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Nice People - Awful People (Bishop Fulton J. Sheen)

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Kelly McGonigal, "The Willpower Instinct" | Talks at Google



The Millie Martin Story - When mothers fail to see Evil behavior in the same Home.

Published on Jan 31, 2013
"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." - George Eliot 

Narcissism (Teal Swan)

Today I'm 83 years old and technology is no big amazing know how. We still know nothing about who God is. The simple transistor was a little start and up into a smaller space craft than earth is.
We have learned how amazing the earth is: but nothing about man-made injuries.

The 'self-esteem equation' was created by a Harvard psychologist years ago.
I try to keep my self esteem high, by taking care of everyone. Once in while you may find a project where you can make a whole organization better for all the stake holders. Projects, in need to know, find it difficult to find guys like me/us. I used to study all the time to be aware of the best knowledge available to be such a good project leader.
I studied Business law, Principles of Personnel Management, and the base knowledge of all Engineering which really is Math and Physics.
Later in life I studies Psychology. Organizational Development was a gift from God. See my IBM story in this blog collection.
At the beginning of my life my Dad told about Jesus.
In High School, I studied the One Story of Job and the Play Hamlet.

I was always curious about crime: then I met and married a Narcissist.
This name is now used by Medical Psychoanalysts.

We brought one into our family ...... Doctor Lundell.
I and my sons went to him for about 10 years and he died.

Before he died he said... "Denise will kill you"

We needed Jesus and not just a kind and caring Doctor, who made his living until he passed on.

I needed all I studied to make many organizations enjoy the benefits of technical know-how:The power I had to pass on technical know-how was my belief in God.


Narcissism finds its roots in Greek mythology. Narcissus was a man who fell in love with his own image when it was reflected in a pool of water. In today's terms, narcissism means to derive gratification from vanity or egotistical admiration of one's own attributes. It is seen as a form of self-defeating pride.
This is not a viewpoint that Teal agrees with. Teal explains that the most
important thing when it comes to understanding narcissism is to separate self-love from selfishness. Most people think that narcissism is an extreme form of self-love. It is not. In fact, narcissism has nothing to do with self-love. It has to do with someone who perceives an extreme lack of self-sustaining resources, like love. Compassion is necessary when interacting with narcissists. Narcissists hold some of the most painful beliefs and therefore live some of the most painful lives you can find on this earth. People often think narcissists have a high level of self-esteem. They do not. In fact, their life is a perpetual search for self worth and self-view gratification because they are very insecure.
In this episode of Ask Teal, Teal explains narcissism in depth. She then explains how a narcissist can find healing and what to do if you have attracted a narcissist into your life.



Narcissism - what its all about (Dr.Phil...) Subtracting from God

Don Wesley, is a thinker.
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I chose to make this Dr. Phil Show, part of my Blog collection. Over 1350 partial stories I thought about, since I was 3 years old. This is my collection since I was,  77 years old and Homeless.

This show, reveals how children get directions from a 'narcissist' parent, who instructs them where they 'must' keep their own awareness on, to survive.
The narcissist wants their children's eyes on she/him ? 

One or the other is the choice they allow the children whose wisdom is there but lacking in years of knowledge; wisdom  of knowing what shame a 'narcissist' does create as a mental condition. Humanity it seems has too many who have the shame 'flu'.

The best way to survive is to 'love' Humanity; and both parents as 'One.' Keep your eyes on Humanity and not just your Parents. Humanity is Gods one family. It took me years to fully comprehend this strange idea.

Follow the directions from Jesus. The GPS master.

Awareness is the 'state' of, of love,  focusing on what you need to see. Jesus, instructs us to Love each  other.
The noun 'love' is a 'state' of awareness coupled with kindness.
We measure this state of awareness and caring kindness. It is not on or off nor black or white switch. It helps to know how to measure things.
For real deep measuring, study Physics and Math.

I did; now I'm more curious about what others may not see and thereby injure people like children for ever, delaying their entrance to Gods promised heaven.
And do even more injury to the whole dysfunctional family, with too many different minds that need to be 'integrated' into one.
We don't see what don't know exists. A GPS system in your car gives detailed road instructions; you don't know. Once you know; you can ignore the GPS.  It makes driving more certain and leaves you to think about other tiny things.
We can't see God....  but we know where we need to be with Him.  So get Gods Pointing System = (GPS)
This is simple way to get to your Kind and always fully aware.. God, your  Father in Heaven, waiting just for you. If you care about yourself to a very high degree, you will experience self-esteem and be seen as knowing how to use the power of your own will. "Know thy self."
Avoid Narcissistic Parents. They don't focus on you.
They must together... focus on Gods' Humanity.

My wife was exactly a Narcissistic parent .
I haven't seen my children, since my wife
had me evicted from the Organic Family Home.
40 years of loving that Heavenly Home

This type 'love' is a 'verb' an action, and has nothing to do with penetrating to have children come into a spiritual being covered with Flesh.

Published on Sep 8, 2013

On this show, she said...
Dr. Phil TV Show.
"I'm not good enough for anyone, no one took the time to be
there for me".
A view they have of themselves from their own parents/caregivers.
A defense against this feeling is reaction formation, they do anything to appear as the OPPOSITE of what they really are, and end up believing no one else is good enough for THEM.
Paradoxes is then queued up, because they need others to confirm themselves.
Thus the control freaks, lack of empathy, egocentricity, very vulnerable to criticism and all that comes with these traits.
They live their lives in a fantasy bubble.
When they become parents they destroy children for life.
On the other hand, narcissists normally don't have self insight like this lady unless they are under pressure (divorce?).
Maybe her behavior here is just a play, after all she is on Dr.Phil.



Courtship - (Bishop Fulton J Sheen) Male and Female

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The Bishop I know and appreciate from the 1960's

Published on Jun 24, 2014



What would the Justice System be like if we implemented New Testament rules?

Christian Justice   (!!)  (!!)


Every human - (must watch this video)

I added this message to my collection.
April 25, 2015.

The man who uploaded this said...

"Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010....
I have already played my part as a Human...! Have you"



Atheists - (Their Secret Lives and lies) - Beware of nasty talkimg people.

I'm only here to keep this fight 'fair'  

I have the power to kill and never ever need to use it. I have the Keys to heaven !!

I just use my 'collections' of great situational stories; to win minds for Jesus and our team. Keep your mouths clear of sin and brush your teeth.
And join in a conversation with Him, up above.