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Carbon Dating Flaws
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I, meaning Don Wesley

Don Wesley
picked out of my Library [a few minutes ago] a 1990 published Book by Scientific American Magazine Titled; "Life at the Edge" which has several, sub-stories. One said, "For some three billion years the only living things were primitive microorganisms. I'm about to be 83 in April of this year [2016] and I learned enough in the past five years to know that three billion years
we have never measured. However this is what we have taught and many still believe it. I immediately searched for videos, held in the YouTube Library and found several, that say Carbon Dating is nonsense.  

Atheists won't like to hear this.   

Published on Feb 2, 2012
Dr. Hovind explains the flaws associated with Carbon Dating.

Emergence and Complexity of Life

Published on Jun 18, 2015
Dr. J. William (Bill) Schopf -  SFU President's Dream Colloquium Fall 2012: Emergence and Complexity of Life [1978]

Minutes ago I read from his work-book the following  words 'When On the Origin of Species' which
appeared in 1859: the history of life could traced back to the beginning of the Cambrian period of geologic times... 500 million years ago.  
His work was also published in the Scientific-American Book titled "Life at the Edge"

Don Wesley
My thoughts were  "Baloney gets published so many times' LOL.
They also mention McGill University. My Son and my Brother were there as students and one as Professor of Geophysics.
I mention this to reinforce my own identity; someone in the family has to tell the truth and kill the f-lies: Justice requires the truths.
All these misleading Scientists get seen everywhere for years.
I'm only here since 2010. Help me get noticed so my truths can be read at the very least.  Your help will level the field we are seen on.

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