Saturday, March 21

Tortured in Canada and you don't believe this fact ? It caused my PTSD

I'm being Tortured in Canada and you don't believe this fact ?
Well let us start by defining what torture really is.
Being killed is over in seconds and is less cruel !      March 21, 2015.
This Journey of Torture... started for me on the Night before Christmas in 2008.
I and too many other tortured children of God are still waiting for the promised Justice; where is it?
I feel like we are living...... alone in Hell.
First they killed my Dog "Nicky" and then they destroyed my "organic-living-Home" and then sold my empty House. I was forced out of my Property and left to live on the streets of Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.

Here below is my grandchild "Zoe" and "Nicky" my Dog they did kill.
Today is September  5, 2014
"So you don't believe.
You can be Tortured for Years Here in Canada.   For me it began with the order to leave July 29, 2009 and I'm still being tortured here in Canada.

In my own Home
and Happy 2007

What I started
to Believe


What Diefenbaker Said

What We deserve

A few days before
I was ordered to leave my own

I bought and paid for this Home in 1968-9

The most evil Person
I ever Met. To be a bit more kind let us say she is the Witch sitting on my doorstep and her broom is in her left hand ! !