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The bridge on the river Kwai

The river Kwai

Humanity's Greatest Challenges Aren't Technical – They're Human

Published on Sep 25, 2016
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is incomplete as we commonly know it.
Later in his life, Maslow wrote about a stage beyond self-actualization.

Nichol Brandford explains how to arrive at this final place


Truth Documentary 2016 ~ SHOCKING ~ Donald Trump's Illuminati

Truth Documentary

Donald Trump's Illuminati

The Last Word about Donald Trump and Russian leaders (Date 1-8-17)

The Last Word about Donald Trump and Russian leaders (News Date 1-8-17)

Donald Trump and Russian leaders who organized propaganda to defeat Hillary

(News Date 1-8-17)

Story Creating for anyone . . . . .

Story Creating for anyone including Liars

Story-telling for Lawyers

The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream Explained

Heat delivered to Europe

The difference between lying and Facts; is . . . .

The difference between lying and Facts;
. . . . is one has a creator
Don Wesley1933 (copyright 2017)

The Champion Creator this past Year, is the Adult Face below

"Stupid" ~ Trump said again and again . . . .

Anyone, especially a Social Leader, who calls parts of his tribe "Stupid" has, logically thinking, many 'Knowledge Deficits'

Knowledge deficits   ~ The true crisis in education

Michele Bachmann Advising Donald Trump is the Ignorant Advising the Uninformed


Justice - What's The Right Thing To Do


The Theory of Justice

Scholar's Chair - with John Rawls

The Veil Of Ignorance


The Currency of Empathy

A good day’s work requires empathy - Cleveland State University
Jackie Acho speaks and writes about . . . . .

"The Currency of Empathy"
& Don with the
"Trump",  "Empathy Deficit"

Using the Word "Stupid" is clearly Ignorant.

When we see a neighbours House burning; we have a duty to call for help.

Trump has books of Matches which he has given to millions who love playing with fires.
Kids love experimenting with fires!
Shouting "Fire" in a theater was a crime in Montreal, Canada.
My wife, Denise, loved playing with dangerous candles.

My military PTSD therapist, predicted that Denise would "Kill me"

Her Parents loved me.

The Word "Stupid" is being used by Donald Trump:
He called millions of people "stupid" -  January 2017.

Trump has an "Empathy Deficit" = Evil!

Committing a series of crimes: Or Ignorance

The Veil Of Ignorance