Thursday, December 13

Knowledge vs. Information types.

An email to my friend Victor Roth - California. December 13, 2012

It has been a cave-day for me.
It has been a day of seeing the light through ‘Mind-Sight.’
Some would say they see more this way. I am one of them.
We come to see with more understanding after putting puzzles together.
The whole is called knowledge, and is what the judges want before they issue a final declaration of truth.
So what you say is true; you find the gaps and I work to create knowledge from information,
I love solving mysteries.
My Aunt Esther loved reading crime stories.
I just “raised myself” from bed, and will now drive to Tim’s to fill my tummy.
I am in good humour and laughing like a Temple Teacher as I tell you storeys of finding the honey.
Funny that some people prefer money. Alan said to Zingone, “Pay Don Much more money.”
I should have built a temple, with music and dancing. I did build “La Porte Rouge” 6 Hazel had the same red door.

As I look back over my time with Denise, I realize that what we really did best together was dance.
At the Saull wedding, all the young women were begging me to dance with them. Denise would tell me so and approve.
All my boys, who didn’t dance with their girl friends, watched them dance with me for hours.
I now realize that this is a significant biographical truth that makes me a little different.
I would sometimes say kiss me and they would in an instance. It never ever went further.
Denise and I just danced and loved to. The kissing came at bed time.
I also loved to dance with Mrs. Joss. Women always wanted to dance with me.
I do feel great similarity with Leonard Cohen!
When I get back from Tim’s I will reveal more.

Love to you and Maureen and family,