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The Human Mind ~ Personality

Published on Apr 11, 2015
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Bbc - The Human Mind  ~ Personality 

A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality

Scientist and Mystic

David Eagleman and Sadguru 

A Conversation about Cosmos, Brain and Reality

David Eagleman (born April 25, 1971) is an American writer and neuroscientist, serving as an adjunct associate professor at Stanford University in the department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. He also independently serves as the director of the Center for Science and Law. He is known for his work on brain plasticity, time perception, synesthesia, and neurolaw.

Scientist and Mystic

I've worked for God all my life ~ The early Life of Don Wesley.

I remember my Father's hugs; but he and my Mom worked for the richest families in the world.

They had to leave me, in the care of many different women, when they had to leave with their employers and live in the Bahamas, during the cold winters.

During those times, I stayed with an old Jewish Grandma and also a hugging French Mother: They all fed me a hot milk recipe ~ with honey and a spoonful of Brandy. My Mom gave them this historic recipe!

Life during the day time; I remember: Night times of those days is still a mystery.

Before the age of 8, I too, took care of a baby and a kid of 5, Roger Darbison was his Name: His Father was in Jail. 

In those days  ~ circa 1930 this was quite common. Often, I was in our Montreal type Home all alone with these baby children who I loved;  I also loved the child born in the Manger on Christmas Eve, they called Him Jesus.
The King at that time, ordered His soldier's to find and kill Baby Jesus. 
I knew as a child, that my 'Male' work was to  protect Baby Jesus.

Me at 82
A true smiling face, has nothing to hide.
A man like this; you can trust.
They have that special kind Aura.

Me at 76

Me at 37

I hugged my Children all the time and protected them

Me at 19

As a child, I thought it was a duty to be very Manly; but always with a smile.
A smiling person, has nothing to Hide.

When I was a teenager [12 - 13], I was the favourite Baby-sitter for the richest Families in the Golden Circle in Montreal.
I was there to protect their kids, while they were away for an evening;  protect I did, from any and all evil. I was known to be kind and very careful.

When I was 10, every minute was for studying and using what I learned to Help all animals and people.

This is why I can say ~ I work for God.

I knew the wonderful, lasting feeling of hugs; and I treated the children the very same way my Dad did; which made me feel peaceful.

I feared no one! I made those Bullies fear Me, just by my silence and smile! 

Every night I said my prayers [as my father taught me] and then said to God....
"Now I lay me to sleep, if I die before I awake; please God; take me with You." The result was 'No Fear'.

I have recently learned that the Dark night is when we get the sleep we need;  it restores our immune system that shrinks during the daylight.

My Dad was the Chauffer and Body Guard for his Employer ~ Sir Herbert Holt.
He drove the Large Rolls-Royce limousine and carried a Gun, to protect Sir Herbert Holt. In the winter they went south to be in the Sunshine

I wanted a French Angel who would promise to deliver me a child like Christ.

No one has taken care of Me since I was 77 !
Denise [above] was 70 when she had me evicted from the Family House and Home I purchased in 1969.
This un-needed eviction was and still is Cruel!

September 4, 2016.
I need some  help and  Canada needs more careful Justice.