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Perry Mason And The Case Of The Fatal Fashion

Perry Mason And The Case Of The Fatal Fashion



Crossing the line at the border - Dying to get back

Living on US-Mexico Border, Native Americans Face Daily Struggles

US security - US - Mexico border fence unrealistic, Israel company to build digital wall

Why Walls Won't Secure The U.S.–Mexico Border

RFID how it works

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Top 10 Times We Could Have Easily Stopped Hitler . . .

Political Science discusses the impact of the U.S. president's executive order.

London School of Economics and Political Science;

discusses the impact of the U.S. president's executive order.

Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Tells Press to "Keep Its Mouth Shut"

Republicans Nervous About Trump's 'Emotional Stability'?

A petition on the British Parliament's website attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures

British Prime Minister Theresa May does "not agree" with Trump's order and will challenge the U.S. government if it has an adverse effect on British nationals, a spokesman said. The official comment came after May said during a meeting Saturday with Turkish leaders the decision was a matter solely for the U.S.

Her main political rival, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, called for Trump to be banned from visiting Britain until the temporary travel restrictions are rescinded.

A petition on the British Parliament's website attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures backing its call for Trump, who has been invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II, to be barred on the basis of misogyny and vulgarity.

Trump order 'incompetent, ineffective'

Image result for Jay Inslee, the Democratic governor of Washington state

Jay Inslee, the Democratic governor of Washington state, said Trump's order could have damaging consequences.

"This is probably the most incompetent, ineffective, unconsciously provocative and dangerous action of any government I have ever seen, and it's very disappointing to see our federal government create chaos in our nation."

Narcissism and Borderline Personality and Donald Trump

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Full Movie

Concerns in My Mind ~ January 2017

A review of the Major Concerns
in the Mind of Don ~ January 2017

People who Hugged Me; when I needed Hugs

I love to Hug

Below are 2 Movies {At the end}

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INNjustice Page views all time history - 100,790

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I always will Love Denise

Denise and our Families

Two Movies that Address Evil

Minds Confused by the Sins of Lying

Minds Confused by the Sins of Lying

Best Way to Track Cheating Spouse, Cell Phone Tracking , Track Cell Phone Location

Cell Phone Tracking and Phone Location

Thoughts on War

My Personal Book by Billy Graham

My Personal Book by Billy Graham

God does Exist!

Look in the mirror and you'll see him

But our heads are part of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world is wireless and electromagnetic and faster than Light.

Our minds are one common collected Mind!

US Confirms (RFID) High-Tech Drivers Licence For Canada And United States

Under President Obama

US Confirms (RFID) High-Tech Drivers Licence

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The Future of AI and Google


Donald John Trump isn't a Grandchild of God.

God has no Grandchildren !
We cannot inherit Christianity
We must be Born Again

"Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God"
{John 3:3}

I will see the kingdom of God

Colonies of the Condemned

Devil's Island

History of Convict Australia

Full Documentary

All are the Physics of God.

Technical, general and theoretical physics are


All are the Physics of God.

Just to live requires the Mysterious
Knowledge of Electricity

Luther Remembers the Billy Graham Crusade of 1953

The Billy Graham Crusade of 1953

God has no Grandchildren: We cannot inherit Christianity.

"The unbeliever is dead.
 You Must Be Born Again!
To live the life of God we must .  . .
Have the nature of God."

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believed on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor the will of flesh, nor the will of man, but of God." (John 1: 12-13)

What God does?
"Being born again is altogether a work of the Holy Spirit."
Even though the new birth seems mysterious, that does not make it untrue. We may not understand the how of electricity, but we know that it lights our homes, and runs our television

"God has no Grandchildren"

Thursday, January 26

(Charles Aznavour)

Shakespeare's Mother The Secret Life of a Tudor Woman BBC Documentary 2015

BBC Documentary 2015

Noam Chomsky - Is Trump Consistent?

President Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border cannot be built

Jerry Markon, Lisa Rein

  • ·

  • 6 hours ago

  • "President Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border cannot be built with only the executive order he signed Wednesday and its construction will require congressional approval, border experts and former federal officials said.
    While Trump can start the wall by shifting around existing federal funds, he will need Congress to appropriate the $20 billion — and perhaps significantly more — required to complete the massive structure, the experts and former officials said.
    “How is he going to fund it? You need money!” Rand Beers, a former acting Department of Homeland Security secretary in the Obama administration, said Wednesday. “He’s got to have the money. And you can’t reprogram all that money without congressional authorization.”
    Trump’s order, signed during a visit Wednesday to the Department of Homeland Security, mandates that DHS Secretary John F. Kelly “immediately plan, design, and construct a physical wall along the southern border.’’
    It is vague about funding, ordering Kelly to “identify and, to the extent permitted by law, allocate all sources of Federal funds’’ for the project. But the order appears to acknowledge that congressional approval will be needed to finish the structure, saying Kelly also should “develop long-term funding requirements for the wall, including preparing Congressional budget requests for the current and upcoming fiscal years.’’
    While congressional Republicans have said they plan to fund the wall, administration officials have said they are still discussing specific funding options with GOP lawmakers. Trump vowed Wednesday that construction will begin within months, and White House officials said this week that the former developer is likely to personally oversee aspects of its construction.
    The action on the proposed wall was one of two presidential decrees Trump signed Wednesday to begin what administration officials are privately calling “immigration week.” Trump ordered a broad crackdown on the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, mandating more detention centers, additional federal border control agents and a withholding of federal funds to cities that do not comply with federal immigration laws.
    The wall was Trump’s signature and perhaps most controversial proposal in a presidential campaign that centered on his planned crackdown on illegal immigration. In an interview in 2015 with The Washington Post, the then-presidential candidate said the structure will be “easy” to build and “can be done inexpensively.”
    But border security experts and former DHS and congressional officials said Wednesday that the project is a massive and difficult undertaking. In addition to the cost, they said, it would face engineering and environmental problems; fights with ranchers and others who don’t want to give up their land; and the huge topographical problems of the border, which runs through remote desert in Arizona and rugged mountains in New Mexico, as well as, for two-thirds of its length, along rivers.
    “Building the wall would be an unprecedented undertaking, logistically, financially and resource-wise,” said Joanne Lin, senior legislative counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union. “And it’s not going to be erected overnight either. It’s a huge expense.’’
    The Trump administration will have to contend with private ranchers, farmers and other property owners with land along the border. Just one-third of the border is made up of federal and tribal lands, according to a 2015 report by the Government Accountability Office, with private and state-owned lands making up the rest.
    The relationship between the U.S. Border Patrol and these private landowners has often been rocky, as ranchers complain that illegal immigrants damage their property as they travel north from the border — or that border patrol agents cause problems as they apprehend fleeing migrants.
    In recent years, the Border Patrol has boosted training for new agents to improve relations with local landowners. Agents all carry keys on their belts that they must use to open gates of private lands when they are patrolling or apprehending, their access granted after individual negotiations with property owners.
    There are more than 45 walls and border fences worldwide, perhaps most prominently Israel’s West Bank barrier. In the United States, the concept of a wall or fence along virtually the entire border has bubbled up occasionally in the nation’s immigration debate, with some Republicans supporting the idea.
    The U.S. government began building border fencing near San Diego in 1990. After Sept. 11, 2001, amid a broader crackdown on illegal immigration, President George W. Bush dramatically expanded the effort.
    Overall, more than $7 billion has been spent to build what is now about 650 miles of Southwest border fencing — costing nearly $5 million per mile in some spots — nearly half in Arizona.
    But while current and former DHS officials say the fencing has been effective in deterring illegal immigration, it has also been beset by problems. The fencing mandated by Congress in 2006 faced delays, surging construction costs and disputes with private property owners, mostly in Texas.
    Experts said Wednesday that the Trump administration is likely to be able to use eminent domain to get the land needed to build the wall, citing a 2005 Supreme Court decision that said local governments may force property owners to sell and make way for private economic development when officials decide it would benefit the public.
    But experts said the process could involve years of legal challenges.
    Karoun Demirjian contributed to this report."

    Business is War ~ Trumps' Business ?

    Business is War !

    Donald John . . . Wesley

    RFID as Fast As Possible


    What's Next for Barack Obama?

    Donald Trump Inauguration vs Barack Obama Inauguration 2009

    Donald Trump Inauguration vs Barack Obama Inauguration 2009

    Obama speaks after Trump inauguration

    Obama speaks after Trump inauguration

    Did you see the Prayer at the Inauguration

    From Jesus to Christ

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    When a kid finally stops those who, are bullying him

    He becomes an Ice-man
    His own True Story

    TRUTH Cartoon ~ The American Dream

    Debt Slavery

    A Great Soul of 20th Century

    A united India where Hindus and Muslims lived together in peace and helped free the Indian people from British rule through nonviolent resistance, and is honored by Indians as the father of the Indian Nation or 'Mahatma', meaning Great Soul.


    The film 'Mahatma -- A Great Soul of 20th Century' is a documentary film which records the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his social, political and spiritual influence on the country during pre and post independence times. The film starts with Gandhi's childhood, his early influences, and his study at England and then goes on further to South Africa to practice Law. When he attempted to claim his rights as a citizen, he was abused and soon saw that all Indians suffered similar treatment. He developed a method of action based upon the principles of courage, nonviolence and truth called Satyagraha. Using the principles of Satyagraha, he led the campaign for Indian independence from Britain. Gandhi had been an advocate for a united India where Hindus and Muslims lived together in peace and helped free the Indian people from British rule through nonviolent resistance, and is honored by Indians as the father of the Indian Nation or 'Mahatma', meaning Great Soul.

    Greed For Wealth . . .

    Bedtime Stories . . .
    Moral Short Story for Children

    Greed For Wealth

    Indian Farmers Going Organic

    NO "Monsanto"

    There is no power in ignorance

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~ America's Power Can . . .

    America's Power Can Either Unify or Destroy All of Mankind !

    OptaSense - Video

    OptaSense - Capability Video


    OptaSense - Animation

    People Who .... Know How

    David Hill ~ Investor Day

    English Talking Book


    A Mahatma Called Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi: The Salt March

    The Salt March - Story for Children

    National Leaders Stories in English ~ Freedom Fighters Stories

    Mahatma Gandhi Stories; in English
    Freedom Fighters Stories

    Borderline Personality Disorder 900

    Borderline Personality Disorder 900

    Borderline Personality Disorder ~ 80007

    Russ Hudson - Discovering The Enneagram

    Discovering The Enneagram

    George H.W. Bush on Canada–U.S. Trade – June 5, 1999

    Canada–U.S. Trade – June 5, 1999

    Cluster A B C Personality Disorders

    Personality Types - The more you know is best

    Personality Types . . .
    Knowing them, keeps Trouble
    Out of your path to Contentment

    Don Richard Riso

    Tall Boots to Fill

    Moncton says goodbye to Mounties killed in shootings

    'Epic' RCMP Takedown

    Inside Canada's prisons

    Inside Canada's prisons

    RCMP ~ Criminal Intelligence 

    Criminal Intelligence

    Tuesday, January 24

    Dr. Fred Lundell ~ Picture by Don

    Dr. Fred Lundell ~ HIs Office Picture by Don

    Dr. Vikas Bhagirath - Nation River Health Clinic

    Re: Donald (Don) Wesley Apr 17, 1933 Age: 83

    The older we become; the more we See: Then, we have ...

    Then we have a greater Need to Share.

    Those needs on the several Levels make us act Differently.

    Abraham Maslow and Self Actualization

    Inside Canada's prisons

    Published on Sep 12, 2014
    This outstanding CBC News Big Picture Special provides a thorough, straightforward portrait of how Canada deals with people who break the law: from the special handling unit where the most dangerous are held to a minimum security facility that some say is too soft; from a man who's never been in prison before to those who will spend the rest of their lives in custody; from the corrections officers who work the cell blocks to the woman who manages the entire system.

    Eight short documentaries make up this special and are interspersed with a forum of correctional staff, government officials and inmates who comment on and discuss the documentary content.
    The eight documentaries are:
    1) Prison System Overview
    2) First Timers
    3) Women Beyond Bars
    4) Guards — Correctional Officers
    5) How Lifers Do The Time
    6) Minimal Prisons
    7) Biker Gang Members of Le Claire Institution
    8) Special Handling Unit


    Les Misérables movie ~ Romantic

    Les Misérables movie ~ Romantic




    Insane Clown President - 'Billionaire Hedonist' Trump

    "Billionaire Hedonist" Trump

    Donald John Wesleys' Blog 2009 - 2017

    Donald John Wesley April 17, 1933, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    John Wesley

    Born: June 17, 1703, Epworth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
    Died: March 2, 1791, London, United

    Monday, January 23

    Naomi Klein on Trump Election ~ "This is a Corporate Coup d’État"

    Journalists Naomi Klein, author of "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate" and Lee Fang of The Intercept talk about the role of corporations inside the Trump administration and the inauguration.


    A fascinating 2003 PBS documentary look at the relationship between playwright Arthur Miller and Director Elia Kazan, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee and its Red Baiting - and the defiant art the period inspired.

    American Masters

    The Element by Ken Robinson

    The Element

    Each Mansion has room for only One Human

    The Greek word used for “house” here is slightly different from that used of the material temple on earth in  ~~ John 2:16.

    In my Father’s house are many mansions.

    The Ten Commandments - Bible Animated Movie

    The Ten Commandments

    The Stunning Transformation Of Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama

    Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and Stones

    Top 10 Dealing With Bullies Movie Scenes

    Bullies Movie Scenes

    President Trump Meets With US Business Leaders

    Jobs Back To America ?

    The 2017 Season ~ Bullies

    Bully Season

    Zac ~ Humiliates Big Bully

    Don Wesley

    Death by Socialism


    Secret Societies Of Hollywood Documentary 2016

    Secret Societies Of Hollywood!

    What do you need, right now ? - A lesson about our own situational Needs

    Which do you need, right now ?

    Sunday, January 22

    Since God lives in us; then Satan also lives in US ~ In our Minds !

    Who is Satan: The Snake

    In our Minds !

    God and Jesus are in the
    Spiritual World

    Light is Electricity and Spiritual
    Electricity carefully: We need it to live;
    But,  it also Kills'

    There Are Many Mansions

    In My Father's House

    We [all of us] are the

    Mansions He Lives in

    We are the Mansions He Lives in

    Don's Righteous, right Hand