Saturday, May 14

Eberhard Schmitz - 1933 - 2016

Don John Wesley

I'm here to See that Eberhard
gets Home, Via a simple Beautiful Trip into the Light Above

Eberhard Schmits - 1933 - 2016

April 30 ~ He Left Too Quickly

On to the Light of God
He was in a Hurry to get the Hugs
From God that Eberhard Himself
Gave to us Here Below
When we get up There and in the Light
Expect Big Hug Arms to Hug Us,

He and I and many others Talked in this 'Spirally' Fashion.

Except when interuupted by His too many phone calls, From all over the world

If it wasn't Phone calls: It was Cartons of Present's From His Sister, in Germany.

Then He Interrupted, to make The Perfect 10 Minute  Meal

Then he went Outside to Repair several Seat sized Grass Lawn Mover.

I could continue  and Will ~ He seemed Love the Bothersome Fly's

Enough Already!

What stopped Him and made Him depart so quickly.

I Think it was the Doctors He Disliked [for really good reasons]

His dinning room table, was also used as a Tool Bench.

All was in Order for Him while, for
us it seemed too Messy most always.

But He was super quick to Cook and  Fix things on his dinning room table top; next to computer tiny table. Often He couldn't find what he put down a few seconds earlier. He made me laugh: not many could do that to me. We laughed a Lot!

But during His last month here.... wonders happened ~ Everything was put,... Perfectly back in Order; Order He Longed For.

I think He planned to Leave before He Created Another Plan, for something to fix.
His House was Old and quite Big and His hopes were even bigger. Everyone loved to visit Him.
He loved softness and Quiet Minds.

Below is a video of a young girl; He really loved, as well as his Family in Germany.

The WW2 was what traumatized Him.

Those of Us in our 80s were repeatedly mentally injured in those damn years.

That is why we love injured men and women and children who realized thier talents come from God. 

Take advantage of men like Erhard; They are in a hurry to leave for a more heavenly island here on Mother-Earth:  High up on a Mountain side, That is where Heaven is!
Hell is just next door to Heaven. Hell is only a mixed up Brain that needs a little adjusting. Death is a reality and Life is precious:
Don't waste it living in a Mixed-Up-Brain ~ Fix it.

He remains with us as One Great Big Man.

His meals had the perfect seasoning! 

I put following together for Him

His Sister

The Talented Child we both Loved

And the One I 'especially' still Love
I love many

She would love Erhard also

Who am I

I'm 83 and Erhard is 83
We met two years ago
And He gave me Hope.
My Name is Don Wesley
We both earned our savings
In Beautiful Montreal
And we both Love Injured Dogs

Erhard; Rest in Beautiful Peace!
You taught Many to Love and be kind.
God Loves You and everyone!
Let us be like Him.
Ask Christ for Lessons.

The End and until soon

The End and Until soon, Don Wesley, your Eternal Spiritual Friend; A spiral talker!

Documentary on AntiSocial Personality Disorder ~ Meet The Psychopaths

Part 1 of 5 

Documentary on AntiSocial Personality Disorder ~ Meet The Psychopaths

Published on Dec 9, 2015

Category - Education ~ License ~ Standard YouTube License

This is a British television docu-series called "Meet The Psychopaths" which details various aspects of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, which is a Cluster B Personality Disorder. I am posting it as a means to help educate others about psychopaths and personality disorders.

People who have ASPD are commonly referred to as Psychopaths or Sociopaths, with the central characteristic a lack of empathy for others, being unable to truly connect to others, having strong narcissistic traits (the majority of people with ASPD tend to have or have significant traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

This episode focuses on psychopaths that turn into killers.

I found the documentary to be interesting, and wanted to share it with others -- but because it was only aired in the UK, and wasn't aired in the US, I had a friend who lives in the UK record it and send to me and I wanted to share it for others that would not be able to watch it in the US.

This is part 1 of 5, I had to split it up into 10 minute sections because of the limitations of my software.
I will hopefully post the upcoming episodes during the next few weeks.