Wednesday, November 30

Our story is about “No Crime and all the Punishment” Dostoevsky ?

Thank you for your polite reply, [My friend, to remain anonymous]

None of the links of David Jeremiah's daily thought, respond, without money!

We are excruciatingly lonely, and the horrible realization for me is “no money, no honey!
And even if the “Thoughts” were honey, they don’t solve the problem.

We are living in a truly very cruel world. I am certain my wife hurts the same way, but the court system incarcerates us separately while taking our wealth away.
That's what the court sells and it is fraud.

I am a “victim of the crime of elder abuse” by the very society I live in and the reality is, that one is required to suffer alone.

I say
"We need to suffer aloud as a
Proud and Precious Collectivity!"

Months ago I went to the RCMP in Ottawa with my “criminal complaint” and they did call my son, Steven, who is a psychiatrist, who told them they had to sell my home. It was B-S. They didn't have to sell my home. We were self sufficient with wealth enough and it was taken from me.
The courts created the suffering! This is the message that needs to be propagated.

If Christ were here today he would be screaming out the truth on TV and TED. 

That is what I am working to do, every single day, my friend.

Our society owns the system which delivers the injustice, which in turn charges the victims for the service until he is broke and useless to society.

That is the reality and every one turns away. I am yesterdays leper!

[My friend, to remain anonymous], I am not alone; this is every man's story who is trapped in the evil system of court injustice.

Our story is about
“No Crime and all the Punishment”
It is Rome’s Coliseum!

My friend, I am appealing to your empathy and your sense of man-made suffering. What say you?