Tuesday, August 26

Be The Light

Published on Aug 26, 2014
There is a sense of urgency across America for hope for the future. Join thousands of others in being the
light of the world by sharing God’s Gospel through My Hope 2014 with Billy Graham.
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The mind reconnects memories in new strange ways.


I was sleeping on my single-wide bed and while in my sleep I rolled off and fell 2’6” to the floor. My glasses were broken and I’m still feeling very uncomfortable.
It was in 1952 when a vehicle hit-me head on. I was a military Officer back then, in the signal corps.
What happened to me, last night, made me realize how: The mind reconnects memories in new strange ways. I’ll explain later in a few days. I believe in God even more.

Our minds behave like gasoline motors... with a disturbed carburetors.

Don -

Fatimah of Singapore Saw Jesus' Eyes of Indescriptible Love!!!

Published on Aug 24, 2014

Fatimah's testimony of how she saw Jesus Christ who healed Her. Search at my channel for other Fatimah's testimonies, Conversion and how she healed a dead baby with broken skull in the Name of Jesus Christ!
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