Monday, January 21

Why certain Women kill their husbands

To better understand me, please view the lessons this video provides.

I, Don Wesley, obviously didn’t meet some needs Denise had during the last few years of our marriage. Denise is seven years younger than me. We had a good balance for 40 years. Situations change in life. Denise and I had only a few lessons to learn; we were soul-mates in the early years.
And Denise, didn’t see many needs of mine. I tolerated her behavior without abusing her. She decided to kill me, and this Video provides excellent lessons to explain, the many reasons why.

Like children, some of us are more wild and less in control of choosing good behavior.

Remember, Doctor Lundel predicted she would kill me years ago.

Great lessons were available to teach us what we needed to know to bring back the joy of living together. A few days ago I met a women with two children 13 and 15, who took the lessons given by the Anglican Church. She insisted she would leave in three months, regardless of the lessons. In one month of lessons she changed her mind. They now are happily in love and together. The woman is the Manager of a local Canadian Tire Shopping Center.

She sold me a new coffee maker.

Once they learned what they didn’t know before; they became a healthy family again.

The moral could be stated “Learn how to keep loving one another.”

We all have so many needs to identify.

Vic, old Pal, you did an excellent job of learning the lessons needed.

I can imagine, that Maureen had already learned her lessons early in life. And God gave her to you.

I still have hope for my marriage with Denise. She refused to take the lessons, at the time of separation. We will soon see the final Last Judge very soon, “What will be, will be!”

Love to you and Maureen,