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Doctor Fred Lundell and Wesley Family

My Father - Zachary

My Brother Douglas

Doctor Fred Lundell -1986
The Family Psychoanalyst.

Don's Proof of eviction


The Origins of Codependency Explained. Why Someone Becomes a Codependent. Relationship Advice

Hi and welcome. My name is Don Wesley.
I am using the following explanation to improve my knowledge about Relationship problems. I have more than one friend who needs help.

Published on Jun 15, 2013
The eventual manifestation of codependency is directly connected to early childhood psychological damage perpetrated by a child's emotional manipulator parent. Emotional manipulators (extreme narcissists) are typically neglectful of their child's basic emotional needs, as their narcissism prevents them from truly understanding and knowing how to unconditionally love and nurture their children. The child's ability to successfully cope with his/her parent's narcissism will transform into
an adult codependency.



The Paradox of Love & Hate - My divorce, is-not a divorce ?

Hi and.... welcome in with me. I love my ex-wife.
My name is Don Wesley. I have been through a very frustrating 5 years...

 trying to explain why my divorce, ".is-not a divorce."
People think I'm a little nuts, just trying to explain.
 *** Years ago, our family psychoanalyst, predicted Denise would kill me ***

Published on Mar 29, 2014
During a Skype interview Ross Rosenberg shares his thoughts about Borderline Personality Disorder. Ross is the author of the best-selling book, The Human Magnet Syndrome

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD Relationship Expert


In the Month that Jesus was Born, you attempt to convince me the Devil isn't real.

Please report errors to me -

Mr.. Victor A. Roth

Why are you sending me this picture of Denise alone and in the month of December.
You know what Christmas means to me.
I remember how you good you felt at the Christmas parties my Mother always had at 1817 St, Luke Street, in Montreal.
We were in our preteen years, and we saw sin everywhere in Montreal circa 1947.
And you know, that Denise...  committed a breech of trust and left the Family Home on the day before Xmas 2008.
My Sister Eleanor was also injured by her husband Peter Canepari, a very kind and good man,
who committed a few sins. He left Eleanor at Christmas also.
And 1817 was between St, Mathew and St, Mark Street, with our elementary school, named
 after Queen Victoria just across from 1817.

You didn't know Denise for more than a few hours, when I was there to see what goes on; I knew you could not be trusted.  You had sinned a bit too much for me to truly love as a brother.

Since the age of 10, when we first met, I knew you were a big danger to us all. 1% percent [it is estimated] is just like you.
Denise! You only grabbed her hand and wrist, with your two hands and held her hostage... until I took a picture of you doing this. I have the evidence - a garden picture at 6 Hazel Drive. This was in the 70's, I seem to recall this is the date of what actually happen. You tried to tempt Denise!

If I hadn't stopped this; I'm inclined to think... you would have pulled-off a Cosby-Rape-routine.
It is the little habits all together, over time, that catch guys like you. I'm 81 and you are 82. I'm part of the 20% of the compassionate good humans.  The 80% know what is right or wrong but choose look aside and move on; it called passive aggression. The 1% is said to be pure evil with need to kill/
It may take me years; but the repeating of your habits, have manifested and revealed, themselves to me, as a forensic scientist knows. We just wait and make a record of the same repeating habits.
Like all of us you had sets of bad habits, that your sub-servants of the devilish type use. You to can get into heaven.
You only have to believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
I logically chose to put my faith in Christ. I learned at 2, at Christmas time that a little boy baby was born and the King ordered him to be killed. My emotional heart demanded that I protect Him. Since the age of two I have been protecting Him.

See - A child is beautiful and touches my heart with honesty. 
If you were more purified, like my son Steven, the Psychiatrist,
you would have learned that, Honest Feed-Back is the breakfast of Champions. The good breakfasts do help to kill the bad organic cells in us. Thank Maureen your Lady of wisdom.

It is because,  you don't think,  that hurts other good people, like your client-victims  at the Bar that  you owned in San Francisco.
You just troll the Internet and copy and past what you and send it to me. What a sinful waste of time.

These pathogen cells in our guts is what kill us; and when they become, One big human pathogen cell, If we choose to let it manifest in us; we find one human with a need to kill.
See - Deadly Women- Intellect Used For Evil
and The Ice Man,
See -
This show all the lessons; you must focus in on the Ice-man.
Discerning, what is good-growing
and what is a big-growing cancer; is the source of wisdom.

I let only Christ-like sub-servants to manifest themselves through-me.
They do grow bigger with every sleeping hour. Christ is creating temporary Islands, here on Earth; until God chooses the One Big Heaven for us.

See - Islands of Heavens here on our Earth. I have included visions of Hell to sharpen the differences
Do you prefer freezing or burning in the final choice God makes.
We can't be certain that God and His Son Lucifer are real. But the way our world is being destroyed makes me feel that the Devil exists. If he exists then Gods other son exists. You only need a little more purification to escape from freezing and burning.

You, ... hide your sub-servants who are devils for a few weeks and bring them out again. You are a tiny bit foolish, with the smile, that goes with the class-clown habit. Dropping babies and seeing the fear in babies eye; I saw it and I am a reliable witness, to many of your behaviors which are Vices and not Virtues.
I see these same evil behaviors in too many Masonic lodges. We make
Oaths, which if broken will result in being cut in two and thrown into the ocean.
Behind the great idea of Freemasonry and its Lodges, is where the devil
resides. Faces like yours are a warning of this danger.
There are many good men there also; who a blinded by the devils routines.  

Those few men... associated in the Shriners are expert devil actors. I see them every day on Facebook, showing off their never ending routines.

Use Maureen's wisdom and stop; my old friend Vic and choose the old fashioned Virtues. A lady of wisdom she is; she keeps serving you in bed every just to keep more purified. Imagine when she is gone for ever. Your bed will suffer with some-kind of clutter.
The old Bible talks about Lady Wisdom, shouting in the streets for justice. There are some great men in the Shriners, who even become rich and some even Presidents.

Denise my ex-wife got involved in the Shriners; just before she left me. They claim they know where the secret geometric Jewel is in the Pyramids. As long as they claim to know; ignorant men will follow them. And the Shriners at the very top, collect the money.
They say it is for the Children who have been burned. They pull our emotional strings to get more money; that gets hidden, but not in the hidden Jewell in the Sacred Pyramids. You touch them without being killed, Now this is story built by Humans here on earth, to hide what the Super rich do.
This geometric shape; has just been revealed by an American of my age.
He couldn't find it using numbers, so he used Art to discover it - Spiritually.
See - Frank Chester The Chestahedron - The Wonder of Seven

Dennis Mallet, my friend and young Mentor, who I met a few months ago; encourages me daily, when he gets home from a full day and a half of work.
I was running out patience when we found each other in a Tim Hortons-coffee and tea shop.
Patience is a Cardinal Virtue which the Freemason teach good men to get even better. Cardinal means a Hinge upon which all other Virtue are hinged
Some bad men are such good actors at pretending they are Good; they pass the test the Masons use to weed out the Bad Apples. Like our Courts of Justice have failed to weed out a few bad Lawyers and Judges. We can find these Courts; but justice is lost in the

Pyramids - The hidden Jewell. I gave such a perfect Diamond Ring to Denise as an Engagement Ring.  The fewer flaws in the crystal diamond the more expensive it is. The crystal I bought was very expensive. The last insurance policy had it valued at over 50,000 $.

Emotions which occur for a fraction of second, reveal what I do see; and it moves me.
And it helps me to collect evidence for all to see later.

Words aren’t needed.  See – “A child is beautiful and touches our heart with honesty.”"
No words are needed, not even a poem or a song.

This is a Fair fight with good rules I’m using.The work I’m doing, is not to hurt you.
It is to Save You

It is a new lesson from God -- 9 December 2014.

It is not a lesson from the Bible; the excuse so many use to destroy the idea of wisdom. I’m constantly trying new cutting-edge-
techniques to cut through to the brain to open the  closed minds of humans.

You should know by now; given all the lessons you read on my blog.
Follow and don’t mock me! God will make you pay.
With Love, from  Don, His human sub-servant. May Christ Bless you.
Until we email again, get more purified. You will think and feel better and have a reason to live.

-----Original Message-----
From: Victor Roth
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2014 8:04 PM
To: Don Wesley
Sent from my iPad

Injured children, who grow up to be our Parents.

Understand and realize the splendid Parents they are.

Listen to the Lesson below the Prayer.
and learn to love them.
"Your Parents had one hell of time"
They suffered and still do.

What Borderline Personality Injuries, did to your Parents;
God Bless them, for the work they did for you, as they struggled to overcome the hell they lived through then and are living through now.

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POSITIVES of Borderline Personality Disorder

Listen and learn to forgive them; the two of them

How my loved ones deal with my Borderline Personality

The truth about "Borderline Personality Disorder" (BPD)