Saturday, April 19

New York City... years ago. East Side Eviction Properties

East Side Eviction Properties

New York City... years ago. 

One of the projects Don did work for.


One of the projects Don did work for.







Don and Riley 2010 - I needed him that month with him.

I was no longer sleeping in my car.
In the winter cold
the summer heat.
I had God and Riley for a while.
He Riley... was a friends dog.
All dogs seemed very friendly.

Victor A. Roth. ... I have an old friend who is my Golden friend.

Silver is great
and Gold somewhat better.

I have an old friend who is my Golden

Victor A. Roth.

Since I lost my Castle - Home
He has been with me every day.
He lives in California
And I live in Ontario Canada.

For You, Dear Father...


The complete set of words from the card above.
For You, Dear Father
On Your Birthday.
and gentleness combined
A smile that's warm...
a way that's kind
The dearest friend
that one could find...
That is a father.
The busy days
and weeks go by
And you seldom hear
That you are the kind of father
Who means more
from year to year !
But fathers always understand
So maybe you can guess
The love and real affection
This is coming to express.

Happy Birthday

P.S.  Steven sent this for me, years ago... and I found it a few days ago. 
To me it is a gift from God that I found it in 2014. Don Wesley 1933.
I was born on Easter Monday, April 17, 1933.
I married Stevens Mother April 11, 1964.