Saturday, April 4

Traps for people

A question to read up on; is why does Don [me] keep mentioning the word "cockroach" ? At end you may know that these little people never give up watching us! They do this while hiding in the Dark. When you are not looking for them, they are checking everywhere to see what you have left behind - the evidence of you! LOL  To me after all these years, they seem to be acting as if they are God himself! Try trapping them; you can... keep them out but never trap them. I lived with them for about 1 year. They don't bite. They are just stubborn little red bugs.

If big organizations are being diabolical for Satan; these jumping cockroaches, will record all they have ever done that is bad for everyone, except the owners of the organization - LOL.

Big Organizations also like to trap and also try to avoid being trapped.
Too often we allow ourselves to get trapped.
Those of us who think a lot also get trapped by our own thoughts.

For the past 24 hours I have been trapped and stayed in a sleeping position until I had to get up... to rest awhile. I will go back into the thinking trap... to find the right answer. Imagine being trapped by several hundred cockroaches who hide from your sight! Are they gone and...  can you leave?

So everyone, let us think about whose trap we are in!

These two... I trapped using Love.
And they trapped me.
I married their Daughter Denise.

40 years we spent together and then Denise
put me out.... for the coming cold winter nights.
I was trapped sleeping in my Car.

The reason I'm confessing this to you, is because, one day in 2008, I "suddenly" feared Denise. It was the day before Christmas.
She had become trapped in Satan's Diabolical Thoughts. She couldn't escape him.

When Satan.... gets us in his trap, we fear leaving him.... because the cockroaches we can't see.... may not have left watching us.  The problem is these little jumping bugs never ever die. They seem to hug a deceit distance of about 3 feet. Why do they do this hiding?

So it seems our own fears keep us in his trap - Satan's Trap or maybe just our own?

Now....  I have answer I was looking for.
So what will I do Now? 
Next thought please! And I keep myself in the Trap I now own.

To see more of the "Thinker" Stories.. follow this link below.
I'm here... because I believe one of our soul-mates... is Satan?

So we are on a train to nowhere....  and will never be who truly are meant to be!.

I learned to escape Satanic Traps when I was very young.

I think too much and have done this thinking "good" trap since the age of two.
I learned to help us work together to get Satan behind me, where likes the view.

God keeps telling us he is always with us... but expects us to watch for cockroaches who maybe working for Satan.

Keep "your" eyes on God and let cockroaches live on their own... in the Dark; keep them outside... please



On the 17th day of each month I get a New lesson to learn.

April 4, 2015 - Who decided to look at this post during the past 12 hours ? I wish I knew.

This morning, 17 August 2014 – Sunday 7:06 AM.

These thoughts came into my mind, while returning to my base camp at number 61. I just had my morning meal!

1)   Precarious thinking and vacillating on the bridge and considering self harming thoughts.
2)   Billy Grahams last page quote.
3)   Calculating the Energy used when Driving.
4)   Calculating the Love Energy used to precisely communicate what God wants us to Know.
5)   Children mirror our behaviors.  
6)   Doug Lunan
7)   Robin Baily
8)   Francyne Lange.
9)   On the 17th day of each month I get a new lesson to learn. This cycle has repeated  over my 81 years of living!

"Dr. Graham deals with
  • Assessing the Situation
  • Advancing the Solution
  •  Applying the Antidote"  
I really like Dr. Graham's Book
 Don's soft smile and healing presence can be felt on the 17th day of each month.
On this Day The Holy-Spirit sends Don a new Lesson to live by.
Don was Born on Easter Monday 17 April 1933,


A word about “Abuse.”



Victims are forgotten to give room in the news for the Victimizers. I'm writing this post to remind you all about the History of Coffins. It is the lonely Palace we live in, until God's magnetic field lifts us out and up into Heaven, just before they drop the earth over your coffin. Little time and little space.

Get your life ready, you could be dead before the evening Moonlight turns you back into the Flesh-Light []  I'll be 82 in less than 3 weeks.

April 4, 2015

We spend this life gathering wealth and possessions, and sometimes this can be meaningful, but sometimes there is the danger that this might become the grounds for conflict and dispute.
There are many disasters caused by the four elements—earthquakes, wildfires, strong winds, and turbulent seas—and they also bring disease and illness and then there are manmade disasters like those occurring in our court system.
In this Book I will talk about the wealth and possessions I gathered during my life, and a particular conflict and dispute; my wife’s court action for a divorce. At this point in time, I define my wealth and possessions, as those which were housed in my home (Castle) at 6 Hazel Drive in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada; Postal Code H9B1C5. (See Google Earth for a satellite view of my home. – Go H9B1C5)
My wife, Denise Wesley, announced to me that she had left me and my home, on Xmas Eve December 24, 2008. (You can see a picture of her letter to me emailed Xmas eve at 2:30 AM) The picture is but one building block in the story to be built up.
I declare that my intent in writing this ‘Book’ is to show the readers of this collection of essays that my life time (78 years) collection of my wealth and possessions has been stolen from me by using our Court Systems. I will describe how dysfunctional our Court Systems are in producing such unconscionable court orders.
I will describe the many key building blocks of information, which the story will use to build a believable understanding of how such a theft of my wealth and possessions, occurred.
 Each building block (like a mason’s brick) will then become part of the complete construction of a rational building. The building blocks, by themselves, must be assembled together by a rational mind, to provide a true building; the product of an architect. Without the architect there is nothing but a collection of building block on the construction site. I will remind the reader that each building block alone is not the architects building.
A wise individual will organize and create a solid plan for assembling the building block into a new building. (A Book in this case.)
If you build your own idea of what I am building, then you will be making a mistake of logic in reasoning.
You will not get my truth; I am the architect of this Book and you will have to be patient while my house of truth is being constructed for you to see.
 I can promise you, that I will add valuable new insights about our Canadian Courts Systems; systems that are destroying the wealth of our nation, one individual at a time. There are approximately 300,000 Psychopaths in Canada who destroy the wealth I am talking about. The destruction leaves behind its victims. I, like thousands of other victims, need to have our story heard. This is the story I am about to build! The loss of wealth to our nation is in the billions of dollars each year! And the victims become zombies!


46 Years ago on this Day I married Denise – April 11, 1964.
Denise has lived, free of rent for all these years in the home I furnished and paid for before she moved in as my young wife. We raised our two children, Steven and Michael, and my adopted son Christopher.
On July 29, 2009, Denise had me evicted from my own property. On April 17 I will enter into my 78th year, still a homeless man. I was totally shocked by this cruel and abusive action initiated by my wife of 46 years of togetherness. Why did this happen? I do not harm anyone. I am a kind man, without malice. The home is paid for and there are no unpaid taxes or bills. So I ask how could this happen?
I had put my home in the name of my wife, in trust, all as defined in our marriage contract, which we both agreed to and signed before we were married. I retained the right to manage the trust account as I saw fit. This means that house/home is my property and that I am using a legal means to protect the home from malicious individuals from disturbing a family home. Because of this decision Denise and I are separate as to property as declared in a marriage contract signed before we married.
She has broken the trust which I placed in her name Denise Wesley, wife of Donald John Wesley.

My wife uses many names!
My lawyers have failed in their duty to me, to properly defend my interests and the courts have made me homeless. The lawyers are not even responding to my emails to them.
I am both physically and mentally fit. I am not a danger to anyone else or to myself. I can afford to live in my home.
So why am I homeless? The home has a market value of $350,000.00 and yet I receive no income from this asset which is mine, so I ask why this is so? Why am I not receiving a rental income?
Who is responsible for this financial abuse to me, an elder citizen of Canada?
I ask why’ as I am certain you will ask why?
I am not alone and the only citizen in this situation. There thousands of us in exactly in this same situation.
It could be said that I am in fact incarcerated by this situation. Who is the warden of this prison?

A word about “Abuse.”

“Abuse” occurs when someone has an overwhelming advantage in power over another person, making any the contest unfair. An example would be that one person controls more money than the other; or one has a gun and the other does not.
Declaring to another person that they are doing wrong is not “Abuse”.
Thinking that another person might tell you that you are wrong is not “Abuse”.


Be very cautious when someone inserts the word abuse into a conversation which is claiming to describe you!


Get to Know God and you will never keep your eyes off Him - maybe Her.

I have trouble just stopping, to meditate, and losing all that He reveals to me. You too... can feel this way.
I sleep all day and write and eat during the night while living under the star light.

[This morning is an exception: I married Denise on April 4, 1964.]

He, God,  shows me the good, live-way to live, and enjoy life and He also reveals the way we can slip into evil--living - (live vs. evil)
We must help each other from slipping into a completely evil life. We don't seem to know how to treat or deal with Evil people. They create schizophrenic societies; which makes life horrible for the majority, who love perfect natural living entities.

Work towards being a perfect live-life.
When we forget God, evil slips out of our one computer-brain . Animals, it seems, treat us like Gods. Especially our Dog. They live with us, using our one Mind; the electromagnetic one: it never dies.
I'm here... because I love this soul mate picture.

Soul Mates are not equal in size...
Just equal Soul content - all Heart, with great tender licks to give each other.

Soul Mates. Not equal in size...
Just equal Soul Content - all Heart

An evil person killed my Nicky with poison.
I, His God, couldn't save Him and I cried while I held his paw and he passed on to heaven. He stood on guard for me and My Soul-mate Denise Wesley.
She just left me, to live alone. She seemed to have slipped into the evil-way.
I keep asking God to return her to me. But when evil gets a hold on you; Your sight, no longer works in the soul light.
It works only in the world,

where flesh exists.