Tuesday, December 8

Psychiatry, who needs it Vs. Mindfulness

I know it is the time for more "Soul Stories" from Biblical Times.


Published on May 8, 2015
With more individuals suffering from mental illness and fewer medical students choosing psychiatry as their specialization, the pressing question is: who is going to treat patients in need? At the same time psychiatry has been going through a wholesale revolution of understanding about the nature of mental illness, moving away from the psychoanalytic model to a more strictly scientific view of the mind. How might the profession change in the next 25 years and how will that affect patients?



Living where the harm is the least.

I have found some help; the research is not mine.
We can only minimize the harm people do to another better person.
The harm they do; is multiplied by a demon spirit or due to ignorance.

The devil commands a huge army.
The lonely good man, is his own army.  

August 10, 2015 ~ Monday morning.  8:37 AM.

We all have experienced situations that harm us.
Even past memories of the situations can harm us.
We try to avoid such situations and the social interactions they come in.
The harm it brings hurts!
We also can harm ourselves.
Few harm ourselves!

Our worst historical enemy; the supreme-harmers will say it is not them but only you. Remember the German Nation under Hitler

Living alone and in the dark night hours is what some will do, to avoid people.
A long distance truck driver is a great way to avoid hurtful people. He finds kind people in the rest rooms he stops at. He keeps this good habit of living. A few souls make him show a kind silent smile. See my face when living away from evil persons.

How can we avoid people who are at times hurtful: this is subject of this essay I am writing now. I found this specialist; available on the Internet.
I hope you will find some kindness solutions; while you listen to him.
I needed to hear from him; because of the harmful people I find myself having to live with.
Some of us have thick skins and feel nothing. Some of us are like firemen who hear the fire bell ringing and come to help. I am a thin skinned person who is a virtual fireman. Enjoy what I have found.

My life long passion is to help; and I have been burned too many times by people who enjoy hurting others and who like to make man-made fires, that seems to delight them. They love the hurt it causes others. Some pretend to be the healers: avoid them because they love to hear from you. They love checking us out and into their sights. They sound sweet; but do nothing but listen and giggle {A silly sounding Giggle}.
How can we recognize all these types of personalities? 

Some have a need to kill: they are the extreme cases, and only surpassed by those who like to torture their victims.  I am 82, and I seem to find too many living too close to me. Right now I am planning my escape from their cruel and many personalities living in their minds. They are the ones needing a a specialist-healer.
The historical healer was Jesus. He trained many good people two thousand years ago. Today they have even learned more from the Holy Spirit.
They heal without medical products [that sell] and too much talking, by psychoanalysts

The great healers of the cruel-ones: get the job of healing done very quickly: and the cruel personalities are buried.  Left... is one good mind.
Horse sense, needs a stable mind.
Don Wesley...  Remember John Wesley.

P.S. For the past three weeks, I have been training flies to follow my commands.
The cruel adult person however in my sight; is very stub-born; s/he needs to be re born.
My old friend in California, has a mind like stone.
May God give him:  one magical cure. 
That to is easy; they need the gift of faith.