Saturday, May 21

Love wise young children - Two helped their Mothers die peacefully

Love wise young children:
Two helped their Mothers die peacefully

This story is
About how God: E
Tanner, and his
Father; to be Our
Wise Children!

They had the wise support of their Fathers.
Their pictures show us how they "feel"

Tanners Picture makes us feel....

He lost His Mother
Who died And He helped Her.

And His little Girl Friend
Might Be:

Rehma is very much alive and sings Gospel songs.


Just Before She died

Roth is His Last Name.
He has a Wonderful Father.
They live together since she died.

Little Roth taking good care of His Mother

His Dad and Aunt  

Tiny Islands of Heavens here on our Earth.

 Tiny Islands of Heavens here on our Earth.   

I have included visions of Hell; to contrast the difference.s

November 24, 2014
Re-visited ~ May 21, 2016.

This is my personal view of where
Tiny Islands  of Heaven truly exist.

Hi and welcome into my Blog Home. My name is Don and work full time for Him. In this post I'm trying to edify Heavenly behaviour vs. Sinful behavior,
Too many of us think sin as murder or un-approved sexual behaviour.
Think about those tiny sins we are guilty of doing.

What about deception, a simple little lie.
Well, it is the source of corruption and complex embezzlement plans!
A lie is the most evil.....

Please enjoy watching what was close to me to use.

You can learn more about the work I do for Him. It maybe all the psychotherapy you need and very in-expensive to use to heal. 

Imagine ....
A)  Heaven is a Net-work of Islands here on Earth and we need boats to survive
B)  There are Evil Island Net-works also and we have work to do.
C)  We plan and build our own home to retire in... the screens we install to keep the Prince of Darkness out have a short life time and can be removed by his agents of change

D)  Net-Works of Islands

Island Heaven Number 1


Island Heaven Number 2

Island Heaven Number 3   


More Islanders' are showing up...
Millions More Islands and Billions of ....   affectionate people.

Island Heaven Number 4   

This Island - My Wife's Family: It was Our Heaven then.
But she left her Partner alone!

I took the pictures then. Notice how happy they all were  back then.
After I left; remains a mystery to Me

Island Heaven Number 5 


What is being said about Islands of Heaven here on Earth.  A very polite conversation here in Heaven like atmosphere.

Island Heaven Number 6   

Island Heaven Number 7  


Island Hell Number 333


Island Heaven Number 8   
 Injured Minds in Heaven
This video is a victim.  



Number 9
A second try for the Injured mind/


Number 10

More  Heaven-Islands Coming
This is where I molded Our Heaven in the House I bought and paid for in 1968. It is one Lot away from the glorious cemetery