Wednesday, May 9

Heaven rather the Hell is the most valuable output of human effort we can each deliver.

Terry, I have decided to debate the issue,
please bear with me, for a moment. I will try to use the same
Before you can use “courage” one has to decide
and then intend,
then do it. God is within each of us and does help us.
"To be or not to be is the question"
this is imperative to
answer “once and for all.” It seems[to me] you have yet
 to answer this “once and for all” question.
We must chase what is meaningful and not avoid what is fearful.
We all have to be busy doing, and while doing
we have to clear out the weeds of evil.
We will never get rid of evil alone; that requires a "oneness"
of all humans to hear the word and call
of the One Great Architect Above.

Listen to your heart, filled with loving compassion and join with others to good meaningful work.
God will choose you at times to do something only you must do.

The holly " I " is necessary too; but the We gets more done and in return makes more happy  
If you are not tuned into his "We" channel,
every other medium, will be flooded with the
devil's mischief-messages,
and you will be paralyzed into adding-nothing of value.
Look at what other Great Minds have had
and do say.
We have to eat every day as well as
weed everyday.
If all of us do daily our individual parts,
 we will all be in heaven.
The alternative is ---
Alone and divided we are flooded by the devilish weeds.

Laurens Rademakers, is a farmer and knows
all about weeding and surviving.
I feel rather certain, that he realizes, heaven rather than
 hell is the most valuable output of human
effort we can each deliver. [Compassion, Reciprocity]

Enough for this comment, God be with you.
Don [From the Silent Generation of the 1930’s]