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"Few will have the greatness to bend history; however, each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope... and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

— Robert F. Kennedy

When Don had a bit too much on his plate. God Blessed him before Don was to be JOB of 2014.

God Blessed him before Don was to be JOB of 2014.

A Personal Death Threat to me, Don Wesley

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A Personal Death Threat to me, was real,
But Poisoning Nicky, my Dog
saddened me.

Then two days later I was evicted from my Own Home.

These so-called Divorces are a Crime - Jodi Arias fashion.

Hello and welcome to my diary note. My name is Don.
Please watch this again if you need to. There are useful thoughts here.

It is October 27, 2014.

11 December 2013  -  A diary entry for my blog.

There are pictures above, with faces; 3 smiling women, and 1 sad and being comforted, and me, a male just awaiting a call to help some injured person.
I was very worried when I saw these pictures; I didn't take them. I was waiting to discuss with her, the hurt my sweetheart Denise, was experiencing.
She fights and never gives up. Winning is an obsession with her. I would ask why are you doing this "to hurt me"? Yes she would admit with a childlike emotional expression.
Now she has a reason to stop.

One can now say I'm asking her the same question, hoping she will stop. And give me a break. It has been five years in a cell for me.
She is a brilliant charming women like
Jodi Arias.
I don't want to see me being killed by her hands, holding a knife or a gun and see her found and tried and found guilty for first degree murder.
This is however what Dr, Lundell predicted she would do.

She was prone to self injury at times.
I never wanted to see a "Divorce" in anyone's family, especially ours.
Denise just up and left me alone - Christmas Eve 2008.
She sent me an email, hours later, saying she wouldn't be back, ever!
I was shocked... t
o find myself in this
un-planned-for situation.
What had/is been going on?
Has she committed suicide?
And even most shocking...  was that no family member was answering their telephones. Everyone had time to return from the Church Choir singing.

She came back a few months later with a Lady Lawyer and evicted me, from the Home on July 31, 2009; One she engaged for the purpose of getting my property and money.  The property, I bought in 1969 and finished building in 1972.
I finished paying the mortgage in 1999.

2013, in June 9, the divorce judgement,
was some-how granted.
I say "some-how." Service Canada is still investigating a problem of identity disorder.
I crossed over [1969] from being a manufacturer to intellectual writing. My overall income was much more than we needed. We lived 'high' one might say.
I had thought my life would be over by 67, like my father. I wanted my children to see the best side of life, before I passed on.
I even paid for an income insurance for her.
That plus my wealth would make her a rich older lady. She was also to inherit her parents property
And she was also working adding income for the family. We Denise and I now, being the only family at home in a luxury living condition.
She mentioned one day before she left somewhat surprised that we were that wealthy.
She is "pound foolish and penny wise" as were many women who were taught home economics for the farming life.
We were both highly sensitive and very serious
about the way we lived and in deciding what was best for the three boys we cared about.
They would inherit all when we passed on. 

"One problem we had not taken as very serious is,
Was the home matriarchal or patriarchal?
We were married in a Christian church, under the laws of God.
Our Marriage Contract made that very clear.
The French Canadian Catholic tended to be a Matriarchal family, structure.
The English Protestant family was predominately a Patriarchal structure.
What I expected, as the 'only' husband, was seemingly well understood.  
When the children became teenagers and the Province took control of all education by law, things changed 'direction' and slowed down the speed.
The slow changes, are nothing to be afraid of they said. Well, it became the daily story in the news for years.
Denise consulted with the local priest about how I managed my lessons of moral behaviour for the children.
My thoughts were "He the Priest was becoming her Husband. 

Denise pushed the issue aside with a laugh.
For me this wasn't a laughing matter.
Then individual families we were pushed aside by violent demonstration. The News hid what was the slowing changing.
I wasn't a social scientist. My strengths were the logic of mathematics, physics and literature.
This big social issue of what language should we speak, began to use up my time creating intellectual knowledge for sale."    Don Wesley (2013) 

My income wasn't however, a weekly income pay check. I shared my bank accounts with Denise.
It was part of our marriage contract, that there was "not" to be a dowry.
I had just sold the last of my manufacturing businesses [Construction Industry]

The inventory of knowledge I used to think and create was built up during my earlier years, from 1952. It's value is priceless. And while in storage there were no taxes to pay. The storage area was in my own property.
If she or my son's were to sell this inventory, they could easily it was worth nothing. This is exactly what happened.

I was therefore a 36 year old man with one excellent Mother and Wife, in 1969. I proved and made an excellent income and to be a very useful lover.
I began creating, intellectual "Know-how and Do-it articles and skills." for use in big organizations.
I learned some lessons at IBM.
I earned my living in this specialized manner.

The old term, [not useful now] is he is a jack of all trades and even more,
I did this in the property they evicted me from. I also worked on site to manage needed changes in organizations, so they could survive. My income came in when I billed my clients.

Her lawyer [women's movement warrior] came up with the well known idea of creating tiny stories of lies; "I was mentally and physically feeble; suggesting,
 I was going downhill fast."
Suddenly Denise came up with another little way of thinking. "It was too much of a burden for her to bear, given the stress." She found lots of support for saying “Don needs to be warehoused in a publically paid for Dementia Home.”
Now, just this year 2013,

we have learned that “believing that stress is good for us, makes us more healthy.”

I did injure my spinal column a bit by overplaying Racket Ball on hardwoods floors enclosed by walls.  The pain was so bad I complained for almost a year.
Then I had a gall bladder attack and then shingles.
It was two years of misery for me. Then it was over. These kinds of medical problems are nothing unusual, for men in their 50's and 60's. Especially active men.
Denise was now working and having fun, with three of the women she was working with, who told her, how great it was to divorce and get richer.
These original women's movement types, had warrior like attitudes.

I'm 80 now, and healthy and have survived, and living thru the most agonizing situations; moving and moving from one base-camp to another.

Denise didn't think I was creative at all. She thought I just made explanations about everything too complicated. The truth is, I only knew the latest technologies used in many industries  and was instant talent for a very select market, that knew me well." They knew just how good my ideas were and my ability to make them happen.

Denise, felt and expressed with a tone of annoyance, that I should be working in a craftsmen's trade; like plumber, electrician or engineer; even at Mac-Donald's. She had the money put aside to buy and pay for some food to feed ourselves. She had free housing all her life with me. We were a team of lovers having fun and enjoying all its gifts from heaven. That was our dream; the dream that all young couples have. What happened, is my ongoing investigation for humanity. It is not knew but it creates fascinating stories.
When I had an important project, to embed technology and manage the changes being done in an organization, that was something that could be "seen" and she was very happy to say
“This is my Husband.” Ride on her husbands reputation. To say I was a simple husband playing on his computer all night, was an opportunity to demean.  

I was a well known expert in the Illuminating Engineering Society and industry at that time. Today I'm a member of the Universal Craftsman Council of Engineers Inc.
My list of projects is something to see, especially for my grand children.
I knew that thinking and creating is more fun and we are free from the corruption in the trades and the very limited scope of work; boring.
It is more fun to be creative, while still doing a great professional job of mothering and fathering.

We were married on April 11, 1964, and we moved into a home I already had, with my first adopted son Christopher. Denise and I enjoyed the wonder of seeing two more boys born. When the children were teens, the state took over their education. Denise then became a wife who worked for the fun of it. She has been working for the same company of fun for 25 years when she left me.

[July 31, 2009.]
From Home to Homelessness in less than 20 minutes. A bailiff and three police made it happen.
I left with clothes on my back...  period.
The first winter away from Home, I slept in my car in Ottawa. 2009-10.
I used my shallow income for gasoline to keep the car warm and the balance to eat, at Tim Horton's.

My savings and wealth were invested in my property and belongings.
I had just put into Denise’s hands, a Line-of-Credit, secured by my wealth.
Only the interest pay, no capital. In addition to other cash she tucked away, with the new credit cards gave her a limit of over One Hundred Thousand. And the interest to pay was the very lowest.
In the region of Ottawa, the Capital of Canada;
one night, the low was minus 19 centigrade, and I had lost contact with everyone.
Believe me, when I say that I prayed, hour by hour and twenty-four hours a day.
If I didn't awaken to stop the engine, the money for Tim's would be insufficient for a hot coffee and a bun. Life has no fun in it for me.

It is now December 11, 2013 and... close to the ending of the investigation of what went wrong,
[a complex set of social-interactions,] and we find it is necessary to continue.
This so-called Divorce is a Crime.
I feel great....  being able to say, I'm a victim of endless torture by our Canadian System in the Family Courts with their "special rules and regulations."
Torture it seems is a word used to describe what a Country does to a person.
Well I'm one of millions of men in the very same situation.
We allow ‘man-made’ injuries to happen and ruin the proper upbringing of children.
Upsetting family life, and making it seem we can rid ourselves of marriages as dust, out in the wind.
Remember "changing direction and slowing things down and creating noisy confusion is a Marxist lesson."

Without the real hope of what the non-violent Christians believe, then what is left is the non-theistic belief system.  “That is the way life is” they say. “Shut up and suck it up and move on.”

Well let us be heroic and take up marriage as a profession and receive the gifts that go with it.

If not, we will continue to suffer the pains of isolation and loneliness and intrusive thoughts of being tortured and we will be silenced, living in a cell like environment - zombies!  Men today, fear relationships and even marriage.

This set of symptoms for this kind of torture has been given the name of
'Legal Abuse Syndrome."
 ...  This is a subset of PTSD. It begins the minute the lawyers lie and get away with lying.
They will even pay a woman to complain and say in writing, she needs a divorce.


"Pendle" Witches The Story.

 Uploaded on Sep 5, 2007
Billy Connolly, travels through Pendle
and tells the story of pendle "witches"


Our own Court Systems have "less" Quality Control, than our Nuclear Power Plants.

12:33 PM 9/04/

Our own Court Systems have "less" Quality Control, than our Nuclear Power Plants.

I have been made to suffer, for over four long years and see no end in sight.
It is "Man-Made Suffering."

Why does such behavior continue to exist?
It exists because, too many of us see too few of the picture puzzle pieces.
New scientific research using EEGs, reveals the many alter egos we use, hide in us.
You can't blame these wounded souls.
We must, as a nation, hire higher level people with the skills to be True Total Quality Control Generalists    ---  
Woman with 15 Personalities  - EEG Test

How Denise Wesley and Don both learned to survive, as children.

Hello everyone and welcome in.
My name is Don and I'm a very kind; type of man
Sometime joking but most; too very serious
I give women days to talk; cause I don't like to interrupt them. LOL 

This is a short essay of how Denise Wesley and Me both learned to survive, as children.
[Survive together or Kill]

"The Intellect is used to destroy, Steal and Kill?"
Or "To love and recycle and rebuild."
This Story needs to be seen in my Time Line Now. It helps me to explain, the reasons why I'm alive, at 81.
I learned as a child to be fearless: which is about how we, as a child, adapt to avoid being hurt at 3,4,5 ... years of age.

Loosing parents and being adopted is one example of feeling abandoned. Another example is sexual abuse - violent.
In a good family environment the child grows and fits into the village-society more normally. Every hurt-child grows up with a 'shield' to protect them. The shield makes the child very different in the village-society and they fit in very abnormally.   My wife Denise and I, were both hurt as children. We first met as adults and were attracted to each other. We are both more sensitive than normal people. You could say were abnormal children and even more abnormal adults.
Denise is very intelligent and was quick to learn, from her Mother, who taught her, that to live and survive in a farming-region, with cold winter months, one needed to get cash money in the summer.

Don, [me] is not dumb, but had to learn quickly to survive by the minute, without his loving parents, sometimes alone for hours and sometimes left on someone's doorsteps for a meal. For a child, this is a very frightening situation. His parents God Bless, had to go work every day [The depression years in a big City]

They taught Don to pray to God, and to ask God to protect him. Don, at the very end of each prayer would say.
"God, now I going to sleep, please protect my soul, and if I should die before I'm awake, please take my soul to heaven."

He got to know God and trust God, as a child. He knows God intimately now, and the words to use with God, when he needs something like rest and peace.
This I learned as a child and relied that it would work.

My parents had nothing more they could give me. But they were not cruel nor did they abuse me; they did love me.

The situation however, did abused me; especially while still in a crib. This explains why my head is flat at the back. It also explains why the English were called square heads. So while awake I often was scared of the dark and strange noises. While asleep I was in the hand's of God. As I got older and out of the crib, I learned to become fearless all the time. I had pictures of me with my fist up and threatening someone. My Mother learned as young girl to show her fist to any man who got sexy.

Denise on the other hand learned that collecting pennies in the summer was needed by the family to survive thru the winter. In summer they moved out of the farm house to rent it for summer vacationers, for pennies of rent.

This was the rule of the Mothers, when boys and the father worked in the farm fields.
Don, a city child grew-up and built a castle for his city home. He needed this structure to survive. He is also very loving and fearless.
Don used his knowledge to sell Intellectual property. And Denise saved pennies using her intellect and her mother as a model was the fighter and fearless.
This is not a fairy tale Story.
People do learn to fit in normally, or abnormally. The Indian tribes it seems, had more need to kill to survive.
They needed their men, more to farm... So they used their women to fight and or die.