Monday, October 17

Hiding God with the 'Greatest Lie' ever

They are hiding God with the 'Greatest Lie' ever!

Published on Jun 27, 2015
What could possibly be worse than actually finding proof of God and keeping it a secret?

"Well, that's what the (essentially wicked) rulers of this world have done since 1956 and it is high time you learn about it for the sake of your soul. The leaseholder of this earth, Satan, has used the elites of this world to conceal a very big secret - that the Landowner, God, is not only real and that He is indeed watching us, but that the land that you live on is not exactly what you have been told either.

God is not residing in a Heaven beyond an ever expanding Universe upwards of 35 million light years wide. No friends, He is much closer than you think.

And the sky is not blue because of some nonsense light refraction due to particles in the air. No, there is an even more glorious reason for why it is so blue. So click play and sit back and learn about how They Are Hiding GOD With The Greatest Lie EVER!

I give you a heads up right now. Within the first minute, you may be shocked to realize what this is all about. Just keep watching and wake up that Pineal Gland of yours."

What is the difference between a Lie and the Truth.

What is the difference ?


My dog, a few years ago

Lie and the Truth?

The answer to the question is .......

The lie.... has a Creator.

One Truth among many is that our one
Sun is not hot!

Light is cold
Far too many Scientist's create
Glue is used to hold things together.
Glue those things would fall apart.

Liars use Glue.

Spit is good for us: False or a truth?