Sunday, February 21

Love ~ 10 lessons I find fantastic

Denise, who I married
Love ~ 10 lessons I find fantastic

A Love Lesson for my absent Children ~ It took me  a lifetime to learn.

Love Builds Brains

I was in love when I was 5, with the girl next door
About to be 83;  I love the Master of love.
Then, God made Denise and I 'One' when I was 29.
Second, My Intimate Friends and their Children

I love them.

Love needs us to listen

Light of Love

brain in love

The Psychology of Love

The Law of love.

The Secrets of Love

Cathy, Don and Jack
Intimate friends


A child is beautiful and touches my heart with honesty.

Believe, or is it a question for Science and the Atheists.
I watched this moments ago; and it still is touching my honest heart.
Gods love is still flowing into me. My love flows to this precious child.
Is your love flowing out to some-one we know; let me know so I can watch him also.

Published on Sep 29, 2014
Compassionate toddler gets adorably emotional while watching cartoon about lost baby penguin. When I noticed my young daughter getting emotionally absorbed in the cartoon she was watching, I set up a camera to record her. And the results are just adorable.