Saturday, October 25

New Years Eve 2004-05 - Don and his grandson, Sebastian and Zayne with Nicky.

Hello everyone and welcome in; my name is Don Wesley.
Watch this again, if it pleases you.
I love these people below and want them to know,
What love energy can do
Lighting up the world is one
The best is turning on the switches of Heavens
Know God intimately and turn the molecules within you guys
Islands of Heavens will appear right here on earth.
Integrate all cellular switches into one big everyone.
 Start with your one Island now.
With all my love Granddad!
I'm sneezing and I wonder why?
I hope no one just "passed
As some dust in the winds of love.

Do we need a reason for living ?

Listen to the following lesson and return.

One day we look and find they are all gone.
July 5, 2014 by Don.
Rational thinking has disappeared, 
Just feelings of sorrow appear,
And they are not in the rear view mirror,
They real and not an Idea.
It hurts for too long, this is an
Idea that is false.
We think how beautiful they are
A great thought to return to us
And how beautiful the funeral is now.
Then this appeared and it is gone
New Years Eve 2004-05  -  Don and his grandson,
Sebastian and other family members, all so precious.

Farther below we will see pictures
Earlier Happy Days and Xmas 1973 with
Michael and Steven our two boys.

Now we see Granddad with Sebastian,
Delighted just being together
To explore a new gadget digital camera.
Look at Seba's hands...
Eveready... to hold Granddads Camera.
It is a good memory
Now pulled in for reasoning in
Our beautiful minds.

At this very moment in 2014,
I'm thinking about what their "hands" reveal.
Sebastian above and
Zayne with Nicky.. below

Denise made them matching pants. [Red]
The above was a life event-type of day!
Who was the Master of our Home?  - 
Mom or Dad !

A picture for me to recall, My first son
Christopher John Wesley.
55 years ago
A very happy child; The courts at that time
Had me adopt him.
Don and his dad circa 1934
A mechanical child was revealed
An old-soul they called it at the time
At the Family gathering for the Funeral  -  Grandma Prevost 
Michael on the left - Steven on the right.  
 Zoe and Zayne - Sadness revealed - Why ?

Don's Grandpa  in Scotland  - Circa 1937  and

From Fire-Flys on and into the Sea Shell Sounds.

Published on Aug 7, 2012
Again October 27.
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