty causing social problems known as



Neil Boyd is a professor and Associate Director of the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, educated in psychology at the University of Western Ontario and in law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a previous director of the School of Criminology and the author of five books.
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Tuesday, August 16


Some in the courts are hurting people daily as the RCMP can see
It is a gigantic puzzle.

Yes the Montreal Family Court System
did screw your friend.
1. The courts are devastating Families daily as the RCMP can see.

2. And the court case is over because he can’t afford to go back.
3. And getting the RCMP to take a criminal action on one case is not going to occur; they said so on national TV last week.
4. And this is happening in Canada; we have Rights which are meaningless, without law enforcement.
5. And the meaning of "Wealth Loss" (because psychopaths are loose in our courts) doesn't get the news coverage.
6. And Families are fading away.
7. And Police forces are demoralized by what they see happening.
8. And the courts seem to be schizophrenic; blind to what is going on.
9. Nothing will happen until a TV Program like the Fifth Estate raises awareness.

10. And your friend in his 78th year is getting tired and his motivation is a heavy burden; even one tiny step at a time without ever being in site of the last step.
11. And your friend appeals for help to accomplish this mission.
12. And there is hypocrisy in this story, because the Governor General says we have a great legal system; but it has a moral aspect that needs comment as well.
13. It is all of the above and it needs your awareness and action.

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Change is happening quickly ?

I was perplexed by the Governal General's remarks.

I wrote in my blog on Monday, December 27, 2010 the following:

Today however the following article appeared, Wherein he comdenms the lawyers I am aiming at in my blog

Did the Governal General read my Blog? Every little bit moves us forward towards Justice.

"Canada’s lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens, says Gov. Gen. David Johnston.
In a rare, forceful speech at the opening of the Canadian Bar Association’s annual meeting in Halifax on Sunday, Johnston issued a stinging assessment of the legal profession and pleaded with it to change."
“We need a new model for professionalism in law,” he said. “To borrow a saying from a sister profession: physician, heal thyself.”

Go to for the full article:

Read more: http://www.canada.com/news/Governor+General+urges+lawyers+rebuild+public+trust/5254079/story.html#ixzz1VEx6lTjU

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