Wednesday, April 12

The only video you need to see - Mandelbrot Set

The Mandelbrot Set

The Brain vs. The Mind ~ A knew area of Science

Rebecca Saxe Mind ~ Brain Scientist
A knew area of Science

The Intelligence Delusion

TV Ontario

CBC News: Malala Yousafzi's Canada Visit

Holy Family Relationship - The Power of Relationships

Some foolish Souls destroyed the cornerstone  of a Holy Family

University Press of America - Violent Solutions in Europe to 1919

Violent Solutions

Revolutions, Nationalism, and Secret Societies in Europe to 1919
David MacKenzie
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Man captivates horses with native flute

Cruel Survival Polar Bear - 2017

Documentary Films 2017


IBM Executive Direction Education Program  (March -1976) 

Don in the picture above

IBM Executive Direction Education Program  March -1976 


Executive's were the first to loose jobs; when IBM sold their computers and powerful software products.