Sunday, January 12

"Life is just a waste of time?" What did you say that for!

January 12, 2014.

Hello Companion.
I just read your email about my nephew, Peter Mark! But he is alive now! I realize he is a Stage 4, Brain cancer survivor.
The thought that comes to mind, "Life is just a waste of time?"
You and I are at stage 81 and 80.
Are we a waste of time?
Was Debbie a waste time?
I remember when my father in law had just left us. I was sitting alone with his wife and she remarked "Is this all there is to life?"
Well Stage 81, you have raised a great question!
I just got up. The night had new dreams; ones I have never seen before!
I had best eat at Tim's or die in a few days from starvation. 
We have choices I think. Death is normal and we can't change this.
We can choose to avoid an un-happy path or a good one. 
This old story comes to mind at times.
Until later, Enjoy this great movie!
Don Wesley [Stage 80]

Enjoy this great Journey 
Pilgrim's Progress