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Carmelite Monastery in Dysart, Scotland

May 3, 2016
Don Wesley 1933

Sisters  -  (2013) 

Don Wesley 1933

Published on Oct 18, 2013

A short documentary about the Catholic nuns who live at a Carmelite
Monastery in Dysart, Scotland.
Interviewed are Prioress Sister Frances, Sister Josephine, Sister Maria and 91-
year-old Austrian Sister Raphael.
Made for participation in the Palme-Dewar Short Film Competition at the
Aberfeldy Film Festival 2013.


Eugenics Meaning - History of Eugenics

May 4, 2016
Don Wesley 1933

A Brief History of Eugenics

Don Wesley

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2011

Alex Jones' documentary film ENDGAME.

I'll be posting a few clips from this documentary in the next days, in a "user-friendly" format. Many people don't have the time to watch a full 2-hour documentary, but they will watch
short-length, informative clips from the same.

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Eugenics is the pseudo-science that claims some humans are more genetically

evolved and, therefore, superior to others. It is an elitist-minded, genocidalist, belief system, that has been the rationale for many of the horrors of the 20th century -- from the Nazi-perpetrated Jewish Holocaust, to Holodomor and other genocides perpetrated by the Soviets, and to the mass abortion of children in Western and Third World countries, to quote just a few examples.

Most eugenicists consider the "more evolved types" to be the people that have
made it to the higher echelons of society, i.e., the upper classes. These classes, according to eugenicists, must be encouraged to breed, in order to
perpetuate their 'better-gene' lineage.
Also according to this shrewd ideology, the 'better-quality' classes of humans
would be so by comparison to the 'lower quality' (i.e. dysgenic) classes: usually
the poor and middle classes, the physically or mentally impaired, and the chronically ill. In instances of racism-driven eugenics, like Nazi eugenics,
people of some races were also considered to be dysgenic.
To eugenicists, dysgenic classes must be eliminated, to put it mildly.
Throughout history, policies to accomplish this goal have included abortion,
sterilization, euthanasia, institutionalized poverty among the dysgenic population, and mass extermination.

The crimes committed by Nazi SS eugenicists during WWII horrified the world and discredited the pseudo-science of eugenics that, until then, was on the
verge of becoming dominant all over the industrialized world.

So, after WWII, eugenicists worldwide moved underground into several fields
of science (ecology, bioethics, genetics, anthropology, biology, economy,
psychology, etc), creating what one of their leaders, Julian Huxley, termed
'crypto-eugenics' -- that is, introducing eugenics practices in society under a
multidisciplinary, stealth, fashion.

Now, their direct descendants in all fields of science, industry and government
are coming out into the open as they did in the early 20th century, openly advocating eugenics practices (draconian birth-control policies, sterilization,
population reduction, euthanasia), under the pretexts of 'protecting the
environment', 'reducing crime', and 'protecting economic stability'. The exact
same talking points that were used up to WWII -- the only one they leave out
now is the racial purity/hygiene talking point.
Yet, eugenics is *still* not as open today as it was during the early 20th century. It works mainly by stealth, using double speak, manifested in watered down terms such as family planning or population control. It also prefers to work its way through persuasion, not by force (*for the time being*).

For example, in what is one of the most amazing twists in History, abortion and
euthanasia of the poor/middle classes are now referred to as 'rights', and are
heavily promoted as such in the media and education industries.

Educate yourself on this focal subject. Eugenics is not a mere ideology. It is a
genocidalist nightmare and it must not be allowed to gain full strength again.

Five 'wits' derived from the faculties of the 'Soul'

May 4, 2016.
Don Wesley 1933

The five 'wits' are derived from the Faculties of the 'Soul'
That Aristotle describes in 'De Anima'

If you can keep your wits about you while all others are losing theirs, and blaming you. The world will be yours and everything in it, what's more, you'll be a man, my son.   ----  Rudyard Kipling

What does this expression
"have your wits about you" mean?

My Class Teacher had us read Job and Hamlet: 1948 
Doug Lunan was His Name.
Years later, for some; it is to be intelligent enough
to read between the line and other things.

"g) Five senses refers to the five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste.

h) In the time of William Shakespeare, there were commonly reckoned to be five wits and five senses. The five wits were sometimes taken to be synonymous with the five senses, but were otherwise also known and regarded as the five inward wits, distinguishing them from the five senses, which were the five outward wits.

i) The inward wits are part of medieval psychological thought. Geoffrey Chaucer translated Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy into Middle English.

j) According to Chaucer's translation, "imagination" is the most basic internal faculty of perception.

k) Humans are thus "sensible", "imaginable", and "reasonable" (i.e. capable of sensing, imagination, and reason, as defined), all three of which feed into memory."