Thursday, December 10

May Justice in the Criminal Court be swift and mercy be given.

To Vic, my old Pal in California.
I received some powerful lessons during my troubling sleep, this afternoon.
I could not stop thinking about Francyne’s old email to me.
Her telling me what she and Denise were doing; managing the divorce through the emails to me.
She was clearly revealing to me that she assisted Denise in doing the work of taking my home from me, and that I would get my money if I followed her instructions. [I have all her emails] She knew the property was mine all along. She told Brar, in a email, not to give me any hope of getting my property and family home returned to me. They took my home from me; a Crime in The Criminal Code of Canada. And they were knowingly assisted by my sons ##### and ###### ##### from ########, Ontario. ###### told an RCMP Officer by phone that they had to sell the home. ####### was there minutes after my being evicted and I told him he was stealing from me; he turned and walked away. I took pictures of the scene. Denise paid him thousands of dollars to get rid of my movables. The evidence is in the court records [Denise Claire Wesley, was billed and paid for the work.] I also took pictures of them moving my wife Denise to her new home on $$$$$$$$ in Pierrefonds. Belair Insurance gave me her new address. I was moved from my home to homelessness in less than twenty minutes; feeling the cruelty of elder abuse, and the police did nothing to stop it. I left my dog Nicky, dead in a basket; he died the day before from suspicious poisoning. These memories added to the earlier burdens of post-trauma disorders which I have been overcoming for years. The winter came upon me quickly and I slept in my car in sub zero temperatures. It has been three years and I am now 79. Denise is 72. The divorce case is stalled in the court and I am without the wealth of my property. Denise inherited her parents property and didn’t need mine.
I live in Ontario and miss the culture and geography of Quebec; it is where I was born in 1933. Denise provided the court with an email document from me [overwritten by her] misleading the court into believing I was an abusive husband. This is not the whole truth which clearly is - “I never abused her, but in fact was always very kind.”
To mislead the court is perjury, a very serious crime, with a maximum sentence of 14 years. She also claimed the property was hers, but the marriage contract and deed reveal that is not true. The foregoing thoughts really made my afternoon nap almost unbearable.

During my afternoon sleep, I felt “righteous anger” for the injustice of the court actions, of Denise and Francyne, misleading the court. My home was sold not once but twice since I was evicted; I talked to both new owners, they knew something was suspicious. The last one, hoped I would get my money. He was very disturbed that they might lose the property.

And it has been revealed to me just now, where I opened my bible with one flip of my right thumb.
John 15:1-27 from my Masonic Bible Master Mason Edition .
In particular my own eyes fell upon John 15:16,   “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”


“And I, Donald John Wesley [1933] now pray through Christ himself that our Father in Heaven, return my property, 6 Hazel Drive, to me, and that at the end of my life, I may be buried in the adjacent Christian cemetery as I had planned in 1969. And that I may live in peace, with my Masonic Brothers in Harmony Lodge 131, in Pierrefonds, Quebec. Amen.”
Perhaps my first son Christopher John Wesley and his wife could come and live with me and I will leave my wealth to him.
I now feel justified to bring the alleged crimes into the criminal court, by way of Private Prosecution. The family court delivered injustice; may Justice in the Criminal Court be swift and mercy be given.

Don, Love to you and Maureen

When People Lie ~ It hurts someone ~ Far and Nearby.

When People Lie ~ It hurts someone ~ Far and Nearby.