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George Carlin - Lots of !

Unmasked with George Carlin

Young daughter gets adorably emotional         

Blue and Pink

My compassionate young daughter gets adorably emotional      





Dana Winner - One Moment In Time

One Moment In Time (live)



Based on a true story

Starring Eliza Dushku, Timothy Hutton & Cary Elwes

The MetaPhysical Secret - Law Of Attraction

The Metaphysical Secret

((The Lost Valentine)) Romance Drama

My First Son

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Betty White

~~~~~~~ Feelings

Giovanni Marradi - Feelings


Nicky and Zayne ~ Both are my children (Grandchildren)

The Making of Donald Trump

David Cay Johnston on Trump's Ties to the Mob & Drug Traffickers

Thursday, September 29

Silence, Needed Sleep, and Peacefulness

Silence, Needed Sleep, and Peacefulness

The Value of a Soul

The Value of a Soul ~ Billy Graham

In this classic sermon from the Washington Convention Center, Billy Graham examines the great worth God places on human souls.

Brain Maker


Warren Buffett speaks to students of the Terry College of Business

Warren Buffett speaks to students of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.


The Gallery of God - Akiane Breath of Love

Psalm 100 is like a work of art,
that helps us celebrate our unseen God.

Imagine the artist with brush and pallet working with the colourful words of the Psalm onto the canvas.

The Gallery of God

Akiane Breath of Love

Akiane Kramarik (born July 9,1994) Paints and writes poetry.
Her art is inspired by her visions of heaven and her personal connection with the Divine.
In this video of one hour there are many of her paintings to see, with her ​​explanation added to them. At the age of 5 1/2 her body literally dissolved into light, six hours she was away. She tells what she has experienced, and how her life, paintings and poetry are influenced by this experience.

Wednesday, September 28

How many Generations have You lived through?

How many Generations have You lived through?

I have survived 4; plus 3 years

It can be a very important question to ask.
For example: Did you see the horrid troubles of  World War Two?
A Generation in my days, was 20 years: So I can say, I experienced many Tears, during my 4 Generations of living
Is my answer a lie?
Well find another who has lived near me for those 4 Generations.
Who is the liar? The Drunkard!

Peter Kerr, My Grandfather. {Scotland}

My Mother's Father.... was a Drunkard, until the day in a Tavern, he met Rev. John Wesley, who said 'if necessary use the tavern as a church  to pray in'
Rev. John Wesley, made a revolution in England happen.

Mom's maiden Name was Helen Kerr. She threatened her Dad, Peter, to stop being a drinker of Alcohol. The next day He stopped and never drank a drop until he passed on at 85 after 4 Generations.

I also live in a methodical manner, which Historians have with success ~ proven beyond doubt is one of the very best habitual ways of living through 'The four Seasons of Life'
Historians resolve these problems using Scientific Methods, which require Mathematicians. The Historians carefully collect and record the enormous amount of Data which can be honestly examined by other Data Collectors for mistakes.

Mathematicians then use the Data to chart the probability of the Data,
Then, using certain assumptions they can say the first Historian was likely to be accurate given plus or minus (x) percent. Historians use some scientific tools.

The Oldest Story Books are called Bible Stories.
They even talk about the beginning.  [Which Beginning is that?]
That beginning is also studied by Physicists who look for patterns of matter over hundreds of Generations and they have determined, [using the using the most expensive scientific tools; made by Honest Engineers] patterns they chose to call Laws.

My point is.....  that my Blog is a very short Bible Story, where my Children and their neighbors; can act like Historians and check the truth I reveal.

They still have me around, (April 3, 2016) to wonder if I'm a liar or just a Living Lover of Musical like in tuned Order.

I have, on my own, found that living, using....  a Set Loving of Habits - A method of Living, keeps us [not Just in Balance] but permanently in tune.

Permanently in tune creatures find their bodies repair themselves.

They live in Well-Organized Small Communizes... together in a 'Peaceful Loving State' This is also true for Our own ants, Lady Bugs and etc.,

They live out their lives, in the methodically very same way - 24/7/365.
Not needing to 'Balance' they even have time to play.

They also recognize that everyone's Needs do change....  every Generation they live.
Men and their Women are patient... with each other as thier needs change at different times. Every living Creature, finds a Leader to Follow, even if the Leader leads them to Death.  For several months now I have trained the Lady Bugs, to accept death.
The Fly's obeyed me more quickly.
I learned this from Indian Pure Spiritual Saints. See them on YouTube for yourself.

The Four Seasons of Life.

Michael, my son, over-passed the word Drunkard.

My wife Denise drank... Alcohol in secret; hiding from me.
I too drank, for a few years, but it made me mad at myself, so I stopped.

Denise, mother of my two Boys.

Self Harm is a very sinful disorder to have.
I knew better and threw it out of my way of living the best way of all.
Methodical like John Wesley.


Story of Captain Winkle Brown

Captain Winkle Brow


Les Feuilles Mortes
Autumn Leaves

In The Best Interest of the Children

The Best Interest of the Children

Sarah Jessica Parker

Heart Check

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Terrified of Trump ~ Europeans backing Clinton

Published on Sep 25, 2016

Hardly a day goes by without senior EU officials voicing grave concern over the possibility Donald Trump might win the upcoming US election.

We asked ordinary Europeans whether they share their governments' fears.

President Richard Nixon to Pierre Trudeau

Newly released tapes reveal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau called President Richard Nixon in May, 1973 to express his 'great confidence and respect' to the embattled US president over 'the Watergate thing' less than two weeks after the growing scandal claimed Nixon's top White House staff.


Prime Minister Trudeau explains to Canadians why the government is invoking emergency powers

Prime Minister Trudeau explains to Canadians why the government is invoking emergency powers as a response to the kidnappings of James Cross and Pierre Laporte by the FLQ. Laporte's dead body would be found the next day.

Internal War and its victims.

Resisting the Trap of the Meat eating plant


A Reminder

"This meat eating plant reminds me of the way sin can devour us if we are lured into it.
Sin may try to entice by tempting us with new experience, convincing that living the right way doesn't matter."

"There is a way of for us to rule over sin instead of letting it consume our lives."

God's Spirit supplies the power for all of us

What your Eyes and Brain cannot See: Your Spiritual Mind can See.

Donald Trump’s Lovers’ are forgetting Jesus, who is the One Truth.

The Mind is not in the Brain!
“Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky said ‘The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.’
With that in mind, I read an online article describing ‘The Top 8 Deadliest Prison in the World.’
In one of these prisons every prisoner is held in solitary confinement.”

We are intended to live and relate in relationships and community, not in isolation. This what makes solitary confinement such a harsh punishment.
Isolation is the agony Chest suffered
 when His eternal relationship with the Father was broken on the cross.
Christ endured the agony and abandonment of the cross for us so that we would never be alone or abandoned by our God, Ever.
What the Bleep do we know. 

See the movie.

Tuesday, September 27

Quebec Separation 2005 ~ Breaking Point - 2005 - CBC Documentary

Quebec Separation: Documentary

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Breaking the habit of black and white thinking

Shouting Fire, when there is No Fire !

Breaking the habit of black and white thinking

All or Nothing thinking is found in depressed people all over the World.

This is because it is part of the most primitive of human responses:
The Fight or Flight Response.
They see, and are frightened by the mess in the world (they see the USA as a Messy )

Donald Trump is talking to People who are depressed.
Shades of Grey talk is ignored:
Because the Amygdala shuts down the Executive part of the Brain.

Give hope by talking passionately; using the strength of the Creator!

Shouting Fire, when there is No Fire !

A monk's life

Happiness and the monastic life


Chosen (BAFTA Winning Documentary) - Real Stories


Published on Aug 27, 2016
This BAFTA award winning film deals with a subject often whispered but rarely spoken about - the sexual abuse of boys by teachers in Britain’s private schools. For thirty years the boys, and the men they became, stayed silent, nursing the dark secret of the abuse they suffered. But in this film, Tom, Mark and Alastair break that silence with spellbinding articulation and breathtaking honesty – telling their stories straight to the camera.

The Lady Who Sees Angels ''''''''''''''''

Lorna Byrne  ~  The Lady Who Sees Angels Documentary Master

Published on Nov 20, 2015
The Lady Who Sees Angels
Working with Lorna Byrne and producing this documentary about her amazing life and gifts was truly an extraordinary experience. Lorna is perhaps the most honest and humble person I have ever met. She will say that she doesn't know why God chose her to spread his messages of love and religious tolerance, but I think God chose very wisely. Watch the documentary and see why millions of people worldwide believe in Lorna and her messages from the Angels.


God supernaturally strikes demons until they submit.

Angels of God supernaturally strike demons until they submit.

I was a Witness for the Prosecutor in the Criminal Court. in Montreal.
I was brought before the Judge and
made to Swear with my Hand on the Bible and say...
"If I tell a lie; I accept that God May Strike me Dead."
I was only 11 years old.
What do you think was going through my little mind.
So I replied: Using the Truth the Detective told me.
I feared the man who went to Jail because of me.
When He got out of Jail what, .....

Published on Nov 16, 2014
Thirty generations ago Bobby’s ancestors committed perversion and adultery causing a curse. Bobby’s demons were extraordinarily stubborn until beaten into submission by holy angels. Watch this unusual supernatural demonstration of God’s power.

Trump vs Clinton ~ Complete First 2016 Presidential Debate

Materialology and The the Study of Brain Matter

The man who couldn’t make memories
Bringing new life to Patient H~M

Monday, September 26

The Out of Body experience years ago in Montreal

Denise the girl I Married

I didn't look for it: It just gently arrived.

Why Did I Experience an Out Of Body ...... Delight.

I have to put this in writing.
I was 18 on that mild winter night

This experience happened in 1952.
First the January Accident
and Then the Summer Out of Body Flight.
I now call it a Delight Night of Flight.

Today I'm  83 years old and still excited with life, when not Melancholy.

After the January 5, Accident in Massachusetts.

On the Lonely dark Route Seven;where Doug was with me
A drunk driver Hit me face to face.
I was thrown some 20 to 30 feet beyond the front of Doug's Car.
My Head was like a big Pumpkin and i
t left me with a Tattooed wound:On My forehead and nose

My Sister Elly took care of me for a few weeks

In Apartment 14 

‘My Out of Body experience is very different
from those who have described

their Near Death experience’

I was 19 that summer month and
The Out of Body Delight Experience
Happened to me.
I remember that exciting event'
in detail. 

I was it seemed.... to be me flying....swiftly but gently... along Ste Catherine Street in Montreal ~ Face down.
From  Saint Mathew Street, East to about Saint Lawrence Street,
seeing the Bright Neon Lights,
Just above the Electricity poles.
There were Electric Street  Cars and Buses in those Days
And Churches every few blocks.
A few Streets South was the Boat Harbor, where Sailors came ashore for a few Beers and night time girls.

All was Very Inviting and E xciting.
Was I in Control of the flying; I thought?
No was the answer.

Get back Home and in Bed.
1817 Saint Luke Street,
Apartment 14. Montreal, Canada.

I was back in my cot-bed... feeling relaxed in a
heavy pleasant powerful body.
In a Melancholy State.

It was a Moonless night and Mom was in Her Bed when I found my self back Home,

and I told her what happened.
"Thank God you are Back;
Another Soul could have entered your body”

Months Later she told Her friends; I was a different Personality.
This was not a Dream.
It was very real.

When  I turned 21, The Insurance Company paid me Twenty-one Thousand Dollars.
Enough to have Plastic surgery to cover the wound;
And my loss of College time.
In 1954 that was a lot of money for a young military man.
What more did  I want?

I never looked down at my Body
Nor did I see old Friends.
I wanted to meet one Nice French very Intelligent Girl..

and get Married and Have a Christ like Child. The Catholic girls were more pleasant than the protestant ones and didn't accept sexual attempts 

It took me one annulment and 7 years to find  and Marry Denise my Angel.
She delivered me the Christ like child.
He resembled me and His Granpapa.
All became the Miracle I prayed for.

Out Of Body Flying

Now compare my experience with a
Near Death Experience...


300,000 English and Bi-Linguals had to leave Quebec and Ontario Wellcomed them In.

I had to leave Quebec

Don 1966

In Twenty Years 300,000 English and Bi-Lingual had to leave.

I had to leave Quebec;
so I went to Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. 

I used to own a Cabin Cruiser while in Quebec.

For the Winter of 2009-10
I had to sleep in my
PT Cruiser which you see below.
My well educated Children had already left and lived in Ontario.
They didn't welcome me into their lives.
I was physically and Financially Abused.

 And I lost my belongings and my
Family Home

Too me this sounds like the "God man" in the days of "The 10 Commandments.