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Driving safely for 67 years - Then an erroneous OPP Collision Report, for Don Wesley (1933)

[Preface] .... I have prepared this Post for the OPP, my Insurance Company and my own files]

"The more good I do... the more the Devil shows up. But God leads me to over come the Devils facts.. which are not the true story. Organizations have many devils at work."
3/18/2015  DjW. 7:29 PM

Driving safely for 67 years - Then an erroneous OPP Collision Report, for Don Wesley (1933).
67 years is approximately 24,000 hours
of safe driving habits [the best kind  of habit to have]; and the devil keeps away from me when I drive. The devil rides in
the other vehicles and not mine.

Then, worse than their error they charged me with "Failing to Yield" on a through Highway.
(1) The OPP Constable - Badge 9352, never arrived at the scene of the Accident.
(2) According to the Constable my accident occurred before midnight on February 15, 2015.

(3) The accident, [where and when] I was rear-ended, was just past midnight on the 16th; travelling west and less than 0.2 kilometers past the Queen street intersection. No cars were visible to me and travelling west or east on Highway 43.
Smith Road is 1.8 kilometers further west. A passing lane was available to the vehicle behind me. When I saw her/his lights in my rear view mirror not moving to the left to pass me; my instant reaction was to God - "take me Home." God said "No Don, you have more lessons to pass on to Humanity."  I've been before God many times... without fear. We are trained this way as Military Officers. "Go down with your ship and have no fear." As they say in the Navy.
 Our thinking and memories in these moments are vivid and all too real. Lies trap us and truth comes from a free mind. Why did x.he leave the scene of the accident. I've been told
s/he was charged with doing that.

(4) Before leaving Queen Street, in Chesterville, I stopped and looked in "four" different directions to see if all cars were far enough away from me. Not one car, was visible not even (1) car behind me on Queen Street was following me this night on the 16th.  

The vehicle that did rear-end me; seemed like 3 seconds behind me.
If s/he was driving at 120 kilometers per hour s/he would be much less than 3 second behind me; but still enough time to pass me on Highway 43.
I conclude s/he was distracted or not in control of his vehicle. When did s/he put the lights on?

One more fact to consider; it takes a  minute or 60 seconds to drive One kilometer at 60 kilometers per hour. To drive to Tim Hortons from Queen Street, takes less than 15 minutes if you are a prudent safe driver. I have two time frames when I eat my one daily meal at Tim Hortons. before 10:00 PM and after Mid-Night. The 16th was different... being a Monday Family Holiday.
I used more time to read my emails - see Image (C) 
(5) Well now, safe drivers [ hyper-vigilant] always look four ways to see if unsafe drivers are following us too closely. These followers do scare me. [Anger management problems] and/or they often get distracted or maybe sort of "dead drunk"

(6) In 1952, the car I stepped out of [my older brother Doug's car] was also hit in the rear. It took me 5 months to recover. When I turned 21 and was allowed to sign, they paid me $21,000.00. I was a young military Officer with a great future ahead of me. This included pain and suffering. It was to have been $75,000 my lawyer said. I was young and anxious to enjoy what I did agree to settle for. My mother was very annoyed that I didn't wait and collect the 75.000. Coming from a poor family without enough to eat at times; this seemed like millions too me. It slipped through my bank account in three years. My Brother Vincent, a professor at McGill University made only $3000 per year.

(7) Now, according to the OPP operator, when I talked to her, said "there were two accidents within the same hour" and "no" police officers with cars were available to come to the sceneof my accident on the 16th.
(8) One Sargent Officer did call me at 1:00 AM on the 16th. Badge 9122.
He also told me no police Officers were available; they were on a domestic!

(9) My children [years ago], noticed that my eyes were always checking the rear view mirror. I had to, because....  the first accident re-wired me into the automatic mode of PTSD. All these years have passed and I still can't get out of that automatic mode. It is a very excellent mode of driving safely. The PTSD mode. Hyper Vigilant! This mode also makes life operate at 1/3 of a normal life... sleeping all day and eating late at night when everyone is home in bed. We live longer but at 1/3 the speed and we avoid liars and lawyers and men in power positions. This is the reality of men like me....  who have PTSD injury symptoms.
My Doctor, here in Winchester did give me a letter saying that my Divorce did cause me to suffer PTSD injuries of the mind.
(10)  I'm leaving you/me/God with a few copies of the critical thinking documents and One video lesson to watch and hear.

(11) I was also told the court day was Wednesday.
The 31st of March is a Tuesday ?

(12) Too many mistakes; it seems to me.
(A) The OPP Collision Report.... is Almost unreadable and with additional writing on the last copy.
(B)  The Police Summons to Court

(C)  A "print screen copy" from my Computer which is objective evidence that I, was at Home on the 15th. [Reading my emails]

(D)..... Is the essential Video; right below A, B and C.

Unreadable ?

Don was at Home on the 15th
This is Don's computer "Print Screen"