Wednesday, November 30

Our story is about “No Crime and all the Punishment” Dostoevsky ?

Thank you for your polite reply, [My friend, to remain anonymous]

None of the links of David Jeremiah's daily thought, respond, without money!

We are excruciatingly lonely, and the horrible realization for me is “no money, no honey!
And even if the “Thoughts” were honey, they don’t solve the problem.

We are living in a truly very cruel world. I am certain my wife hurts the same way, but the court system incarcerates us separately while taking our wealth away.
That's what the court sells and it is fraud.

I am a “victim of the crime of elder abuse” by the very society I live in and the reality is, that one is required to suffer alone.

I say
"We need to suffer aloud as a
Proud and Precious Collectivity!"

Months ago I went to the RCMP in Ottawa with my “criminal complaint” and they did call my son, Steven, who is a psychiatrist, who told them they had to sell my home. It was B-S. They didn't have to sell my home. We were self sufficient with wealth enough and it was taken from me.
The courts created the suffering! This is the message that needs to be propagated.

If Christ were here today he would be screaming out the truth on TV and TED. 

That is what I am working to do, every single day, my friend.

Our society owns the system which delivers the injustice, which in turn charges the victims for the service until he is broke and useless to society.

That is the reality and every one turns away. I am yesterdays leper!

[My friend, to remain anonymous], I am not alone; this is every man's story who is trapped in the evil system of court injustice.

Our story is about
“No Crime and all the Punishment”
It is Rome’s Coliseum!

My friend, I am appealing to your empathy and your sense of man-made suffering. What say you?

Thursday, November 24

How can there be “due process” if the spouse who wants to save the marriage always loses? That is unjust.

Divorce imposes a huge human cost, especially on children. Every divorce is the destruction of a small civilization. Children of divorce are three times as likely as those from intact homes to be expelled from school or to have a baby out of wedlock as a teenager, six times as apt to live in poverty and are much more likely to be incarcerated according to the Institute for American Values.

However, statistics do not reveal the pain of divorce, which is always tragic for children. Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, wrote of his parents’ divorce:

“Divorce is where two adults take everything that matters to a child – the child’s home, family, security, and sense of being loved and protected – and they smash it all up, leave it in ruins on the floor, then walk out and leave the child to clean up the mess.”

Ironically, his father, as Governor of California, signed America’s first No Fault Divorce Law four decades ago. It swept the country in the early 1970's. Divorces had alreadydoubled in the 1960s, but soared after No Fault from 639,000 in 1969 to 1,036,000 by 1975.

President Reagan later told Michael that his signing the first No Fault Divorce Law was his “greatest regret” in public life.

Before Reagan signed the law, to get a divorce one spouse had to prove the other was guilty of a major “fault” such as adultery or physical abuse. If there was no alleged fault and both wanted the divorce, one might accuse the other of adultery while a spouse remained silent, This collusion was denounced by feminists and attorneys. “No Fault” was considered a reform, because no fault had to be alleged to get a divorce. One person simply asserted the marriage had “irreconcilable differences,” and always got it.

However, as No Fault swept the nation, what was not adequately considered was that the divorce is
opposed in four out of five cases by the other spouse. What was entered into by two people voluntarily is being terminated by one spouse acting unilaterally. No Fault Divorce actually violates the Constitution. The 5th and 14th Amendments guarantee that “no person be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” How can there be “due process” if the spouse who wants to save the marriage always loses? That is unjust.

The system is fairer in Britain and France. If one spouse wants a No Fault Divorce, and it is opposed by a mate, the couple must live apart five years in Britain or six years in France. That allows much time for reconciliation. However, 32 states have no waiting period, allowing no time for reconciliation. No wonder our divorce rate is three times higher.

There are economic consequences to these numbers. On average, each divorce involves one child, which makes that family eligible for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and many other subsidies. The Heritage Foundation estimates that each divorce costs taxpayers $20,000, or $20 billion a year with a million divorces annually. Each of the 1.7 million unwed births cost another $20,000 each or $34 billion.
Most states are facing yawning budget deficits for the fourth year in a row. According to the Center on

Budget and Policy Priorities, state budget gaps total $112 billion for fiscal year 2012. Why? The recession is one reason. However, America’s high divorce rate and the failure of millions to marry are the driving force behind soaring state and federal deficits.

An anti-marriage bias lies behind\these trends. State law – such as No Fault Divorce - promotes divorce. A Parental Divorce Reduction Act, being considered by 13 states, would require a year’s waiting period before any divorce becomes final. Also, couples would be required to take Pre-filing classes to learn the impact of divorce on both children and adults. And they would attend Marriage Education classes to learn how to resolve conflict amicably. That’s a double strategy to reduce divorce.

Similarly, states discourage marriage. State law assumes an unmarried mother of a child is a single parent needing big subsidies. However, in more than half the cases, she is cohabiting with the father, and has the benefit of his income as if she were married. In effect, the state is subsidizing couples to cohabit, rather than to marry. And if a cohabiting couple marries, they lose most subsidies. No wonder the marriage rate has plunged 31% in only 19 years.
It is time for states to promote and preserve marriage – not divorce and cohabitation.

Mike McManus is President of Marriage Savers.
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Saturday, November 19

He said to me "divorce after 30-40 years of marriage is insanity".

Dear Diary

A song from the heart - Ne me quitte pas    
Jacques Brel-Ne me quitte pas (Eng. Subtitles)

On my travels today I met very remarkable individual; 
Jean-Marie is French Canadian and he showed me his intelligence in a splendid manner. He has the same wife and has raised many children and has seen the injustice of the courts as it has related to his sons. More to the point however is that he said “women have no heart, when it comes to hurting their own husbands.” He laughed when he said this, but quickly returned to say he was absolutely serious! We talked for over a hour about divorce. He said to me "divorce after 30-40 years of marriage is insanity".

I had no trouble agreeing with him; this has been my experience as well. We are both the same age.

Don [From The Silent Generation -  1930's]

The increase in divorce rates [over-60s] has been described as 'a major social revolution'

"Britain is seeing a boom in silver-separations".

"They feel they have been left high and dry in circumstances they had never anticipated and are very unhappy. It is a real tragedy".

Pensioners are the only age group where the divorce rate is rising.
The increase in divorce rates among the over-60s has been described as "a major social revolution"
The latest figures, for 2009, reveal that more than 11,500 over-60s were granted a divorce – up 4 per cent in two years.
This contrasts with a fall in the divorce rate for all age groups of more than 11 per cent.
We are really witnessing a major social revolution, with older generations no longer behaving in the traditional manner.
They realise there is still time for new horizons and new perspectives. However, it can be very difficult for children to see their older parents splitting up and it is a worry when family units break up.
"I’ve had letters from older divorcees who were bewildered by what had suddenly happened and had experienced terrible loneliness' - Esther Rantzen"
TV presenter and journalist Esther Rantzen said she had been contacted by people who had divorced
late in life and suffered terrible loneliness.

But there are also cases when one partner desperately wanted to stay married end up unexpectedly on their own at a very vulnerable time in their lives.
"I’ve had letters from older divorcees who were bewildered by what had suddenly happened and had experienced terrible loneliness".

Read more:

Monday, November 14

I hope this conversation will help humanity to come to the aid of victims of “man-made disasters.”

2 hours ago: Thank you Debra for your precious thoughts.

I have had enormous unstopped growth over the years and have used my empathy and energy to help others. My separation however was not a positive factor for my comfort level. I slept in my car in freezing weather for several months.

My financial plan and wealth was more than adequate to live out a very good life in my home together with my wife. Now my comfort level is really restrained and filled with continuing uncertainties in dealing with new flows of people around me.

However, the deceptions of my soul-mate was not something I had expected, but it was contemplated in our marriage contract. The Court System took me by surprise! This system allows and overlooks the unconscionable tactics of lawyers who succeeded in separating me from my source of wealth. A story comparable to the Book of Job!

Without wealth and cash for another lawyer, I was abused by the power of the Court Orders, not withstanding a Court Judgement which was issued to keep me in my home. I escaped the horror of Quebec and came to Ontario. One of my sons is a psychiatrist and I am well educated in matters of personal psychology; I feel no need for a counsellor.

We are forced by situations to live through them; alternatives are limited. Who knows what tomorrow will reveal; a mystery. I miss the comfort of a my soul-mate; the touch and empathy of closeness. I dread the loneliness of day and night and find myself withdrawing from the noise of people around me, “who don’t understand victims.”

I was drawn into this conversation by the vivid words of Cliff. I hope this conversation will help humanity to come to the aid of victims of “man-made disasters.” People think you get the justice you deserve in courts; not true. You get injustice and the price they charge is equal to your wealth.

Debra, I sense your hug and hope for the victims like me.

Tuesday, August 30

How Canadians have been betrayed by Canada's morally corrupt family court... systems    

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims to his fellow Canadians and to the rest of the world that Canada is a country that all Canadians are proud of. He claims that he has the "team" that is capable of protecting the income and opportunities of all Canadians.
This video starts with the testimony of a young mother who lost everything she ever worked for in Canada as a result of the family court system. . .
Before fleeing persecution in Canada, this mother wanted her testimony to be recorded to help in the struggle to end the injustices perpetrated against the Canadian people and to restore justice to the Canadian family court system.
This young woman's uncle was a judge in a Toronto court and she was raised in the belief that justice existed in the Canadian family court system. Her dreams of having justice in Canada have been shattered and her relationship with her child destroyed by a child protection system gone not only BAD but MAD! Other testimony from other Canadians is added to this video as part of an ongoing project to provide testimony from a cross section of Canadians. "

Love and fraudulent women's shelter community groups - Links

Love, Romantic Love and Deep Attachment
Helen Fisher tells us why we love + cheat


Toronto criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Walter Fox speaks before Police Services on the topic of how government funded women shelter advocates have effectively bypassed the democratic process using inquests to make their own hidden agenda the law .     


Monday, August 22

Who is Herb Foxwell - I needed help to live through the night

I needed shelter from the freezing weather

and my car wasn't shelter.

He instructed Brar to find a nearby motel

and we all drove there.

Brar negotiated a price for a month and

Herb Foxwell paid the motel with his credit card.

Herb hadn’t known me for more than an hour, but he knew that

I would freeze to death in my car overnight.

He made it very clear this was a situation needing charity.

Herb Foxwell is an extraordinary Man.
Don Wesley


Now heal the poor Victims they cruelly destroyed!

News August 14, 2011
Our Governor General urged lawyers to rebuild public trust.
The forceful Governor General tells lawyers, ‘Heal thyself.’
In stinging rebuke, Johnston said it’s time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good.
“But if they don’t innovate, change will be forced upon them.”

Now this Blog, INNJUSTICE, declares "It is urgent that the Victims they cruelly injured, be healed and compensated."

Please email me and tell us you care


Sunday, August 21

... A Tale of Two Homes - A Contrast between good and evil - unjust!

August 21, 2011

This is a True Story about Two Homes and their Destruction!

"The first Home" was destroyed
by fire,  and
"The second Home,"
by Injustice, delivered by
Our Family Court System.

The first Home and its attached buildings were replaced
by the Insurance Company and
The Owners are living there once again.

The second Home and its attached Studio and Office was confiscated
 by the Court,
 after evicting its owner. The owner had no debts and lived in the home
 since 1969 and raised a family of three boys,
together with partner..

It has been over three years and
The Owner remains in a state of  Homelessness.
The owner has recieved no explanation nor any compensation for the loss.
And we believe there is no insurance that covers this kind of loss!
Should All Owners in a similar situation sue the Government ?
Write me about your feeling at the following email address.

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Don Wesley - Partner - lost

Denise Prevost - Partner

Friday, August 19

We can control our civilization


“There is a crisis in the family.
It is time for men and women to take action.
We can control our civilization.”
I will continue "Our work in these matters."

The work of  INNJUSTICE, needs your moral support!


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Wednesday, August 17

Why the Justice System Isn't Working in Canada


Lawyer Douglas Christie discusses the responsibility lawyers have to ensure the justice system works, and why it currently is not working well in Canada
 Is Canada's legal system completely corrupt ?

Every aspect of how we experience life is through our court systems. To run a business it must be legal, just as it must be legal for you to be an employee. Anyone can take everything you own using our court systems yet it's completely corrupt. This system is designed to protect the guilty causing social problems known as


Neil Boyd is a professor and Associate Director of the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, educated in psychology at the University of Western Ontario and in law at Osgoode Hall Law School. He is a previous director of the School of Criminology and the author of five books.
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Tuesday, August 16


Some in the courts are hurting people daily as the RCMP can see
It is a gigantic puzzle.

Yes the Montreal Family Court System
did screw your friend.
1. The courts are devastating Families daily as the RCMP can see.

2. And the court case is over because he can’t afford to go back.
3. And getting the RCMP to take a criminal action on one case is not going to occur; they said so on national TV last week.
4. And this is happening in Canada; we have Rights which are meaningless, without law enforcement.
5. And the meaning of "Wealth Loss" (because psychopaths are loose in our courts) doesn't get the news coverage.
6. And Families are fading away.
7. And Police forces are demoralized by what they see happening.
8. And the courts seem to be schizophrenic; blind to what is going on.
9. Nothing will happen until a TV Program like the Fifth Estate raises awareness.

10. And your friend in his 78th year is getting tired and his motivation is a heavy burden; even one tiny step at a time without ever being in site of the last step.
11. And your friend appeals for help to accomplish this mission.
12. And there is hypocrisy in this story, because the Governor General says we have a great legal system; but it has a moral aspect that needs comment as well.
13. It is all of the above and it needs your awareness and action.

Email your post to ...

Change is happening quickly ?

I was perplexed by the Governal General's remarks.

I wrote in my blog on Monday, December 27, 2010 the following:

Today however the following article appeared, Wherein he comdenms the lawyers I am aiming at in my blog

Did the Governal General read my Blog? Every little bit moves us forward towards Justice.

"Canada’s lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens, says Gov. Gen. David Johnston.
In a rare, forceful speech at the opening of the Canadian Bar Association’s annual meeting in Halifax on Sunday, Johnston issued a stinging assessment of the legal profession and pleaded with it to change."
“We need a new model for professionalism in law,” he said. “To borrow a saying from a sister profession: physician, heal thyself.”

Go to for the full article:

Read more:

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Saturday, June 25

Wednesday, June 22

The Chesterfield Saga - The Look of Kindness

 Dear Vic
This week, while my PT Cruiser is being repaired, Dave let me use his precious big old diesel truck and I put some gasoline in it by mistake. I became aware of my mistake within minutes, preventing the engine from blowing up. I contacted Dave and he told me to stop driving it immediately to prevent total damage.
I have had my own auto since the age of 14. I know the difference; why did I make this mistake? He knows that I knew it was a diesel truck. What is going on in my head. Am I just too overwhelmed by the thought of “Home to Homelessness?” I have driven vehicles for nearly 600 months without an accident. I thank the Lord above for loving me; but feel like I am unworthy of any sympathy. But help did come to me!

Moments ago Dave called me to say he drained the tank and refuelled. The fuel filter and other parts had to be changed as well. This cost him his precious unpaid time and a cash outlay.

He sternly told me not to cost him any more time and money. Then he said he was leaving me the keys again so I could pick it up again tomorrow morning and use it until I got my car back again. This truck is very important to Dave and his work away from work. He loves this truck; it has over 400,000 miles on it. He depends on this precious and expensive-to-replace truck to do work on the ranch.
You can’t imagine how stupid I feel and how many times I apologized. He confessed he has done the same error as me.

He forgave me with the rhythm of grace.

Dave is a great man and mason with a heart much bigger than his wallet.He really gets things done, for many souls in need. I love him for who he is. He really is someone very very special and very rare.
Wow, I have two very great and rare friends and I am becoming more aware of others who exist, and you are one of them Vic. Both of you are very aware and very caring about life around you.

This “Chesterville Saga” is really giving me some very rich lessons in life.
Recognizing kindness, in action, in this life makes me cry with joy (literally).
“Kindness” is so very precious; it feeds remarkable civility.
Individuals who give innately are rare.
Giving is more precious than receiving we have all been told.
Seeing it action is rare until we learn where it exists.
We cannot see what we don’t know exists.
We must learn to see it and celebrate it.
Cruelty is the opposite of kindness and injustice is the result.
We must also learn to see where injustice exists.
Seeing kindness and cruelty are essential to an economical and contented community life


Tuesday, May 17

---- Homeless Again ---- God, please help me ----

Within in month I face being homeless once again.
I wonder, when I will find relief from this cycle of hurt.
Will I find the spiritual strength to survive again.
Will I see Kindness instead of Cruelty.

Victor Roth, what God asks of us and a Friend to Me


 May 12, 2011.

Victor Roth, an extraordinary example of what God asks of us.
I have known you for Seventy Years

What comes to my mind this morning is that you didn’t “reject yourself” but you rejected what others were trying to impose on you.
This thought about you is remarkable to me. You took ownership of yourself and I am amazed at the results. You are an extraordinary success.
When I reflect on your life as I have come to know you more, I am truly proud to know you.
You have lived a truly good life.
You have everything that is precious to a family life; everything that I now have lost. You have a Home and a beautiful Family and a Job that is very important to the functioning of a local community Organization, where you are recognized for your excellent work.
In my mind you are what God wants you to be, unique and perfect. You would be a remarkable Freemason.
Vic, please accept what I am saying as the absolute truth of what I believe about should be said about you.
You Victor Roth are perfect example of what God wants of each of us.
Brotherly Love
Don Wesley - May 12, 2011.

Saturday, May 7

CANADA RCMP "Please come to our rescue"

My Home

Don - My Home my  Family Stole From Me.

Saturday, May-07-11 - To my Diary
In this Blog there are many references to “Homelessness,” which for any normal person is a most deprived and horrible way of living; from “Home to Homelessness.”

One only has to listen to the daily news to learn of more people who are moved from “Home to Homelessness.” We learn that there are agencies that come to the aid of victims finding themselves devastated by horrendous powers that destroy and rob them of their homes. Who and why people are moved from “Home to Homeless” bring us to the NEWS to find the answer to satisfy our curiosity.

The next questions for NEWS, include what agencies are being deployed to aid the Victims and what kind of process unleashed the devastating power to destroy/rob/kill.

This brings me to focus on our Family Courts and the victims it creates. Everyday hundreds of victims are evicted from their own homes into homelessness.

This is a process in our Family Courts which operates without ever stopping; sunrise after sunrise. And it is paid for by the victims themselves. The victims are even charged with government taxes. And to add more bad news to this story, there are no agencies which automatically come to the aid of the victims; no help what so ever. And even more strange is that no NEWS agencies report the daily devastation that our Family Courts are creating.

This is a real problem and it is not new to us and so it is no longer NEWS.

In Canada alone, there are approximately 80,000 family court cases processed each year or 300 cases daily. Any other natural disaster with 300 deaths (Deaths by a thousand cuts) would be covered by WORLD NEWS Agencies. But our Family Court disasters are manmade disasters, not natural.

This little NEWS agency, a Blog, calls this court processing INNJUSTICE. It is unjust because we have a “Right” to live in our homes peacefully and no force shall evict us. But a court judge does so every day without a drop of conscience or a thread of remorse. And then our homes are sold without our consent and this FRAUD. And because Fraud is a crime, we need a police officer, to make an arrest.

Getting an officer to do so, is almost impossible. I know this is true. I am one individual who has been robbed of my Home.

It is not only Fraud, but is also Elder Abuse, another crime because, I have just recently entered my 79th year on this planet and I am an Elder.

I was made an officer of the Crown in 1952 at the age of 19. I committed myself to be a 100 percent perfect officer who would defend Canada and its citizens.

And I thank God am still here!
I will never forget.
Read this Blog for more explanatory essays and conversations.

Friday, May 6


From: "Don Wesley" <> To: "Victor Roth" <>, <CC>
6:04 PM 06/05/2011.

God Bless you Vic for your realistic remarks. I know that I am a good man and have long been so, before I became a Mason. It is the secrets of my heart. And I strive to become even better.

Thank you for your remarkable insight. You too strive to become a better man. GO >>>

I love honesty and deplore evil.

Denise did tell our family Priest early in 2007 (over lunch at 6 Hazel) that she married me because I was “the kindest man she had ever known.” I married her because she made me feel the joy she expressed in being with the kindest man.

Denise had a strongly repressed second personality which, I was told would emerge and “kill me.”

It is killing me now with A DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS. Denise now expresses, in that personality, pure evil.

It also saddens me that my Brother Doug doesn't have the remarkable insight that you do. He is filled with vices and not enough virtues. 

His words to me (in my call to him) were pure evil.

I became a military officer because I believed ever so strongly that I must defend my country Canada.

Doug was at Camp Borden (1952) with our Mom when I graduated to a “Military Officer.” Doug never congratulated me, my Mom did.

His Father was not Sholto Douglas, but was a young officer.  His father was the Head of the British Air Force at the start of WWII. A man who demanded one hundred percent perfection.

I remember when my Mother told me that the young officer, in the picture could have been my father too. She then tore his picture in two and thru it into the waste basket. He was dressed in his Sam Browns. This was an evening at her Coolbrooke apartment; we were alone. I always new that Doug looked just like the picture. I know his name.

Those who I have led in business gave me nothing less that one hundred percent perfection. In training as a young officer I demanded nothing less and got it. I made a very good living selling my “knowhow.” Men with great power paid me very well for my honesty and ability to do good things.

I just saw President Obama deliver his solemn thanks to the troops. Military perfection!

Defending the wonderful U.S.A.
GOD BLESS AMERICA for the wonderful nation that it is!

Vic, my profound love’ I express to you.

From: Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 4:33 PM To: Don Wesley Subject: Re: What is Freemasonry? -- 5 Min. Film

How could Denise not recognize all the virtues that you have by being a Mason. You truly are a good man, as a representative of Masonry.

 ----- Original Message ----- From: "Don Wesley" <> To: "Victor Roth" <>,  < Sent: Friday, May 6, 2011 11:23:58 AM

Subject: What is Freemasonry? -- 5 Min. Film

Hi Vic and C.... The following site is an excellent video which explains the wisdom and beauty of Freemasonry. It is very easy to listen to and very well prepared video. Please let me know that you have seen it; you won't regret watching.

Love (Care and Aware) Don

Saturday, April 30

I have changed in a dramatic way


I can't write about the change yet; but it is a profound change.
I was influenced by the sermon from the wedding;  pushed into low gear to do hard work.
“Be what God wants you to be and hate evil.”


April 2011 - - seems like a living hell

I was married April 11. 1963.
I was Born on the 17th. 1933.
I Watched the Royal Wedding on the 29th.
I Watched our federal election campaign.
I am in my 79th year of living on this planet.
I am more aware of evil than ever before in my life.
Life is appearing to me as a living hell.
What I worked for and saved has been stolen from me.
It is also called Elder Abuse, a crime.
And my rights have been ignored by the courts.
Instead of living in the home I bought and paid for, in 1969, I am homeless.
I am homeless because of evil doings by those close to me.
It is difficult to admit that those close to me are without conscience and have no remorse for their evil doings.
Climate change is violent.
Homelessness is Hell.
My family is nowhere to be seen.

Thursday, April 14

The 17 – 11 Tragedy


This post is being drafted at this moment and will be released with the next few hours.


Friday, April 1

Vanier Institute of the Family. - "Without family in our society, we have Marxism."

"Without family in our society, we have Marxism."
Dr. Wilder Penfield,
Past  President of the Vanier Institute of the Family.
Read his book
"Man and his Family."

"The Vanier Institute of the Family began its work in 1965 immediately following The Canadian Conference on the Family convened at Government House by Their Excellencies, Governor General Georges P. Vanier and Mme Pauline Vanier.  That founding conference brought together distinguished men and women from all walks of life, each of who knew that the contribution of families is vitally important, and ultimately shapes the world in which we live.
Governor General Vanier’s vision to create an enduring organization dedicated to the cause of our society through the family was supported by the leadership of Canada’s renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Wilder Penfield.  Basic to his commitment to the role of the Vanier Institute of the Family was his belief that it is the family that shapes us as individuals and ultimately serves as the essential cornerstone of our society.
It was the combination of Vanier’s vision, Penfield’s determination and the support of Lester B. Pearson that succeeded in the creation of a legacy that they left to the Canadian people.  The tangible expression of that legacy took the form of a six million dollar endowment fund, representing the generosity of governments, foundations, businesses, faith groups and individuals.  It is these funds which, well-invested, have grown over the years and continue to support the core programs of the Institute."

Wednesday, March 30

Unconscionable Decisions

  1. Unconscionable  Decisions.                                  See link  >>
  2. Unconscionable  Judgements                                See link  >>  From Courts
  3. Unconscionable  Court Orders.                              See link  >> From Courts
  4. Unconscionable  Ethnics                                        See link  >>
  5. Unconscionable  Commandments.                         See link  >>
  6. Unconscionable  actions  are abusing others.        See link  >>

Except for a final chapter, the book is completed - The INN of JUSTUCE

Except for a final chapter, the book is completed;  about the devastation that
divorce creates within families; I am not alone.
  6. to come very soon
  7. to come very soon
  8. to come very soon
  9. to come very soon

Saturday, March 19

Fraternal Friends


Dan and the Chesterville Farm with their horses is a home I love to visit. They have chosen to live a better life for themselves.