Friday, November 6

Powers Of The Mind! (What we all can actually do!)

What we don’t see, we must see, hear and talk about.

This my personal truth for August 11, 12 and 13 ~ 2015

The following is an email to a few of my friends, sent this morning at 6:24 AM.

What you will never know, until I reveal this truth.
A condition, of our government we pay for.

Learn to love the unseeable. Should I show the world this truth? 

We have become Automobile dependent.

Yesterday, I drove 393 kilometers to Pembroke Ontario, to present myself, with 14 other eighty year seniors, to the Ministry of Transportation “examination room” where we had to under go as a group, two invasive mental tests.

We were detained!

Each test was “invasive” and the results were public. Each test was 5 minutes long, and failing them, resulted in not getting the new license to drive [home – 300 kilometers away]
I had made the appointment a week ago. When I arrived for the examination, I was not on the examiners list; she had to call the head office.  The she called again to get the police officer.

Driving there and and back took me about 8 hours. One highway was 150 kilometres long. This highway has been described as the most dangerous in Ontario. I and most others with me were seen to be Ok enough to be allowed to continue driving for another two years. I had an opportunity to talk the the Exam  professional to discuss the issue of sleep deprivation and sleep deficits. I told her that I had driven too many hours and therefore could not return to my room in Williamsburg. She insisted that I wait, while she contacted her Manager.

During that time I sat in the beautiful old age retirement residence. I waited about two hours and then an OPP officer, arrived, with handcuffs on his hip, and sat with me and told me that my licence had expired weeks earlier. He had just checked this out on his computer. Since I had the extended license in my wallet [sent to me, in the mail one month ago] I said to him. that he was wrong. He examined it, and declared that I had four more days left to drive.
I was detained, until the OPP Officer said it was OK to leave.

I had the sealed envelope in my hand, saying I could get my new license, by going to one more address where I could pay for the new license.

The General Manager of the retirement residence told the OPP officer, to have me leave his property. His published reason for being in business is  “Making living better for all”  
He charges $2000.00 per month for each senior who lives in his retirement residence.
I offered him $600.00

The opposite of live is evil.

I had to sleep in my car to get sufficient sleep to drive.  The OPP officer, led me to the a nearby Mall, where I slept in my car for 3 hours. I drove to a Tim Hortons, for a coffee, more sleep and also planning my trip back to my guest room; several hour away. It took me over an hour of asking people, how avoid driving back on the most dangerous highway in Ontario. An elderly women in Tim Shortens, knew the way.
I did return that way; 350 kilometers more. I loved the scenery and hardly saw another car and driver.

It took until 9:00 PM to get home.
When Jesus came, he too; gave us hope.
What we don’t see, we must see, hear and talk about. Learn to love; the unseeable.

We have become Automobile dependent.

We can say that our governments have not made living better ~ 2015.
I am 82, and our village government in Montreal was much better in 1929.
We have a nation of drivers, many who suffer from road rage disorders. And Sleep deficits!
At 80 and older, there are... few rage-disordered drivers  evident.