Tuesday, August 1

The Limits of Understanding

Americans Love to Drive   ..... But  ,,,,

A note from Tristan to his Grandad Don Wesley

3:58 AM 3/09/12 - Tristan Wesley 3 hours ago.

Hey how are you doing Don? Its Tristan your grandson, I haven't talked to you since I was younger, I thought I would try and form somewhat
of a relationship with you since after all you are my grandfather. I would very much like to know about you more, and understand how you behave and think. Apparently you and I are not to different at all, I would like to think I am smart for my age, and unfortunately am the only one who Is capable of having somewhat of an intellectual conversation for my age I say this because I have heard you are
very intelligent in your thinking, my dad (Steve) is too, I find It interesting how I share a lot of my dads and your behaviours. I was told you invented a light filter for elevators or at least something to do
with light, and elevators, every time I'm in one I point up and say to whomever is accompanying me
" my grandfather invented that! "

Sincerely, Tristan